Santa Photo Fail at Ala Moana Center in Hawaii

took c to see santa again and well… the second time was just as epic.  hahaha. is it terrible that I WANT c to cry?   these photos of babies freaking out are just sooo adorable!  i couldn’t resist. πŸ˜›

just like last time i proper c all week and morning.  then in line we talked about how she would sit on santa’s lap alone and smile for the photos.  and again, just like last time c cried.  Lol.  but this santa was sooooo sweet.  he learned a little Korean before we walked in so she would feel comfortable.  He also showed her his necklaces and was all around awesome.  

taking two santa photos in one year is definitely overkill but I wanted c to have photos with a Hawaiian santa too!!  Hahaha #firsttimemommyproblems.  he wears a Hawaiian shirt for goodness sakes!  πŸ™‚

one fun tip!  make reservations online and you get double the photos for free! ^^

here are some fun photos of our day πŸ˜›

Waiting for Santa πŸ™‚
We took a bunch of good photos w me, c and santa but this one was just tooo cute not to have printed! ^^

Exhausted from crying.  πŸ˜›

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