Labor Day Weekend is here!  Our family went on a long weekend vacay last weekend and I tried my VERY VERY best to pair down what we all needed so that we weren’t lugging around unnecessary luggage.  It kiiiinda worked.  lol

I pretty much either underpack or over over pack.  I’ve never gotten it JUST RIGHT in 32 years.  sigh.  And now with a baby there are WAY MORE factors to consider like Messes, snacks, blow outs, chemical free cleaning products and safe soaps, etc.

Here are some of our vacay essentials that really helped us out last weekend!

  1. I love Honest everything~~~ And they have travel sizes that are perfect for diaper bags!
  2. Water Wipes are SO CLUTCH and chemical free.  You can use them safely on all babies at any age and their faces.
  3. Target Diapers are awesome.  They are significantly cheaper than most brands out there, they are very durable and we always pack a few in every bag (and nook in the car) just in case!
  4. Plum Organics pouches~ SO CLUTCH.  So before baby, I was totally against pre-packaged pouches b/c of all the horror stories of them being rotten inside.  Well I always test the first little skirt onto a spoon (or the back of my hand…oops) and taste it first.  The best part of these pouches is that it’s SO EASY to throw into a bag and serve to C at anytime of day.  They don’t need to be refridgerated like the ones I make at home.  Plus I always buy a few different flavors so that C doesn’t get bored of them and can eat a few at a time (if we’re out all day and this bad mama forget to bring food for her…this may or may not happen frequently on the weekends).
  5. I LOVE babyganics sunscreen.  I started using it on C after she turned 6 mo (the recommended age) and I always put sunscreen on C BEFORE we leave the house when she’s in just a diaper.  it ensures that she’s always protected in case we’re out in the sun all day unexpectedly (which also may happen all the time…).  I have a bunch of suncreen bottles in the diaper bag/car/swim bag/my purse (in different sizes) so that I can reapply at any time if we decide to stop by a splash pad or playground.
  6. Munchin Cup~ I bring an empty cup with me just in case since some restaurants don’t always have baby friendly cups or when we’re at the beach all day C will need to keep hydrated with cold water or milk.  She THINKS she can drink directly from containers but this cup helps keep liquids inside the cup, not all over the car or her clothes.  >.<  lol
  7. Clothes/Accessories~~ oh my my FAVORITE two places to shop for C are Gap Kids and Janie and Jack.
  8. Canon Camera… a total must.  It’s annoying to carry it around with an active toddler, but the pictures are SO BOMB compared to my iphone.

hope some of these ideas help with your travel plans this weekend!  stay cool~~ =)

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