Mommy Mondays: DIY Breastfeeding/Pumping Kit


when i had c, everything was SO new and so confusing that i was never prepared.  only after i started pumping or breastfeeding did i realize, “shoot i’m thirsty” or “crap i need X”~ but there’s nothing you can do for the next 30-40 minutes…so…you’re screwed.  and one other big thing i’m already worried about (i’m not pregnant tho), is how i will do that with C running around.

so, i’m creating a list of what i plan to make the next time around so that it may help all ya’ll who go through it or will be going through it soon!

first, get a basket or easy to move bin.  i kinda had to pump on the fly everywhere and didn’t have a set bag/basket/bin and that totally messed me up.  next time, I’m going to use the same bin/basket for this one purpose so that i’m READYYYYYY.

items to add to the basket: WATER, snacks, iPad or magazine, hand towels and towelettes for leaks/spills, extra (clean) pump bottles, pumping bra, cover, nipple cream, breast pads, hand sanitizer, and some special toys for C (only to be used when i pump/feed).  and if it can fit, the breast feeding pillow.

i recently inherited two pumps from friends and i think this will SAVE my life the next time around.  i’ll be able to keep one in my “home” bin and have one in my car for work and on-the-go events.

with c i was only able to feed her for 11 months (just barely) and it really killed me.  i wish i could have feed her more and for at least 12-14 months.  i was really bad about drinking water and i didn’t take enough time or effort to make sure i was producing enough.  it’s kind of a full-time job for me to even make the 70% of c’s diet i did those 11 months.

soooo, for future baby blair, i hope to drink a ridic amount of water, eat oatmeal everyday, drink mothers milk tea everyday, and pump on the reg.  i also need to learn how to breastfeed c in public.  i was so embarrassed that i didn’t get to do it the first time around and acquiring that skill would have seriously saved me from so many bad situations.

AND one very very important thing i’ll have to figure out is how to keep c entertained while i’m doing it!  i don’t want her to be jealous that i’m spending extra time with the baby or left out that she’s not a part of this bonding moment.  i’ve read that i can have special snacks, toys or movies or apps that she gets to use JUST when i’m feeding/pumping so that it is a positive experience for her.  not sure what that is quite yet~ i’ll probably have to figure that one out on the fly whatever age or stage she is in then. =)

hope this helps all you mamas out there struggling with pumping/breastfeeding!

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