Mommy Mondays: Is Your Kid the ‘Weird’ Kid?

today is Halloween and i thought this post was fitting for what i’m currently struggling with: sweets and bad food for kids.  c is 17 months (almost 18) and well… most of the kids her age have had a lot of snacks/foods that i don’t give her.  her daycare even gives her some foods that i don’t like~ which has been a total struggle for me.  in a perfect world she wouldn’t have any any salt, sugar or grease until about 3.  HAHA  ok maybe a liiiiiitle salt, but not mcdonalds or campbell soup portions.  cake, candy, and juice?  forgetaboutit.  she doesn’t need that until at LEAST 2 or longer if i can help it.

now, i am not vegan, vegetarian or some health nut.  in fact…i’m probably one of the most unhealthy people you’ll meet b/c exercise for me is walking up 1 flight of stairs (sometimes).  the reason why i’m SO SO cautious about what C eats and drinks is because she’s a TODDLER.  she doesn’t even have a full set of baby teeth yet.  it feels SO WEIRD to think that i should let her eat ice cream, candy, cookies, french fries, chicken mcnuggets, and juice.  she doesn’t even TALK or say full sentences yet.  YA FEEL ME MAMAS????

anyway…one discussion that mike and i have been having is that i really don’t want c to be “the weird one” wherever she goes.  i don’t want her to be the only person who isn’t eating the cake, the pizza, the juice, the WHATEVER.  i want her to be normal  and also not go CRAZY at someone’s house b/c we don’t allow her to eat those things at home.  sigh.  so… i’ve been slowly loosening up the reigns and going against everything i feel to let c enjoy her childhood.  haha this totally sounds crazy even as i’m typing this.  sigh.

so examples of new things she’s tried:  a little tonkatsu on our play date to lemontree, a little sweet breads (pound cake, croissant), some freeze-dried yogurt bites, applesauce (i feel it’s too sugary and would rather her eat an apple), a mini jamba juice, a tiiiiny bit of pressed juicery frozen yogurt, a few french fries, flavored yogurts (usually i give her just plain greek) and a tiny bit of pizza.

on top of this, the daycare gives her snacks/foods that i wouldn’t personally give her (chicken mcnuggets, sweet korean bread with honey inside, a chocolate bread, etc).  at first i tried to ask the daycare not to give her those things, but they said it’s really hard on c when she is the only one left out of snack time or meal time.  gahh so i totally let the daycare food go and try REALLY REALLY HARD to make healthy dinners full of protein and veggies.

anyway, with today being halloween~~ i’m struggling with how much c will get to participate in today’s festivities.  will she get to eat sweet fruit, baby approved fruit snacks (plum organics), an applesauce pouch, a few licks of a lollipop, her first bite of chocolate, her first taste of juice???  gahhh i have NO CLUE.  i just know that i’m freaked out of my mind and i’m going to be very aware that c needs to experience everything in moderation.  i don’t want her to be left out or even FEEL left out of things (which could somehow affect her self-esteem and social development??).  it makes me sad to think she wants to be a part of something so badly that all the kids are doing (that’s also VERY normal) and i’m the one standing in her way.  my parents were incredibly strict and there were a number of things i missed out on in my childhood.  i don’t want to put c in those same situations~ so i’m trying my very very very best to let the girl live a little!!!

anyway~~~ if any of ya’ll struggle with the same thing PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!  i always feel so alone in all this when i go to parties and stuff.  i’m not saying that c will never eat bad things, i just think that until i stop referring her as XX MONTHS, she shouldn’t be eating sweets or fast food.  she wants some cake on her second birthday?  fine.  she eats a happy meal at 5?  fine.  but at this sweet and tender age of 17 months…it won’t kill her to drink milk instead of juice right?  to eat freeze dried yogurt instead of fruit snacks?  to eat zoodles and spaghetti squash instead of chicken mcnuggets?

the struggle is so real ya’ll~~~


anyway~~ here are some moments from our lives the past two months of situations that i’ve been really torn in~~~

C’s first Pinata Experience where she had so much fun picking the items up and putting it in her bag~ but never had a chance to eat the candy…


c went to a birthday party and was the only one who had never had pizza before or juice OR dessert of any kind.  it was…kinda of heart breaking.  i wanted to give her the adult food (rice, kabob meat, salad, hummus, etc) but all the kids were sitting at this kid table.  i was seriously SOOOOO torn.  i didn’t want c to be the weird kid so she sat down and had her very first slice.  Let me tell you…she LOVED IT.  she did a happy dance, smiled and laughed and went NUTS over this cheese pizza.  i felt really bad and weird watching her indulge in the pizza.  i felt terrible for keeping it from her and making her the weird one at this table.  but then i also felt weird letting her eat pizza at age ONE.  WAY TOO EARLY FOR THAT no??  the other kids drank from juice boxes, had cake, and indulged in all other sweets from the dessert table but this slice of pizza was all i could bear to give her.  eek.  i quickly gave her water and food from the adult table to help off-set the pizza.  hahaha  ANDDD we had zoodles for dinner all week. =P  (yes yes, i’m psycho~ i know~)

when c went on this play date, her friend ran to the refridgerator display to pick out his juice character.  he was SOOO excited and so, obviously, c wanted one too.  ahhhhhhhhhh i just couldn’t do it.  she’s only 17 months~~ too early for juice!  soooo i got her an organic milk box instead.  kiiinda the same right??? haha  c wanted one of these character juice’s SOOOOOO bad that i almost gave it.  like allllllmost.  she even tried to hold her friend’s b/c she wanted it so bad.  wahhhhhh.  i felt terrible but just tried my best to distract her from the juice container since i really really do think its’ too early.  sowy c!


healthy snacks i made for all the halloween parties this past weekend and for c’s school today. =Pa8947aaa1fb9b9debe8a096ef0561147


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Fun Links

Happy Friday Ya’ll~~~ I’m SOOOO excited about Halloween Weekend!  I’m going to go to the pumpkin patch for the millionth time and soak up this first real Halloween experience with C.

Here are some fun things I love or think are adorable~~~ =)

1. my next mobile for baby #2

2. a magazine for little girls who want to be president

3. i’ve posted this one before, but it’s just SO IMPORTANT to keep spreading this idea!

4. should charlotte’s future sibling have a french name?

5. i’m flying to hawaii with c by myself and i’m scurred.  (did i mention we’re sharing ONE seat??) ugh.  i need this article to give me some survival tips.

6. i’m getting old, my face is always tired looking and well…the struggle to look good and young is REAL.  i’m going to vegas in November for a bachelorette and in an attempt not to look like the chaperone, i’m learning how to do this and this.

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Transition to the Sunday School Toddler Room

well…the title should probably read “the UNSUCCESSFUL transition to the sunday school toddler room”.  sigh.

this past sunday,  charlotte attended her third class in the toddler room.  let me tell you…she was NOT pleased.  the first day she was happy, played a lot and barely cried (after she realized we had left).  nothing a little snack and distraction couldn’t remedy.  the second time… she FLIPPED.  she knew i was going to leave and made it very clear it was not happening.  i tried staying for a while but in the end, i decided to take her upstairs to the baby room where parents chill with the infants.

this past sunday was attempt number 3.  i tried to prep her all morning that she was going to church, i would be dropping her off, she would play with friends and then i’d come pick her up after service.  i said, “i’m going to drop you off and then pick you up after service.  mommy will not be there with you.  you’ll be ok right?”  to which c confidently responded, “yea” with a head nod.  um… girlfriend forgot all the talks b/c the moment we took her in the room she started crying.  (head slap)  soooo i stayed in the room the entire time and tried to get her to walk around and play on her own.  as soon as she got wind that i was slowly making my way out she would cry and sit on my lap~ basically telling me “i got you, you ain’t tricking me.”

c saw so many familiar babies (who also came down from the baby room) and yet she was NOT having it.  sigh.  I think she needs to get used to the room, the teachers and the routine of us dropping her off on sundays.  she does SO WELL in daycare, so it’s kind of surprising that sunday school is not going well.  but according to the other mamas, a month or two of us being there will help her to ease into the room when she’s ready.  i don’t have the heart to just walk out and hear her screaming at the top of her lungs.  i also don’t want to sneak out either (read articles here, here and here) since it apparently causes a lot of mistrust and separation anxiety.  siiiiiigh.

but some HILARIOUS moments…

  • c smiled BRIGHTLY when a little boy she knows walked in.  um… boy crazy already?
  • c loves peek-a-boo and cracked a few smiles when the teachers did that.
  • c loves a good snack.  she double-fisted snacks for most of the morning while very very suspiciously looking at all the teachers (7 teacher for a class of about 10 toddlers).
  • c LOVES painting/coloring.  she created a little masterpiece with paints on the paper, her hands, her clothes and the table.  awesome.
  • when another baby cried, c would cry and look for me.  sigh. if i lingered too close to the door she would drop everything and freak out.  i can’t waiiiiit for what preschool will feel like… not.
  • c loves young, pretty girls.  any men beware…she will cry and turn away from you.
  • a male teacher was giving out stickers and c wanted one SOOO BAD but didn’t want to go near the teacher.  haha i had to help her get the stickers she wanted from him and hand it to her.  if he tried to hand it to her she flipped.  *eye roll *  haha

hopefully attempt number 4 will go much much better.  fingers crossed.

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Lemontree Date in Koreatown

Oh my, C had the most fun (play) date with her friend from daycare on Friday Night.  It was the most adorable one yet!  They held hands for a huge portion of the time and played SO SO SO well together.  I think it is probably bc they spend all day errrray with each other?  C’s friend constantly made she was around, that she was following him and that she was always included.  My heart was SO happy and full watching  them play together.  Here are some of the adorable pics of their time.

Btw–I totes recommend Lemontree to anyone with kids under 5.  Perfect for play dates, birthday parties, family dinner or just letting your little get her wiggles out!   The entire space is clean, safe and very child friendly.  Each child over 1 is $9 for 2 hours of play and adults just need to order food. There is a small merry-go-round that runs every 15 minutes and a train that runs every hour.  And on some occassions (maybe weekends only?) the staff make balloon animals and have a face painting station for the kiddies.  Love love love LT and would recommend it for all families!


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A little romance…

holy crap, how delicious does this spread look????  before we had C, mike and i did fun things like this ALL THE TIME.  i used to drink wine every night with dinner or just while watching tv~ it was FANTASTIC.  before i met mike, wine + cheese was my dinner most nights.  lol

anyway, now that we’ve gotten into a REALLy great groove with C and our family, it’s been nice to bring back old traditions!  mike and i are starting to watch TV together (which is seriously shocking), we actually chit chatted while eating this at the table (away from the tv) and it felt… like we were dating again.  =)  i loved ending the weekend this way and i hope that we’ll have a lot more sweet moments like this together.  <3

I bought Motto Unabashed from Trader Joe’s and really liked it!  Motto was $15 (which is a little more than I spend for wine I drink at home) but totally worth the extra bucks.  It was smooth, subtle, a tiiiny bit sweet and then had a peppery kick at the end.  I personally LOVE bold wines so this was great!

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Mommy Mondays: Baby Carriers

For C I had (and still kinda use) three baby carriers.  I needed them for different reasons and they were all SO HELPFUL for walking around the house, naps, and running errands.

Here are the three we had below and the pros/cons of each.  (all of these can be found at Target or Amazon)

  1. Baby K’Tan–GREAT for the fourth trimester (first three months).  It’s so cozy and easy to put them in and out.  I love how it’s not bulky AND allows you to breastfeed in public.  I used the Baby K’Tan a lot when I was moving around the house.  C also slept in it a little better since she was skin-to-skin.  Since C was so little, I liked the soft fabric and wraps as opposed to the big bulky baby carrier (for this early age).  The Baby K’Tan is easy to fold up, easy to wash, and works as a scarf if you have to breastfeed your LO outside of the carrier.
  2. Ergo Baby –AWESOME carrier from about 5 months (depending on the size of your baby) to toddler age.  I loved this original ergo baby model because it was a lot easier for me to put it on by myself.  This specific carrier also has a side pocket for your phone, keys, a few cards, etc when you want to run errands but not carry a purse on top of the ergo.  The fabric is really soft so it’s more comfortable for a little one who will melt into you.  (for an active toddler~ not so much!)  I used the baby insert with this model until about 5 months, until I felt she was ready to sit on her own.  My concern with keeping her in the infant insert was that her knees might be in a weird position against my body (somehow deforming her?  #newmom thoughts)  Oh!  And one more cool thing about this model is that if you wear it like a backpack, your little one can sit in it and look around while you do stuff.  It helped me whip up a very quick dinner or wash a few bottles. =)51vttwoxyyl-_sl1024_
  3. Ergo Baby 360–this baby feels VERY secure and structured.  Great for bigger babies in my opinion.  Larger, older babies and young toddlers are perfect for this thing since it can support their weight and their active hands/legs/mouth.  I liked this for longer walks/hikes, for C to face out and see the world while we were out, etc.  This one was much harder for me to put on by myself, which made me use the original model more.  The infant insert obviously fits both ergo baby models and is NECESSARY for infants (don’t cheap out!).  Your little one is not big enough to go into the ergo before the listed weight and height.  15192953
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The Tiny House Movement


[pic source]

I have no idea why…but this Tiny House movement is INSANELY fascinating and I really really want to try it out.  I don’t want to move from backyard to backyard or even travel the world.  I just wish I had a piece of land and we had a tiny house on it.  Mike always just says, “uh you mean like a back house/pool house?”  uh… yea… but cooler and on wheels! =P

I love the idea of living simply.  Like you have JUST enough to make it work b/c you don’t neeed 15 blankets or towels or sheets (like our place now) and you don’t need 10 different pots and pans.  (Let’s just say…we’ve got a lot of clutter in our place.)

“Going Tiny” would allow me to dump everything excess and just focus on the small things and small pleasures of life.  I think it would help me get rid of my consumerism identity and just… live life more fully.  I know I could do that now in my apartment, but it’s hard to throw away things that I paid good money for.  Like the items aren’t damaged, they were pricey to buy and that one time we throw a dinner party or have guests sleeping over… it’s nice to have the things they need.

gah i dunno.  This is just a movement I’m SUPER DUPER into and it would be such a dream to live out.  I always hear that going tiny is a wonderful financial investment/savior as well if you have student loan debt (uh, hi my name is esther) or you’re just trying to get out of the consumer mindset.  For now, I watch every netflix show or cable show on it and dream of what my tiny house would be like. =P

Are you into this??  What are your thoughts?? I’m so curious if it’s just a weird obsession by me or if other people think about this too!  lol


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Best Pumpkin Patch in LA: Mr. Bones

Over the weekend we went to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City with our friends and their Little Ones.  It was SO FUN!!  The kids were in costumes, picked out pumpkins, went to the petting zoo AND had a chance to ride horses.  I love this time of year!!

Here are some fun photos of our little ones and the fun morning at the Pumpkin Patch. =)

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Mommy Mondays: Door Stoppers/Jammers

41knigjli3lHave you baby proofed your home yet?  Well if you have or haven’t, I would like to SERIOUSLY EMPHASIZE how important door stoppers are.

A few years back, Mike’s niece was playing with her older brother and when he slammed the bathroom door, the tip of her finger (and bone) were sliced off.  It all happened within SECONDS and left permanent damages on her finger (despite successful surgeries).

That incident left SUCH a strong impression in my mind that when C started walking, this was one of the FIRST things I bought to baby proof our home.  At 17 Months, C LOVES to slam doors, run around the house playing with doors/doorways, and opening and closing them (now that she’s tall enough).  Having these door stoppers  from Amazon puts me at ease and I never have to worry about the same thing happening to C.

This post is NOT sponsored~ these are just the door stoppers we bought.  I thought they were fun for her yet very functional for us.  We keep them towards the top of the door so that no matter how hard C slams the door, it always stops with a 1 inch gap.  If we leave the door stoppers around door knob height or lower, C will take them off and play with them~ defeating the purpose of door stoppers.  (obvi.)


PLEASE think about getting door stoppers if your little one is starting to walk.  It’ll be worth it in case your LO wants to run into a room and slam the door before you can stop it.

xoxo  Happy Monday!!


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Eight is Great

It’s cold today and I am loving it.  I have a ton of cold weather soups/stews that I’ve been waiting to make and this weekend I plan on cooking up some Chili and Tortilla Soup!

Today I’m sharing 8 things about my life these days~~

1. C copies everything we do which is absolutely ADORABLE.  We were watching the giants game and she cheered, clapped, slapped her head, etc when we did.  Here is her slapping her head during the game!  Heeeee

2. Lucy has never really gotten over “the new baby”.  Hahaha.  She always nudges me or lays like this next to me whenever I am playing or reading with C.  She will nibble the hand or fingers that is holding the book or toy.  Sigh.  This fur babe is in a world of pain when she realizes we bring home baby #2 someday.  

3.  C LOVES shoes and socks.  It is adorable to see her spend so much time putting them on, taking them off and then putting them on again.  C also loves putting my (clean) undies and bra on whenever she sees me getting dressed.  It is absolutely adorable.  I love to watch her explore the world around her. Xo4. Mike and I went out on a rare date night recently and it felt grrrreat!  As much as I love every second with C, it felt nice to spend alone time w Mike and chit chat about work and random things we never get to discuss anymore. 5.  I’m starting to get really into cocktails and wine again.  I forgot how much I love em!!!6.  Work is so cray and life is so cray, I’ve been enjoying putting everything into a pan and roasting it in the oven.  I put chicken and veggies in a pan (cut them the same size) and season with olive oil, salt and pepper.  I do this in 5-10, roast for about 30-40 min at 400 degrees and wahhhla!!   Suuuuper yummy food for dinner and lunch the next day.  It feeds all three of us and it is so healthy!   These one pan meals have been my go to lately.  🙂

7.  I’ve been really into these Essie gel nail colors lately. They are so easy to use (no light needed) and the manicure lasts at least 1.5-2 weeks.  Perrrfect for the working mama. 😉8.  I’ve started to wear my engagement ring again.  After I got pregnant I took my ring off and just… forgot about it.  But recently I’ve been trying to get it together and started wearing this beauty. :).  It also helps that my nails are always looking flyyyyyyy.  Heeeeeee

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Sports Themed Wedding Shower

This past weekend we showered this very special couple with love on their upcoming nuptuals.  I brain stormed about what kind of decor to have and what food to serve (post here)~~ and well~~ this shower was cuter than anything I could have created in an inspiration board!  Here are the photos from the day and all the adorable details!!

i was in charge of cocktails =)  of course i rocked that out!! cutest gift bags for all the kids!

adorable donuts and bobble head prizes for the games!

C loves a good pinata~~

this little one has NO IDEA what is coming next… (halloweeeeeen!)

we had SUCH a wonderful time and can’t wait to celebrate the happy couple in January! xoxo

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Pumpkin Patch and Petting Zoo Fun

We went to a small pumpkin patch and petting zoo this past weekend and C was IN LOVE.  She is obsessed with animals and the fact that she got to feed and pet them just blew her mind!!  There were so many kids crying from the animals being aggressive that I was worried Charlotte  would cry too.  Nope.  She showed them who was boss and was not afraid of pushing them back when they tried to steam roll her for her cup of food.  I think it’s bc she had Lucy in her life?   Or she is just a total boss and doesn’t take shit from anyone?  Lol. 

C loved throwing the pumpkins.  Sigh.  I wanted to talk eadorable photos of her sitting w a pumpkin in her lap but no… she wanted to throw them instead.  *eye roll*

C spent a lot of time pushing these three wagons around and rearranging them.  It was hot outside and this mama was TIRED so… I just let it happen. Lol. #momoftheyear. C is absolutely obsessed w blankets these days.  SO SO cute but also freaks me out to my core.  I’m super OCD about my bed and feet and having her in my life just wrecks every inkling I have for cleanliness.  I don’t think anything from outside should go on the bed (except my phone?) and nothing on my bed should touch the floor or anything from outside.  So the fact that C needs to bring her blanket everywhere and all over the house.  Eek.  Thank goodness we have 50 muslin clothes so I can switch out clean ones in her crib.  

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In My Makeup Bag

I have always been a huge lipstick lovahh but during my not so wonderful pregnan/post-baby phase I kinda forgot about it.  Or at least lost my passion for it~ if you can call it that.  LOL

BUT LADIES, I’M BAAAACK and loving some new purchases!  Here is what I’m constantly reaching for these days~   I’m super into Nudes and Light Pink Lipsticks.  This Chanel Gloss below is AHHMAZINGGGG.  Goes on clear with a tiny bit of shimmer~~ I die over how pretty it is!


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Dress Up

My little ham!  She absolutely loves playing dress up these days.  For some reason she always puts Mike’s (clean) socks on and my necklaces on.  Hehehehe.  

C also loves copying everything I’m doing these days so she always has to put lotion on her face at night and makeup on each morning. 

 I just cannot get enough of her!!  

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Mommy and Me: Matching Hunter Boots

Mommy and Me Matching Hunter Boots

[Pic Source: 1 / 2 / 3]

How Cute are these boots and these pics???  I can’t wait to get matching rain boots and jackets for me and C this fall/winter.  Hehehehe

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Mommy Mondays: Should You Send Your Little One to Gymboree?

If you’ve seen my other blog posts from this summer or even my instagram~ you’ll know that I LOVE gymboree.  LOVE.  It teaches C so many motor and social skills~ but it literally entertains her for an hour.  She is able to play safely indoors and do things that other playgrounds or homes don’t allow.  I love the mixture of singing with your kids while playing, introducing new activities and motor skill building moves, and the all around community play happening.  It’s also (for me) a really special time to spend with my baby that isn’t rushed~intentional play for an hour.

Over 4 months, C has learned SO MUCH from Gymboree.  She run up and down different textured surfaces, learned to play nice and share with strangers, learned SONGS, hand motions, directions, got to ride/jump/bounce/sway on the little activities they do during each class, and played with lots of new things (various balls, scarves, musical instruments and more).  Because of these classes Charlotte also learned to love bubbles, parachute time, gymbo the clown, and stamps.

Gymboree is not cheap.  For us it’s $74 per month and there is a $50 initiation fee.  We started in June 2016 because there was an anniversary sale (no initiation fee and only $40 for the first month).  During the summer you can also go to an unlimited number of classes instead of the restriction of 1x per week.  Since things are a lot slower for me in the summer, I tried my best to take her once during the week for an afternoon class and then 1-2 times per weekend.  We figured it was a great time to spend with C, have her learn social and physical development skills, and do something as a family.


Now that Gymboree is over, we still sing the songs and do activities that they did at home.  And next summer we’re hoping to enroll C in Gymboree or MyGym or some sort of music/art class.  I want C to explore the world and figure out what she likes to do.  Of course you don’t have to do this through a course, but it’s been a really nice activity for our family and C really got the most out of it.  ^^

(this is all personal opinion and our family’s experience with gymboree~~)

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Wall Art in Downtown LA

what happens when you get to church an hour early and the baby DOESN’T take the nap you thought she would??  impromptu walk and photoshoot in downtown LA of course! =)  we go to church in a gorgeous area in downtown LA and all around are industrial buildings and new high rises.  Here are some fun pics we took with C in front of Honeypot in downtown.  ^^

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Co-Ed Sports Jersey Bridal Shower

I’m going to a co-ed sports themed wedding shower with the family this Sunday.  We got the cutest gold state jersey for C, i have an SF 49ers jersey and mike has his lakers jersey.  EXCIIIITED.  I’m making a few cocktails for the party and the bride’s family is taking care of decorations. =)  Can’t wait to see what it all looks like!

Here are some fun PIN-sperations from Pinterest. =)  For the Board see here: Sports Theme Party

1e16f7cd75c9298bf15faa6a14e6e01c 04a1f7f7170dd65f5342c068cdd0320f 4c306cceff8578426f4cd988243dc022 6fee3b63fe08f5bcb792b087548ab590 72ab080f36f7cf18d4e78275b89e1933 74cf9d14f97ab78a58a6c4dd50dc327c 6530f08c428fb642e34ee9f3e622bb62 10688d48604aa7d87786debec877747a 528772c80061f074925101c61e453ae3 dc3cfce3fd2079e4d56c7851612a3b51 (1) f5f2e70f05e0ea0533759673385a58ad il_570xN.873516914_f5p5

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Birthday Party Fun at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills


on Saturday we celebrated a very special first birthday.  it was at roxbury park in beverly hills with a playground nearby, lots of food, toys and bubbles for the kids.  and honestly… it was SO SO FUN.  it’s kinda weird that these are my weekends now…but that’s life huh?  lol  kid birthday parties are FUN since i know C will have fun, there will be kid appropriate food, and  mike and i get to socialize with adults who understand if C has a meltdown, if she refuses to eat or play or do whatever, and there’s always a mom with an extra wipe or diaper.  =)  plus one super random thing…parents are quick to catch a falling cup, child, object or even divert C’s attention if she’s getting fussy.  So it’s really nice to be surrounded by that when Mike and I are so tired.  hahaha  Community Parenting?

For the last 7-8 years I have become really close to my co-workers from my previous department.  In the years that we’ve known each other we got married, had babies and more babies.  Growig together in both our professional and personal lives has meant SO MUCH.  Really helps put things into perspective when I dream of staying home w C or when something big happens in the UCLA world.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends.  <3

Anyway, here are some pics from the birthday~~~~
IMG_9767 IMG_9777 IMG_9790

this baby LOVES swings.  AND i just learned that it’s SO SO good for their physical/motor development!IMG_9798 IMG_9812

Same with slides!  SO SO good for their development since they have to figure out the physical balance it takes to go down and not fall off or over.IMG_9823 IMG_9841my silly silly girl.  we pretend she’s disappeared when she puts on sunglasses and she thinks it’s HILARIOUS and we think it’s just darling.  <3
IMG_9846 IMG_9858


look at these lashes???  gahhh so gorgeous~~IMG_9896

pics from the professional photog below!!IMG_9880 IMG_9886 IMG_9888 IMG_9890 IMG_9891

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Zoodles, Zucchini Meatballs and Zucchini Pizza :)

i’ve been OBSESSED with zucchini lately and mike is THRILLED (not) to eat it all the time.  puhahaha  i mean, who wants pasta when you can make zoodles??  who wants all meat meatballs or greasy pizza when you can use zucchini!?!?  puhahaha

Here are some recipes i’m LOVING from Pinterest!


  1. baked cheesy Z bites
  2.  Z Meatballs
  3.   Skinny Hasselback Z Pizzas
  4. Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zoodles
  5.  one pot Z mushroom pasta
  6.  Buffalo Z Boats
  7.  Z Lasagna
  8. Lemon Poppy Seed Z Cake


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