Mommy Mondays: Best Bubbles for Toddlers

i don’t know about you other mamas out there, but for my little 18 month old, bubbles are a life saver. they snap her out of bad moods, tantrums, and give her something to do while i sit and rest a bit. we blow bubbles in the bath, outside our front door, in the courtyard of our apartment, out in front of the junior high (next to us), and just about wherever we go. i’m telling you…bubbles are magical for charlotte at this age.

over the last few months i have become a bubble connoisseur (if i do say so myself) and here are some of my recommendations for you keeping you and your babies happy~

  1. Gymboree bubbles are THE BEST.  they float really high, they stay in shape for a long time, and they don’t pop easily on their own~ making it extra fun for little ones to try and pop them in the air or on the ground.
  2. Gymboree bubbles come with this wand (pictured above) and a little dish.  the wand is AWESOME and the dish is small so you can tote it around with you anywhere. one fun tip Gymboree told us about was that you pour in a tiny amount and let it “rest” or “breathe”. it somehow yields more bubbles that way and over pouring the liquid actually inhibits the max amount of bubbles from being blown.  *shrug *
  3. the pink wand above came with the Happy Summertime Touchable Bubbles. this wand creates a TON of tiiiiny bubbles that dance in the air and then rain down gently on C.  she giggles as she tries to pop them and catch them in her hands.  LOVE this tiny wand and the touchable bubbles are ridiculous!  they are harder to pop which means C can hold them in her hands and play with them.
  4. this cat bubble container is the cutest thing in the whole world.  C got it for her for her first birthday and even the wand is in the shape of the cat body~ so that when you’re holding the top it’s the head and the body want.  LOVE the attention to detail.  for the life of me i can’t find this one anywhere online so if ya’ll have seen this before please let me know where i can get more!

for mamas who need a very simple activity to keep their toddler busy, i recommend BUBBLES.  c asks for them ALL THE TIME and it makes her so happy.  she loves to blow the bubbles herself and hold the dish (which can be messy).  if you pour the bubbles into a tiny cup (we use the kid cups from ikea), it helps with spillage.  since this activity can be messy, we do it in the bath. =P  that way if c spills or gets it all over herself~ oh well~ she’s already in the bath.  hehe

happy monday folks!  i hope ya’ll have a wonderful week~~

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