Mommy Mondays: Hawaii Here We Come!


c and i are going to hawaii to visit my parents for two weeks this december.  i am SO SO SO excited but terrified at the same time.  it’ll just be me and c on a plane for 6 hours where we have to use indoor voices, not bother the people sitting 1 inch away from us, and sit semi-still in a tiny seat.  oh, did i mention that we are SHARING this said seat?  (bad idea…i know)

originally i got normal seats for us to and from hawaii.  bbbbuuuutttt decided to change one of my seats to a comfort seat ($80 more) so that i have extra leg room (and space for c to be obnoxious).  i am BEYOND scared for my upcoming trip and just really trying to brace myself for what’s ahead.  if you nice people are on my flight and my baby goes batsh*t crazy…my apologies.

my brother (who travels back and forth a lot) has already taken our luggage for the trip.  THANK GOD.  so the only thing i need to worry about bringing are our essentials for the 6 hour flight.  one carry on and one personal item will be filled with just C’s snacks and toys (and some benedyrl…don’t judge) for the flight.  i bought a bunch of bags from Daiso and filled 5 up so that i could easily bring things out, yet have it contained.  I thought throwing toys and activities into a huge bag (like a toy chest) would be a terrible idea so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this works.  I also filled each “busy bag” with snacks and surprises to keep her occupied.  I read a blog post that said when traveling with an infant, you need to break it up into 15 minute increments (the length of their attention span).  um…. excuse me?  so this 6 hour flight needs to be split into 24 increments where i have to come up with something to keep her busy AND not disturb the other folks on the plane???????? crap on a stick.  i’m screwed.

my plan (Lord please let this work) is…

  • get to the airport at 615am.  our plane leaves at 745am.
  • let C run WILD and be crazy and get out all of her wiggles.
  • get onto the plane a little early (thank you airlines for doing this) and wipe everything down and get all of our busy bags tucked into places that i can easily reach them.
  • we are in a window seat and i’m hoping to use the small space between the arm rest and the window to store my busy bags and supplies.
  • during take off c has to sit on my lap for at least the first 30 minutes without an electronic device.  this is going to be hell on earth.  i also need to give c something to suck on so that her ears pop.  i have some toys + a sippy bottle for that time + an emergency lollipop if that doesn’t work.  although…i think the sugar from the lollipop will screw me… sigh.  she has NEVER sat in my lap for more than a few minutes so i’m sure forcing her to be quiet and sit in my lap for 30 is going to go VERY well.
  • after those 30 minutes (2 increments down), i will let c walk around for 15 minutes and look around (1 more increment).
  • then i’m PRAYING C will take a nap for 1.5-2.5 hours.  LET’S HOPE.  (about 8 increments)  i plan to stand and strap her into an ergo while she drifts off to sleep and i can keep walking the aisles and not disturb our seat mate.  once she’s alseep i’ll sit down and rest a bit.
  • when C wakes up, i’m sure she’ll want to get up and get some more wiggles out~ so up and down the aisles we’ll go again. (1 more increment)
  • then for the next TWELVE (yup, 12!) fifteen minute increments, i hope to go through each busy bag, show her a ton of shows on my phone, play games on my phone, let her walk around, and then go through the busy bag toys again.


mamas and good patrons of the world… please pray for us.  this is going to be a VERY rough flight and i’m very scared… wish us luck!!

(for ideas on busy bags, click here!)

pics from our last trip… =)img_4986 img_4988 img_4046


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