Labor Day Fun

over labor day weekend our little family packed in a TON of activities into 3.5 days and i’m seriously wishing we were back to the long weekend… sigh.  school is starting for me next week and i am NOT ready.  how did the summer go by so fast??  gah.

well on the last day of labor day weekend (so actual labor day), our family and my friends spent the day at the pool.  it was a very lazy afternoon of mimosas, snacks and getting some sun in to celebrate the end of summer.  C is a total fish and LOVES the water.  She doesn’t love having someone hold her while she’s in there but she’ll have to get over that until she learns to swim on her own.  😉  

i DIE over these adorable pics!  C refused to wear sunglasses until we made it into a game for her!  now she’ll wear sunglasses and hats (sometimes…).  We make a huge deal of how cute she is in them and then say “oh no, i lost charlotte!  where is she??” and when she takes them off we scream “there she is!”   hahaha  anyway… what parents will do to freaking get a good picture huh?

these two babes!  i hope they grow up as besties and hit the clubs (err…bible study?) together in college/post-college.  hehehe  just like their mamas did. <3

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