When Charlotte was 10 months, I listened to a podcast called Newbies and found out that Charlotte had Colic as a baby!!!  uhhh WHAAAAAT??  It was absolutely INSANE.  I was so shocked over that whole thing that I feel like I need to tell the world so that another mom doesn’t go through what I went through.

Basically… Charlotte was a gassy baby that was uncomfortable and through trial and error we found a lot of ways to keep her comfortable, happy and gas-free.  In my mind, that did not mean Colic.

When Mike and I looked up colic, everywhere kept saying that if a baby cried for 3 hours or more then it was colic.  Charlotte never cried for that long at a time, so we always dismissed the idea that she had Colic.  Gas, HELL YES.  Colic?  naw…

But the podcast episode i listened to about colic and gas BLEW MY MIND because they said it was a TOTAL of crying 3 hours per day.  WHAAT??  If it was a TOTAL, then yes that was for sure Charlotte.  AND they said gas was one of the symptoms of colic.  )@*#)!@(#*!@) MIND BLOWN.  I’m not sure why I needed the title “colic” to label C but I also felt a sense of relief diagnosing what she had and what we went through the first 6-12 weeks of her life.

Here are a few things that REALLY helped us with Charlotte’s gas/colic:

  1. Playtex Ventaire Bottles–these bottles prevent extra air going into your baby and causing gas in their tummies.  I was using Medela bottles before these and I have to say…switching to these was NIGHT AND DAY with Charlotte.  Almost immediately she was eating better and like 80%-90% of her gas problems went away.
  2. Gripe Water–this helps get rid of hiccups and help babies with gas.  you can mix it into their milk or you can give it to them straight.  we have gone through SO MANY bottles and we found that giving it to her straight after a feeding was the most helpful.  when C cried a few hours after eating, giving her a little bit of this was SO CLUTCH.  we could hear the gas in her stomach releasing and she would fart soon after.
  3. Enfamil Gentlease–we could only give her this formula b/c of her tummy issues.  Giving her regular formula gave her a lot more gas and problems.  If there was ever an instance we had to give her regular formula, we always made sure that we put gripe water in it or gave her gripe water after the feeding to prevent any problems.
  4. Leg Stretches–Mike would do these frog leg stretches where he took charlotte’s legs and put them up to her head like reverse ab crunches.  When Charlotte was especially fussy that helped her fart out some of the discomfort.
  5. Staying Upright–after we fed her we didn’t lie her down, we kept her upright.  So in an upright vibrating chair or we held her upright for at least 20 minutes after she ate.  during the night if she was fussy, we had her sleep on there as well.  This is the one we liked.  This model had a strong vibrator option that always soothed Charlotte.  I’m finding that a lot of other models had a week vibrator or no vibrator at all.
  6. My Milk came down really fast and I think with how Charlotte drank milk and how it was being digested it was all very difficult.  So difficult that I quite breastfeeding and just pumped exclusively instead.  This one is a little tricky and I’m not sure how I would handle it the second time around… but Charlotte was totally fine feeding after the big milk letdown, bottle feeding with ventair was great, we fed her slowly and gave her breaks so that she wouldn’t fill up too fast and have problems.  I think I would have to let the milk down spray into a towel before giving it to her so she could eat better.
  7. Charlotte spit up for a while after every feeding and that was quite a time.  We had no idea that was related to her gas, indigestion, colic… the whole bit.  We fed Charlotte slowly, let her sit up right for 20 minutes after every feeding and burped her as well as we could.  Once we made changes like that, she stopped spitting up completely.  HALLELUJAHHH.
  8. We raised her crip and bassinet so that she was sleeping at an incline at night.  Her crib is STILL raised at an incline b/c of her gas + congestion for colds.  This has been HUGE.  Next to the new bottles, this had the second biggest impact on Charlotte’s gas, fussiness and digestion.  We had to make sure that she was always sleeping or sitting at an incline until about 6-8 months.  That’s when her insides seemed to mature.

This was our crazy journey through Colic and Gas from newborn to about 8 months.  We are still super duper careful about Charlotte’s gas and digestion since that time left such a deep impact on our memories.  C is doing great, eating very very well and growing like a weed!  I’m happy to report that the colic + gas problems went away and it hasn’t affected Charlotte in any noticeable way.  If your baby is going through it, let me know if you have any questions!  As hard as it is, it DOES pass!!  Just be patient with your little one and try the methods above to see if any of that helps.  <3


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