Best Shoes for Toddlers and Standing Babies


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there are SO many adorable shoes out there for infants, babies and toddlers.  i went cray cray over mocs and sneakers and mary janes when C started walking.  i mean, what 10 month old doesn’t need 10 pairs of shoes right?  well, with over buying so many pairs and through trial and error, i’ve come to realize that not all baby shoes are GOOD for babies.  shoes are supposed to be flexible, wide and easy for babies to walk in so their feet and legs muscles strengthen and the shoes mold to THEIR feet, not the other way around.  Shoes you put on new walkers should be soft soled and be able to bend in half.  Anything else is not good for your little one’s feet.

i swear this was not common knowledge or something that lots of mommy blogs share.  i found out AFTER i bought a bunch of bad shoes for C that they were hurting, not helping her.  gggreat.

so a few tips for new mamas or mamas who may not know yet…

  1. let your child walk barefoot as much as possible while they’re learning to walk.  it helps their feet and leg muscles develop.
  2. when buying shoes, bend the shoes in half to see if there is enough flexibility.
  3. shoes need to mold to your baby’s foot so make sure the sole is soft.
  4. there should be half an inch in between the top of the shoe and your baby’s foot.  there needs to be room for your baby to move around and grow.
  5. make sure shoes are wide enough for your little ones feet (check for the pinky toes and see if they’re pink).
  6. check the straps on shoes.  some ankle straps or over the foot straps will cut into baby’s feet and cause blisters or cuts.

some shoes are SO STINKING cute but if they don’t follow the items above, they aren’t good for your babe.  the best shoes for babies are generally on the more expensive side, but i swear, it’ll be worth the investment.  you want your little one to master this huge stage with the right shoes instead of working with a physical therapist later on for under developed muscles/walking problems.

hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving!


3 comments on “Best Shoes for Toddlers and Standing Babies
  1. Hannah says:

    This is so helpful! I’ll have to keep all this in mind when Emi starts walking. Good thing Emi’s growing shoe collection consists mostly of moccs!

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