Mommy Mondays: Best Places to buy Christmas Trees and See Santa in Los Angeles

for you super moms, i’m sure you’ve already done both of these things.  but for the blairs this year…we’re still checking these things off our list.  oopsies.

Christmas Trees:

  1. Home Depot in Marina Del Rey has a TON of awesome trees at discounted prices.  It’s like getting a tree from costco instead of an expensive city market.
  2. Shawn’s Trees on Palms and Sepulveda in Palms has Trees of all sizes and the cutest little reindeer for sale.  The prices here are a little higher than Home Depot or a big tree lot but the convenience in location alone is worth it.  We got our 6ft tree for $60 and love it.  They trimmed the bottom and branches and strapped it to the car.  Shawn’s is only a few blocks from or home so this was by far the easiest trip for us. 
  3. Take pictures with Santa at the Westside Pavillion!   This year they are located just outside of Nordstroms on the second floor.  Printed pictures and all the digital copies are just $40.  
  4. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus at The Grove!!   This is THE place to take Santa photos but the lines are long and appointment times go quickly.  If you have a new little one or want to experience it in Los Angeles, check out The Grove!  





pics from last year!  i can’t believe c is so big already~~~

img_2571 img_2572


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