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I have no idea why…but this Tiny House movement is INSANELY fascinating and I really really want to try it out.  I don’t want to move from backyard to backyard or even travel the world.  I just wish I had a piece of land and we had a tiny house on it.  Mike always just says, “uh you mean like a back house/pool house?”  uh… yea… but cooler and on wheels! =P

I love the idea of living simply.  Like you have JUST enough to make it work b/c you don’t neeed 15 blankets or towels or sheets (like our place now) and you don’t need 10 different pots and pans.  (Let’s just say…we’ve got a lot of clutter in our place.)

“Going Tiny” would allow me to dump everything excess and just focus on the small things and small pleasures of life.  I think it would help me get rid of my consumerism identity and just… live life more fully.  I know I could do that now in my apartment, but it’s hard to throw away things that I paid good money for.  Like the items aren’t damaged, they were pricey to buy and that one time we throw a dinner party or have guests sleeping over… it’s nice to have the things they need.

gah i dunno.  This is just a movement I’m SUPER DUPER into and it would be such a dream to live out.  I always hear that going tiny is a wonderful financial investment/savior as well if you have student loan debt (uh, hi my name is esther) or you’re just trying to get out of the consumer mindset.  For now, I watch every netflix show or cable show on it and dream of what my tiny house would be like. =P

Are you into this??  What are your thoughts?? I’m so curious if it’s just a weird obsession by me or if other people think about this too!  lol


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