Mommy Mondays: Busy Bags for Toddlers and Kids

This weekend we went to San Francisco for a wedding.  Charlotte was a flower girl and Mike was a groomsmen. <3  SUCH a cool experience for them to share!

The wedding ceremony was in a catholic church which meant…long ceremony.  Was I prepared?  NOPE.  Should I have been?  YESSSS.  This weekend we had a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception that C needed to be “quiet and well behaved” for.  Was she?  of course not… sigh.  But I think that was more b/c I was not prepared for all the long hours she would need to be sitting quietly.  I saw all the other moms bring out a bag full of toys and snacks for their kids and instantly regretted not having busy bags for C.  I’ve listened to so many podcasts about this and I seriously kicked myself all weekend for not being better prepared.

SOOO… in case you’re planning on traveling in a plane, going to a restaurant to EAT, going to a nice wedding, WHEREVERRR~~ here are some great links for busy bags and how to create them for all ages!!

  1. Busy Bags!

2. Busy Bags 101

3.Ultimate Guide of Busy Bag Ideas

4. Kids Busy Bag and Quiet Bag Ideas

5. Busy Bags for the Kiddos

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