Best Girls Night In Ideas

img_2080-1Bachelor Night

-OMG CORINNE??  need i say more??  i really hope she stays on for a while b/c she is dra-maaa.  the best part of watching this show is doing a huge fantasy bachelor league/pool/bracket.  my picks were corinne and liz (who went home already. ugh)

Tuesday Night Bravo Line-Up: Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Ladies of London

-could this BE a better lineup in one night???  (imagine chandler bing saying that)  i am a remote nazi on this night and don’t let anyone talk during MYYYY shows.  puhahaha

Pizza, Wine and Clothing Swap

-oh my who doesn’t freaking love these things above.  all you need to do is insert girlfriends and wa-laaa.  recently i went to a pajama party with girlfriends and it was SOOO fun.  we ate food, hung out, drank way too much wine and had a clothing swap.  this is my favorite activity with girlfriends since you get new clothes and accessories without spending a dime! =)

Thai Food, Chick Flicks and Manicures

-again…who doesn’t love pad thai and freshly painted nails with girlfriends?  this is probably my faaaavorite go to activity. =)

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