A little romance…

holy crap, how delicious does this spread look????  before we had C, mike and i did fun things like this ALL THE TIME.  i used to drink wine every night with dinner or just while watching tv~ it was FANTASTIC.  before i met mike, wine + cheese was my dinner most nights.  lol

anyway, now that we’ve gotten into a REALLy great groove with C and our family, it’s been nice to bring back old traditions!  mike and i are starting to watch TV together (which is seriously shocking), we actually chit chatted while eating this at the table (away from the tv) and it felt… like we were dating again.  =)  i loved ending the weekend this way and i hope that we’ll have a lot more sweet moments like this together.  <3

I bought Motto Unabashed from Trader Joe’s and really liked it!  Motto was $15 (which is a little more than I spend for wine I drink at home) but totally worth the extra bucks.  It was smooth, subtle, a tiiiny bit sweet and then had a peppery kick at the end.  I personally LOVE bold wines so this was great!

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