i had these REALLY grand plans of doing thanksgiving crafts with charlotte~ teaching her the history of it, painting pumpkins, painting turkeys, blah blah blah.  then she got sick and we got sick.  SOOOO instead of showing you all our cool art, here are some pics from my friendsgiving last night.  <3  food was bomb and hanging out with small group friends is always a nice treat!

as new parents, mike and i have very little free time (obvi).  and well we’ve each had to choose 1 thing per week we want to do for ourselves.  mike plays football on sundays with his Zog team and I go to small group on tuesdays.  it’s been the community and spiritual love that i’ve needed and i am just so darn thankful for these guys!  i go to small group tired and always leaving feeling refreshed, encouraged and filled.  it’s been a wonderful way to feed my soul and this year i’m super duper grateful for this group, this family and these friendships. <3

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