Mommy Mondays:  Beach and Travel Essentials

I have become a champion packer these last week due to all the flights and outings C and I have been going on.  Since I’m on my own, I can’t always bring a stroller, purse, diaper bag AND C.  (she has been going through this “up-uh” phase where she hates walking and only wants to be carried.   Great for her, bad for my back and shoulders)

I’ve slowly mastered what the must items are for C this trip and I just thought I’d share for all you other mama’s traveling this holidays season!
1. Spray hand sanitizer by Honest

This is soooooo clutch.  I’m pretty OCD about life but when it comes to traveling… you just can’t predict what is going to happen. So this spray bottles goes a long way.  One random tip… I cut my foot pretty badly on a playground w C and had nothing for it.  I sprayed some of this on and tried to clean the wound as best as I could.  Luckily I had a rogue bandaid and this spray!   

2. Sunscreen

A small sunscreen stick or travel size for babies is soooo necessary.  You never know when the weather will be too sunny or you will be outside without shade or you will be at the pool/beach for wayyyyy longer than you had anticipated.  Carrying a small (or large size in my case) sunscreen for your purse isn’t a bad thing to have handy.  🙂

3. Wipes

Ohhhh man, these literally save my life.  I bring two to three kinds with me if I can.  A travel disinfectant one for plane rides and high chairs.  A small pack of water wipes for runny noses and dirty face needs and then Costco or babyganics travel wipes for everything else.  It sounds like over kill to set aside so much room in your bag for all these wipes but I swear I use all three every time I got out.  And when I can’t bring so many?   I usually just bring the water wipes since they are the most multipurpose.   If you need to disinfect something you always have the spray right?

4. 3-5 diapers

So normally I always just carry one or two in my purse when I’m out w C bc I know I have more in the car or diaper bag.  But when I’m traveling I literally consolidate all of that into one bag.  And when I’m traveling I always always stay out longer than expected and it sucks trying to find diapers when you are no where near a store or place that sells them.  I’ve learned that when I’m in travel mode, I always over pack diapers and wipes for unexpected blowouts and detours. 

5. Snacks/Pouches/Water

I’ve left the house with none of these before and we have totally survived.  BUT having these is pretty clutch when you can tell your little one is going to have a meltdown from hunger, thirst, boredome, whatever.  It’s nice to have a few back up options if you can’t readily get to food.  One problem I personally have is that I’m trying so hard not to give C bad food.  So when traveling, it is insanely challenging.  I want to grab what is easy and cheap but I always end up wandering around until I can find her some healthy, toddler friendly foods.  

6. Change of clothes/Jacket

I always bring a light jacket or sweater (in case I stay out later than expected) and/or an easy change of clothes (like a romper or dress).  I swear when I don’t have a change of clothes is when Charlotte has a diaper blow out or spills all of her food on herself.  Sigh.  I guess in the worst case scenario I can always buy her something on the go if I forget to bring a backup outfit.  

7. Small bag of essentials for me

I realized that I only need my ID, 2-3 credit cards, chapstick and my keys.  It is pretty rare that on an outing with my little one I’m going to need my full wallet and makeup bag.  I put all of these in either the drink holder of my stroller or in a tiiiiny slim bag.  

I throw all of these things into a bucket bag or tote bag or backpack and set off for the day.  I only bring one easy bag for the both of us and it is seriously the easiest way to travel.  I hope you all have happy travels this holiday season!! Aloha from Hawaii :). Xoxo

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