Mommy Mondays: Best Ways to Celebrate Holiday Break with your Toddler

oh my, can you believe it’s already the END of 2016???  i cannot.  i cannot believe time flew by so quickly and we are about to ring in 2017.  wow wow WOW.

with winter break in full bloom, make sure to plan ahead and make the most of each day.  here are some fun ideas of what to do with your toddler!

  1. make a winter break schedule.  whether it’s to wake up, eat breakfast and go to the park each morning.  helping to set a WB routine will help get your little ones on a schedule they can anticipate and look forward to.  it will also help out mamas who aren’t sure how to fill in the day. some examples of routine activities (that you can always mix up): park, nature walk (to pick up rocks, leaves and cool objects), reading time, artist’s corner (drawing, painting, etc), library, and play dates.
  2. look up local winter activities that are unique to your city!  there are many choirs, plays, light ceremonies, etc at your local city center or main shopping mall.  these events are free to attend and always a fun way to celebrate the season with your little ones.
  3. ice skating!  santa monica and downtown LA, have festive rinks for kids of all ages and many activities near the area for you to grab dinner before or after.
  4. set up a few play dates with friends with a fun theme!  kids can decorate or create holiday crafts while mommies get a moment to relax and chit chat with friends.  some fun themes: making ornaments, gingerbread houses, or snow globes, baking cookies for gifts, etc.
  5. winter cleaning!  have your kids help clean out their toy boxes and closets with items they no longer wear/use and make a big trip to a donation center.
  6. volunteer at a local shelter or do something for the community.  even bringing your old worn coats and toys to a shelter would bring a lot of festive cheer to those receiving those once loved items.
  7. plan a few big day trips and/or staycations.  there are so many things in our cities that you don’t notice but tourists come hundreds of miles to see.  pick a community and make a fun day of it (visiting museums, restaurants, play areas, color-me-mine stores, etc).  you can even pick a fun, historic hotel to stay in or rent an airbnb near the beach for a few days of fun.  just sleeping elsewhere or spending the day out of your own comfort zone will make you feel like you’ve gone on a full vacay!  (one budget friendly tip?  camp out in your own backyard with hot dogs, s’mores and silly ghost stories!)
  8.  pick a few nights during the break for fun theme nights!  movie night with popcorn, pajama day, make your own pizza night, gingerbread houses, write letters to santa, make a list of resolutions for next year, etc.

hope these little ideas help you and your winter break!  i know i always procrastinate and then end up doing nothing, so breaking the days up really helps me take advantage of this time with Charlotte!

xoxo  Happy 2016 and Holidays Everyone!

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