41knigjli3lHave you baby proofed your home yet?  Well if you have or haven’t, I would like to SERIOUSLY EMPHASIZE how important door stoppers are.

A few years back, Mike’s niece was playing with her older brother and when he slammed the bathroom door, the tip of her finger (and bone) were sliced off.  It all happened within SECONDS and left permanent damages on her finger (despite successful surgeries).

That incident left SUCH a strong impression in my mind that when C started walking, this was one of the FIRST things I bought to baby proof our home.  At 17 Months, C LOVES to slam doors, run around the house playing with doors/doorways, and opening and closing them (now that she’s tall enough).  Having these door stoppers  from Amazon puts me at ease and I never have to worry about the same thing happening to C.

This post is NOT sponsored~ these are just the door stoppers we bought.  I thought they were fun for her yet very functional for us.  We keep them towards the top of the door so that no matter how hard C slams the door, it always stops with a 1 inch gap.  If we leave the door stoppers around door knob height or lower, C will take them off and play with them~ defeating the purpose of door stoppers.  (obvi.)


PLEASE think about getting door stoppers if your little one is starting to walk.  It’ll be worth it in case your LO wants to run into a room and slam the door before you can stop it.

xoxo  Happy Monday!!


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