For C I had (and still kinda use) three baby carriers.  I needed them for different reasons and they were all SO HELPFUL for walking around the house, naps, and running errands.

Here are the three we had below and the pros/cons of each.  (all of these can be found at Target or Amazon)

  1. Baby K’Tan–GREAT for the fourth trimester (first three months).  It’s so cozy and easy to put them in and out.  I love how it’s not bulky AND allows you to breastfeed in public.  I used the Baby K’Tan a lot when I was moving around the house.  C also slept in it a little better since she was skin-to-skin.  Since C was so little, I liked the soft fabric and wraps as opposed to the big bulky baby carrier (for this early age).  The Baby K’Tan is easy to fold up, easy to wash, and works as a scarf if you have to breastfeed your LO outside of the carrier.
  2. Ergo Baby –AWESOME carrier from about 5 months (depending on the size of your baby) to toddler age.  I loved this original ergo baby model because it was a lot easier for me to put it on by myself.  This specific carrier also has a side pocket for your phone, keys, a few cards, etc when you want to run errands but not carry a purse on top of the ergo.  The fabric is really soft so it’s more comfortable for a little one who will melt into you.  (for an active toddler~ not so much!)  I used the baby insert with this model until about 5 months, until I felt she was ready to sit on her own.  My concern with keeping her in the infant insert was that her knees might be in a weird position against my body (somehow deforming her?  #newmom thoughts)  Oh!  And one more cool thing about this model is that if you wear it like a backpack, your little one can sit in it and look around while you do stuff.  It helped me whip up a very quick dinner or wash a few bottles. =)51vttwoxyyl-_sl1024_
  3. Ergo Baby 360–this baby feels VERY secure and structured.  Great for bigger babies in my opinion.  Larger, older babies and young toddlers are perfect for this thing since it can support their weight and their active hands/legs/mouth.  I liked this for longer walks/hikes, for C to face out and see the world while we were out, etc.  This one was much harder for me to put on by myself, which made me use the original model more.  The infant insert obviously fits both ergo baby models and is NECESSARY for infants (don’t cheap out!).  Your little one is not big enough to go into the ergo before the listed weight and height.  15192953

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