on Saturday we celebrated a very special first birthday.  it was at roxbury park in beverly hills with a playground nearby, lots of food, toys and bubbles for the kids.  and honestly… it was SO SO FUN.  it’s kinda weird that these are my weekends now…but that’s life huh?  lol  kid birthday parties are FUN since i know C will have fun, there will be kid appropriate food, and  mike and i get to socialize with adults who understand if C has a meltdown, if she refuses to eat or play or do whatever, and there’s always a mom with an extra wipe or diaper.  =)  plus one super random thing…parents are quick to catch a falling cup, child, object or even divert C’s attention if she’s getting fussy.  So it’s really nice to be surrounded by that when Mike and I are so tired.  hahaha  Community Parenting?

For the last 7-8 years I have become really close to my co-workers from my previous department.  In the years that we’ve known each other we got married, had babies and more babies.  Growig together in both our professional and personal lives has meant SO MUCH.  Really helps put things into perspective when I dream of staying home w C or when something big happens in the UCLA world.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends.  <3

Anyway, here are some pics from the birthday~~~~
IMG_9767 IMG_9777 IMG_9790

this baby LOVES swings.  AND i just learned that it’s SO SO good for their physical/motor development!IMG_9798 IMG_9812

Same with slides!  SO SO good for their development since they have to figure out the physical balance it takes to go down and not fall off or over.IMG_9823 IMG_9841my silly silly girl.  we pretend she’s disappeared when she puts on sunglasses and she thinks it’s HILARIOUS and we think it’s just darling.  <3
IMG_9846 IMG_9858


look at these lashes???  gahhh so gorgeous~~IMG_9896

pics from the professional photog below!!IMG_9880 IMG_9886 IMG_9888 IMG_9890 IMG_9891

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