Mommy Mondays: Is Your Kid the ‘Weird’ Kid?

today is Halloween and i thought this post was fitting for what i’m currently struggling with: sweets and bad food for kids.  c is 17 months (almost 18) and well… most of the kids her age have had a lot of snacks/foods that i don’t give her.  her daycare even gives her some foods that i don’t like~ which has been a total struggle for me.  in a perfect world she wouldn’t have any any salt, sugar or grease until about 3.  HAHA  ok maybe a liiiiiitle salt, but not mcdonalds or campbell soup portions.  cake, candy, and juice?  forgetaboutit.  she doesn’t need that until at LEAST 2 or longer if i can help it.

now, i am not vegan, vegetarian or some health nut.  in fact…i’m probably one of the most unhealthy people you’ll meet b/c exercise for me is walking up 1 flight of stairs (sometimes).  the reason why i’m SO SO cautious about what C eats and drinks is because she’s a TODDLER.  she doesn’t even have a full set of baby teeth yet.  it feels SO WEIRD to think that i should let her eat ice cream, candy, cookies, french fries, chicken mcnuggets, and juice.  she doesn’t even TALK or say full sentences yet.  YA FEEL ME MAMAS????

anyway…one discussion that mike and i have been having is that i really don’t want c to be “the weird one” wherever she goes.  i don’t want her to be the only person who isn’t eating the cake, the pizza, the juice, the WHATEVER.  i want her to be normal  and also not go CRAZY at someone’s house b/c we don’t allow her to eat those things at home.  sigh.  so… i’ve been slowly loosening up the reigns and going against everything i feel to let c enjoy her childhood.  haha this totally sounds crazy even as i’m typing this.  sigh.

so examples of new things she’s tried:  a little tonkatsu on our play date to lemontree, a little sweet breads (pound cake, croissant), some freeze-dried yogurt bites, applesauce (i feel it’s too sugary and would rather her eat an apple), a mini jamba juice, a tiiiiny bit of pressed juicery frozen yogurt, a few french fries, flavored yogurts (usually i give her just plain greek) and a tiny bit of pizza.

on top of this, the daycare gives her snacks/foods that i wouldn’t personally give her (chicken mcnuggets, sweet korean bread with honey inside, a chocolate bread, etc).  at first i tried to ask the daycare not to give her those things, but they said it’s really hard on c when she is the only one left out of snack time or meal time.  gahh so i totally let the daycare food go and try REALLY REALLY HARD to make healthy dinners full of protein and veggies.

anyway, with today being halloween~~ i’m struggling with how much c will get to participate in today’s festivities.  will she get to eat sweet fruit, baby approved fruit snacks (plum organics), an applesauce pouch, a few licks of a lollipop, her first bite of chocolate, her first taste of juice???  gahhh i have NO CLUE.  i just know that i’m freaked out of my mind and i’m going to be very aware that c needs to experience everything in moderation.  i don’t want her to be left out or even FEEL left out of things (which could somehow affect her self-esteem and social development??).  it makes me sad to think she wants to be a part of something so badly that all the kids are doing (that’s also VERY normal) and i’m the one standing in her way.  my parents were incredibly strict and there were a number of things i missed out on in my childhood.  i don’t want to put c in those same situations~ so i’m trying my very very very best to let the girl live a little!!!

anyway~~~ if any of ya’ll struggle with the same thing PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!  i always feel so alone in all this when i go to parties and stuff.  i’m not saying that c will never eat bad things, i just think that until i stop referring her as XX MONTHS, she shouldn’t be eating sweets or fast food.  she wants some cake on her second birthday?  fine.  she eats a happy meal at 5?  fine.  but at this sweet and tender age of 17 months…it won’t kill her to drink milk instead of juice right?  to eat freeze dried yogurt instead of fruit snacks?  to eat zoodles and spaghetti squash instead of chicken mcnuggets?

the struggle is so real ya’ll~~~


anyway~~ here are some moments from our lives the past two months of situations that i’ve been really torn in~~~

C’s first Pinata Experience where she had so much fun picking the items up and putting it in her bag~ but never had a chance to eat the candy…


c went to a birthday party and was the only one who had never had pizza before or juice OR dessert of any kind.  it was…kinda of heart breaking.  i wanted to give her the adult food (rice, kabob meat, salad, hummus, etc) but all the kids were sitting at this kid table.  i was seriously SOOOOO torn.  i didn’t want c to be the weird kid so she sat down and had her very first slice.  Let me tell you…she LOVED IT.  she did a happy dance, smiled and laughed and went NUTS over this cheese pizza.  i felt really bad and weird watching her indulge in the pizza.  i felt terrible for keeping it from her and making her the weird one at this table.  but then i also felt weird letting her eat pizza at age ONE.  WAY TOO EARLY FOR THAT no??  the other kids drank from juice boxes, had cake, and indulged in all other sweets from the dessert table but this slice of pizza was all i could bear to give her.  eek.  i quickly gave her water and food from the adult table to help off-set the pizza.  hahaha  ANDDD we had zoodles for dinner all week. =P  (yes yes, i’m psycho~ i know~)

when c went on this play date, her friend ran to the refridgerator display to pick out his juice character.  he was SOOO excited and so, obviously, c wanted one too.  ahhhhhhhhhh i just couldn’t do it.  she’s only 17 months~~ too early for juice!  soooo i got her an organic milk box instead.  kiiinda the same right??? haha  c wanted one of these character juice’s SOOOOOO bad that i almost gave it.  like allllllmost.  she even tried to hold her friend’s b/c she wanted it so bad.  wahhhhhh.  i felt terrible but just tried my best to distract her from the juice container since i really really do think its’ too early.  sowy c!


healthy snacks i made for all the halloween parties this past weekend and for c’s school today. =Pa8947aaa1fb9b9debe8a096ef0561147


2 comments on “Mommy Mondays: Is Your Kid the ‘Weird’ Kid?
  1. Hannah says:

    I don’t think you’re crazy at all!! I so badly want to control everything that goes into Emi’s mouth until she’s at least 2 but I’m weak and will probably give in a lot sooner. 🙁 I just want her to eat only what’s best and good for her tiny little body ya know!? Ahh I totally get you Esther!

    • Esther Chang says:

      hahaha yea we’re totally breaking and giving charlotte more mainstream snacks and food. gahhh i feel like if my mom were cooking all the meals and snacks she wouldn’t have as hard of a time as me. blahh. thank goodness for frozen veggies and easy gooks!

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