Productivity Tips for the New Year

2017 is here and one of my biggest goals is to be more productive.  over the break i did a lot of self-reflection and i feel like i’m half-assing life, work, friendships, relationships, and me.  i’ve lost a lot of my sparkle b/c i’m just so darn TIRED!  here are some helpful articles and tips that i’ve come across to help me add a few routines and tricks to my life to help me stay on track and really focus on what i’m doing when i’m doing it.

Productivity Boosters

The Purpose Driven Work Life

and one important value that i’ve recently been reminded of is…what is the purpose of MY life?  why am i here and what am i living for?  i feel like i’m only going through the motions of life but my mind is dull and i’m not focusing on anything.  i forgot the most important thing: God.  i’ve been living without purpose.  i started to read the book of Psalms and it’s been SO encouraging.  i want my sparkle and my zest for life back.  i want to feel motivated and passionate again.  if any of ya’ll are tired and just plain burnt out like me, take a look at this and feed your soul: Book of Pslams.


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