Mommy Mondays: Busy Bags (win a free one!)

make sure to enter for a free busy bag at the end!!! 

oh lord, if you don’t know what a busy bag is… get on it.  i swear by them.  they keep little toddlers busy for about 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on what you put in and how old your child is.  i keep these in the car, in our home and in the stroller.  many parents will only use these busy bags for when they go to a restaurant w little ones but i use these babies EVERYWHERE~~even at home!

when i have to clean or cook and i need C to be occupied for 30 minutes, i just whip one of these babies out and she will play just outside the kitchen area where i can see her.  it keeps her happy and i get a few moments to tackle something on my list without her crawling all over me.

some ideas of what to put in:

  • blank paper/coloring book + crayons
  • stickers
  • legos
  • toy cars or dolls
  • small toys that C gets in gift bags from parties
  • barrel of slime and play-doh
  • bubbles
  • different textures objects
  • books (c loves ones with flaps and textures)
  • small wiffle balls + straws (like this one)
  • lacing bead games (like this one)
  • buckle toy  (like this one)

and SOOOO much more.  i recommend going to Daiso or the local dollar store and picking up some small items.  you keep them in an easy bag/pouch and pull them out whenever you need.  i personally make 5-6 different ones so that C doesn’t get tired of them and I can keep adding new things as we buy them or receive them as gifts.  when i know i’ll be out all day, i make sure to grab 2-3 so that i can space them out and keep her attention throughout the day.  it sounds like a lot of prep work but i swear it’s worth it.  just having things ready to go can be REALLY helpful when you’re in an unexpected, non-kid-friendly location.  for more busy bag ideas click here, here, here and here.

NOW, for the fun part!  as i made a ton of busy bags for the upcoming holidays (and travel~ post on that coming soon), i thought it would be fun to give some away to my friends and readers! =)  all you have to do is subscribe to markel + me and leave a comment below.  i’ll be giving away 2 busy bags.  if you want to win another chance at the busy bags please go to instagram @littlelottieblair and look at the post on busy bags there. =)  YAYYYY  hopefully your little one will love it as much as C!


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