Matching Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Kids

I LOVE halloween and I LOVE a good creative costume.  Last year we put C in 3 costumes which I know is total overkill for new parents.  HEEEEEEEEEEE

minnie mouse


good old classic pumpkin


lion and lion tamer (my faaavorite)IMG_6101

Last year was so much fun that Mike and I are trying to come up with 2-4 new costume ideas for Lucy and Charlotte! =D

Some new Ideas for This year…

01d2382a05141d0b0d996f666f668773 9e1026114efa2721cffdb6104a488cca 853f70b5bf5e3d7df6c593daf72cdb54 c64f574ec4b6e3adad81e0a68d6bf8d5 cfee674d2894472f766f29333b699e49

this is actually one of my faves below!  C can be the monkey and L can be the man. =Pd45f911b786b613b7d25cf39220ef617 d638d6c3f5ca3247afd75879e7ad6b10 db337f8dde12a6f85440df47c5d1d69c e425a29027a2657f41b76b92abb25fb6 fec12df84028cd61589e6b23cc0b464f

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Under the Sea Fun


A few weekends ago we went to a two year old’s birthday party and it was SO SO SO adorable.  Every detail about this party was to die for and creative!  This was C’s first birthday party experience (with her sitting at a table with other kids) and she tried her first slice of P I Z Z A!!!  Let me tell you, that girl died and went to junk food heaven.  She did a happy dance with her pizza and smiled a CHEESY grin while eating with all the other kids.  She also wanted a juice box SO BAD but i couldn’t bear to give her one.  Just a liiiiiiittle longer my sweet C~~ Juice and Ice Cream will come soon enough.  (maybe at age 2?? at her own bday??)

Anyway, seeing C at this birthday party made me SO emotional.  I couldn’t believe how big my baby had gotten, i couldn’t believe she was old enough to be at a big kid table eating with other kids, and i also couldn’t help get sad over the fact that i would need to start letting go.  that i would need to let her do kid things and explore the world of friendships, bullies, school, making her own big girl choices, etc.  I always say I’m this cray tiger mom but mike pointed out that I’m actually a helicopter mom.  I want C to be happy, protected, given every wonderful opportunity, and be the best that she can be.  I stand close to her and stare other kids down when they’re mean to her, I am the police at playgrounds if older kids knock her down or push her (b/c she’s slower than them or she doesn’t realize she is in their way)…  Goodness… ok that’s enough emotion for one post.  haha  This is supposed to be all about this cute birthday party right?!?!?!

Ok here are more pictures from the evening!  There was a music man, play ground, toys, activities, FOOOD, and the most delicious dessert table around.

IMG_8794 IMG_8780 IMG_8782 IMG_8821img_8805img_8806-1

this baby LOVES swings!

the bottom right bowl is our fish Monty.  LOLLL  sigh… It’s been 2 weeks and Monty is living and happy swimming around in his big bowl.

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Biossance Face Oil

Ya’ll we are going through a fall heatwave in LA.  Today was 100 degrees and I was melting and my makeup didn’t hold up any better.

I’ve been using biosannce oils lately and I’m totally in love.  Not only is it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing~ but it is so so light on your skin.  Perfect for this heatwave and perfect for my skin. 🙂

If you’re looking to try something new I recommend these!   The Rose face oil smells heavenly~~~~~~

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Mommy Mondays: Busy Bags for Toddlers and Kids

This weekend we went to San Francisco for a wedding.  Charlotte was a flower girl and Mike was a groomsmen. <3  SUCH a cool experience for them to share!

The wedding ceremony was in a catholic church which meant…long ceremony.  Was I prepared?  NOPE.  Should I have been?  YESSSS.  This weekend we had a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception that C needed to be “quiet and well behaved” for.  Was she?  of course not… sigh.  But I think that was more b/c I was not prepared for all the long hours she would need to be sitting quietly.  I saw all the other moms bring out a bag full of toys and snacks for their kids and instantly regretted not having busy bags for C.  I’ve listened to so many podcasts about this and I seriously kicked myself all weekend for not being better prepared.

SOOO… in case you’re planning on traveling in a plane, going to a restaurant to EAT, going to a nice wedding, WHEREVERRR~~ here are some great links for busy bags and how to create them for all ages!!

  1. Busy Bags!

2. Busy Bags 101

3.Ultimate Guide of Busy Bag Ideas

4. Kids Busy Bag and Quiet Bag Ideas

5. Busy Bags for the Kiddos

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Lucy Turns 3

My first born is three todayyyyyyy.   I can’t even believe it.  Time flew by so fast and our family changed so much since we brought this fur ball home.  I could go on forever about how obsessed I am with her but I think people would judge me and think I was cray…lol

Anywayyyy, we did a little (disastrous) photoshoot with Lucy and fwends. Xoxo

Note: we were not prepared for how wiggly two dogs and two babies were going to be.

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Fall Nails: Grays and Purples

dying over these colors right now!!

fall nails: grays and purples

[pic source]

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Mommy Mondays: Colic and Gas in Babies


When Charlotte was 10 months, I listened to a podcast called Newbies and found out that Charlotte had Colic as a baby!!!  uhhh WHAAAAAT??  It was absolutely INSANE.  I was so shocked over that whole thing that I feel like I need to tell the world so that another mom doesn’t go through what I went through.

Basically… Charlotte was a gassy baby that was uncomfortable and through trial and error we found a lot of ways to keep her comfortable, happy and gas-free.  In my mind, that did not mean Colic.

When Mike and I looked up colic, everywhere kept saying that if a baby cried for 3 hours or more then it was colic.  Charlotte never cried for that long at a time, so we always dismissed the idea that she had Colic.  Gas, HELL YES.  Colic?  naw…

But the podcast episode i listened to about colic and gas BLEW MY MIND because they said it was a TOTAL of crying 3 hours per day.  WHAAT??  If it was a TOTAL, then yes that was for sure Charlotte.  AND they said gas was one of the symptoms of colic.  )@*#)!@(#*!@) MIND BLOWN.  I’m not sure why I needed the title “colic” to label C but I also felt a sense of relief diagnosing what she had and what we went through the first 6-12 weeks of her life.

Here are a few things that REALLY helped us with Charlotte’s gas/colic:

  1. Playtex Ventaire Bottles–these bottles prevent extra air going into your baby and causing gas in their tummies.  I was using Medela bottles before these and I have to say…switching to these was NIGHT AND DAY with Charlotte.  Almost immediately she was eating better and like 80%-90% of her gas problems went away.
  2. Gripe Water–this helps get rid of hiccups and help babies with gas.  you can mix it into their milk or you can give it to them straight.  we have gone through SO MANY bottles and we found that giving it to her straight after a feeding was the most helpful.  when C cried a few hours after eating, giving her a little bit of this was SO CLUTCH.  we could hear the gas in her stomach releasing and she would fart soon after.
  3. Enfamil Gentlease–we could only give her this formula b/c of her tummy issues.  Giving her regular formula gave her a lot more gas and problems.  If there was ever an instance we had to give her regular formula, we always made sure that we put gripe water in it or gave her gripe water after the feeding to prevent any problems.
  4. Leg Stretches–Mike would do these frog leg stretches where he took charlotte’s legs and put them up to her head like reverse ab crunches.  When Charlotte was especially fussy that helped her fart out some of the discomfort.
  5. Staying Upright–after we fed her we didn’t lie her down, we kept her upright.  So in an upright vibrating chair or we held her upright for at least 20 minutes after she ate.  during the night if she was fussy, we had her sleep on there as well.  This is the one we liked.  This model had a strong vibrator option that always soothed Charlotte.  I’m finding that a lot of other models had a week vibrator or no vibrator at all.
  6. My Milk came down really fast and I think with how Charlotte drank milk and how it was being digested it was all very difficult.  So difficult that I quite breastfeeding and just pumped exclusively instead.  This one is a little tricky and I’m not sure how I would handle it the second time around… but Charlotte was totally fine feeding after the big milk letdown, bottle feeding with ventair was great, we fed her slowly and gave her breaks so that she wouldn’t fill up too fast and have problems.  I think I would have to let the milk down spray into a towel before giving it to her so she could eat better.
  7. Charlotte spit up for a while after every feeding and that was quite a time.  We had no idea that was related to her gas, indigestion, colic… the whole bit.  We fed Charlotte slowly, let her sit up right for 20 minutes after every feeding and burped her as well as we could.  Once we made changes like that, she stopped spitting up completely.  HALLELUJAHHH.
  8. We raised her crip and bassinet so that she was sleeping at an incline at night.  Her crib is STILL raised at an incline b/c of her gas + congestion for colds.  This has been HUGE.  Next to the new bottles, this had the second biggest impact on Charlotte’s gas, fussiness and digestion.  We had to make sure that she was always sleeping or sitting at an incline until about 6-8 months.  That’s when her insides seemed to mature.

This was our crazy journey through Colic and Gas from newborn to about 8 months.  We are still super duper careful about Charlotte’s gas and digestion since that time left such a deep impact on our memories.  C is doing great, eating very very well and growing like a weed!  I’m happy to report that the colic + gas problems went away and it hasn’t affected Charlotte in any noticeable way.  If your baby is going through it, let me know if you have any questions!  As hard as it is, it DOES pass!!  Just be patient with your little one and try the methods above to see if any of that helps.  <3


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Solvang and Pismo SLR Pics 

The last pics from our trip!  Looking at these makes me want to go back so bad~. I can’t believe fall is here already.  School starts next Thursday and I am SOOO not ready~~~~

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some adorable morning photos of C.  it’s one of our fun rituals in the morning and as hectic and crazy as it can be getting out the door… it’s so nice to look back on these and see how much she’s growing!  img_7799img_7796img_8087-1img_8093-1img_8202img_8201img_8084img_8215img_7632img_7620img_6633

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Weekends FTW

last weekend was incredibly fun and full of new experiences.  We packed a LOT of things into one weekend and boy were we EXHAUSTED.  Saturady we went to the park and celebrated our friends’ “tenfinity” which was 10 years of their friendship.  It was cute, fun and full of SUPER good food.  Sunday, mike was SUPER sick (stomach flu?) and so I took Charlotte out 7am-630pm.  Let me tell you… that was not easy or fun.  BUT she was a champion, I let her eat a ton of things I normally never would, and played at several malls, gymboree, and with friends. <3

Goodness… I’m tired just thinking about it!  Here are some fun pics from the weekend~

i’ll post about it later but Lucy’s 3rd birthday is coming up!!  I tried to do a super cute photoshoot but 2 dogs and 2 babies… not easy.  It was near impossible to get them to look in the same direction, keep their party hats on and not move.  sigh.



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Labor Day Fun

over labor day weekend our little family packed in a TON of activities into 3.5 days and i’m seriously wishing we were back to the long weekend… sigh.  school is starting for me next week and i am NOT ready.  how did the summer go by so fast??  gah.

well on the last day of labor day weekend (so actual labor day), our family and my friends spent the day at the pool.  it was a very lazy afternoon of mimosas, snacks and getting some sun in to celebrate the end of summer.  C is a total fish and LOVES the water.  She doesn’t love having someone hold her while she’s in there but she’ll have to get over that until she learns to swim on her own.  😉  

i DIE over these adorable pics!  C refused to wear sunglasses until we made it into a game for her!  now she’ll wear sunglasses and hats (sometimes…).  We make a huge deal of how cute she is in them and then say “oh no, i lost charlotte!  where is she??” and when she takes them off we scream “there she is!”   hahaha  anyway… what parents will do to freaking get a good picture huh?

these two babes!  i hope they grow up as besties and hit the clubs (err…bible study?) together in college/post-college.  hehehe  just like their mamas did. <3

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Fall Makeup Trends

Fall Make-Up Look

i’m obsessed with these colors for fall!  xoxo bright but soft fall colors.  <3 xoxo

My FAAAVE makeup ever are these three things: eyes, lips and nails.  I feel like once you find a good foundation you stick to it~ same with blush.  But eyes, lips and nails you can seriously play around with!

pics 1, 2, 3

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Mommy Mondays: Buildling Self-Esteem and Positive Body Image in Girls

have you seen this dove campaign??  i saw this before i was pregnant and it had such a profound impact on me and how i felt about myself and my mom’s body.  watch the video below if you haven’t.


my mom grew up in South Korea where there were public bath houses and families bathed together.  there was no shame in being naked (as far as i could see) and my mom never seemed hung up on her body besides her baby belly which never went away and just her overall weight in general.  but she never really talked about her thighs and her cellulite and just… lots of things that i personally worry about on my own adult body.  i think about botox and fillers and better skin for myself but i feel like those are not things my mom ever expressed about herself until she was about 60 years old.

what most recently reminded me of this is Charlotte is 15 months and curious about EVERYTHING.  when she sees me changing she likes to stare and touch my bra or undies.  we’ve taken a bath before and she is very aware that my body is different from hers.  SO INTERESTING that this little toddler can already recognize all of that!  anyway… this video campaign came to mind and i’ve been very very consciously trying to spread positive thoughts and confidence so that she does not have body hang ups and she feels very comfortable with herself and her future growing body.

part of doing that for me is walking around naked while i change and letting her see me without sucking in or wearing makeup and trying not to put TOO much emphasis on what makeup/clothes do for me.  who knows if i’m doing all the right things or if i’m moving in the right direction~ but i’d love nothing more than charlotte to grow up strong, confident and feeling really good about herself.

random, but i listened to a podcast about body hair recently and the hosts were saying how children SHOULD see your body hair so that when they hit puberty~ it isn’t shocking where the hair grows.  i guess because there is such a huge movement for laser hair removal that some kids are very confused that they grow hair in places their parents don’t.  SO INTERESTING right?  totally not something i’ve ever thought about, but now it’s just another reason to be confident in who i am and show that to C!

anyway~ just something random that i’ve been going through with C and thought i’d share. <3

articles from the dove campaign about raising self-esteem and relationships: click here

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Emery Turns One <3

how gorgeous is this head table???  our besties (parents + babies) celebrated their daughter’s first birthday party at Salaong Song in Pasadena and every single detail was GORGEOUS.  The party had a travel theme, the desserts were bomb, there was a face painter/balloon artist, and the food was UNBELIEVABLE.

goodness~ C had the time of her life at this party and PASSED OUT on her way home.  haha  C’s first balloon animal thingy and she is in LOVE!!i am absolutely obsessed with these two.  i love their adorable relationship grow.  i love how much they love each other.  i love how they will only grow closer and share more memories and special moments together.  goodness~ i always burst with love and tears when i see them together.  (hilarious note, mike wiped her nose and got all of her boogies and was asking if she was good.  LOL)

baby emery chose a soccer ball and cash during the doljabi! =)  C chose the soccer ball too and we put her vote in the soccer ball bucket.  hehehe SO EXCITED to see if these superstitious predictors come true. <3

girlfriend loves pushing a good gate.happy birthday to the cutest and sweetest baby! xoxo

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Best Toys and Products for a 15 Month Toddler

Here are some things we are using our home OVER and OVER and OVER for C.

animal magnets

  1. Plastic Cups/Dishware from Ikea
  2. Skip Hop Backpack~ C loves to have her “own” bag and wears it to daycare each day.
  3. Ikea Step Stool
  4. Ikea Wearable Bib
  5. Faucet Extender
  6. Melissa and Doug Animal Magnets
  7. Door Stoppers
  8. Whisper Ride
  9. Splat Mat
  10. Skip Hop Spoon and Fork (love the wide spoon and fork)
  11. Nuk Hello Kitty Sippy Cups
  12. Aden and Anais Blanket
  13. Gap Jean Jacket
  14. Touch and Feel books
  15. Toddler Toothbrush
  16. Native Shoes
  17. See Kai Run Shoes
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Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa in Pismo Beach, CA

words cannot express how much i loved this resort and how much i wish were still there.  no joke, mike and i totally found our new vacay spot for the summers.  not only is this place kid friendly, but it’s dog friendly too!!

the amenities, resort, staff and services were seriously so top notch.  our group had the BEST TIME EVER and we can’t wait to go back next august.  coming here felt disconnected from the world (in a good way) and things were so peaceful.  there’s a tiny shopping complex next to the resort with a 4-star sushi restaurant (SO GOOD) and a fancy italian deli that reminded us of Bay Cities in LA.  During the day we even went out to SLO and ate and shopped.  <3

C spent most of her days in the pool and this girl did NOT complain.  she wanted to swim out on her own and hated the floaty jacket and the little round floaty we had for her.  mike used to teach swim lessons so he was psyched to teach C how to swim, float and feel comfortable kicking around.  i love his enthusiasm for her and his patient method of teaching her new things, yet letting her explore on her own.  xoxo

C LOVED these “shamu jumps”.  she is so free and afraid of nothing.  i kiiiinda hope she stays that way since i’m scared of everything.

since we were going to be on vacay and i wasn’t sure what we had in store for us, i bought lots of new snacks that C had never had before.  let me tell you…this girlfriend DIED and went to cookie/chip/pouch heaven.  haha  i brought them just in case she was having a meltdown while we were out with friends or in the car.  BUT she was super freaking amazing the entire time!  so i just gave her the snacks after big pool sessions or if i knew we were going to be a while at a restaurant or in line somewhere. <3


our balcony overlooked the pool and ocean.  everytime C would see the pool she would insist on going down (even at 7am >.<)

c’s favorite thing right now is bubbles.  so we bring them everywhere!  haha  it keeps her happy and busy and she loves blowing them herself too.  ^^

Fish Tacos and Clam Chowder! =)

my homies since i was 14.  i feel so blessed that we’ve remained friends, grown in our family lives and just continue to go through this life journey together.  couldn’t have asked for a better second family. <3

i DIE over this little one’s smile and her sense of self.  i seriously pray that she will never lose her self-confidence, her spirit, her enthusiasm, her humor or her smile.  she is the best thing in this whole world and i cannot get enough of her!

every morning C and i came outside while the entire suite slept.  WAHHH i wish we could have slept in too.  oh well~~ it was nice exploring the outdoors with C and watching her discover new textures and plants and thaaangs.

best trip EVERRRR.  i seriously cannot wait to go back!! xoxo

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Mommy Mondays: Podcasts

ok mamas… I’m letting you in on a secret obsession in my life… P O D C A S T S.  mm… actually maybe the word obsession doesn’t actually cover how much i LOVE these babies.  LOVE.  like i’m SO EXCITED to listen to them when i’m in the car, doing dishes, or driving.  ESPECIALLY driving.  my commute is a total of 3 hours a day so listening to music/CNN isn’t always appealing. i wanted to make better use of my time and still zone out (from not sleeping much with a babe)~~ and Podcasts have been it!!

literally, the only time i’m totally alone is when i’m driving now.  i like being able to turn my brain off and listen to chit chat about celebrities or a british documentary about something half way around the world, or learn something new that i never would have time for as a new mama.

one thing that i’ve very heavily relied on in recent months are parenting and family podcasts.  there are SO MANY changes that happen to you and they dynamics of your new family.  these changes are things that may not be easy to talk about or seek help from.  and well, you can only google so much right?  plus, how are you supposed to know if it’s a problem or if other people are even struggling with it?

for instance, i’ve learned from Newbies that c had colic!!  whenever I read descriptions for what colic was, it always said “if your baby cries for hours at a time or 3 hours at a time”.  c never did that.  BUT she was HELLLLLA gassy and we had to switch our bottles her sleeping arrangements and how we fed/burped her due to her gas.  fast forward to when she’s 10 months old and I’m listening to a podcast about colic~~ one of the specialists on the show says that a baby has colic when they cry for a TOTAL of 3 hours a day due to discomfort like gas.  UHH WHAAAATT???  how come no freaking website or blog ever mentioned that??  a TOTAL of 3 hours, not 3 hours in a row??  and gas is a symptom of this umbrella term COLIC???  ughhh.  I was washing the dishes when i heard that and i literally stopped, rewound it and listened to it again.  i was in TOTAL shock.  We had a baby with colic and had no idea.  Um… if this isn’t a perfect example of naive first time parents I don’t know what is.  We went through like 10 bottles of gripe water in those 10 months and still had no freaking clue this was a symptom/condition of colic!  rawwwwrrrr. (episode on colic, click here)

Other amazing things that I’ve learned from podcasts & those episodes are:

  1. postpartum is a spectrum, not just depression.  there is an incredibly wide range of PP and it’s very minor to very severe.  we’ve all heard of the very severe ones but one thing that totally resonated with me was a mild form of it which is from a bad birthing/hospital experience~ WHICH I TOTALLY HAD!!!  i have bad memories from the hospital and first month at home.  those memories have affected how i felt about certain people and situations that still impact me today.  i wasn’t depressed but that time completely colored my after baby experience and i was really surprised to hear that was under the PP umbrella.  BTW–postpartum can show up anytime from end of pregnancy to 2 years after the baby is born.  So if you’re feeling blue and your baby is 2~ it’s TOTALLY OK and you may want to read up on it or talk to a professional. (click here for one episode on postpartum, or here for bad hospital memories and how to deal)
  2. baby on a marriage is hard.  mike and i have an incredibly strong relationship but having a newborn and ALL of the new chores/responsibilities that go with it on 2-3 hours of sleep while both of us are still working full-time.  WOW.  really shook things up.  on one of my drives i was listening to a family podcast that talked about divorce.  it talked about why couples break up and one of the cases they were describing was something i could totally relate to.  it was about division of chores in the house and how each partner was dealing (or not dealing) with it.  obviously mike and i were nowhere near that breaking point but it really opened my eyes to what happens when couples don’t communicate or when they withhold something from the other partner (like sex or help around the house) to make a point.  that podcast led us to have lots and lots of conversations about how we were each feeling about the baby, about each other, about all the things that have happened post-baby and it was AWESOME.  we both learned to communicate better, share the responsibilities we felt the other partner wasn’t doing and we’ve come up with a new normal for us which has been working well.
  3. talking to your child about their body and physical boundaries.  SO CLUTCH.  omg, this podcast episode BLEW MY MIND.  i am very squeamish about saying the clinical names of body parts and this episode explained WHY it was SO SO SO important to teach your little children about them.  I won’t go into detail since it’s kind of insane but it’s basically related to child molestation and I think it’s SO IMPORTANT for all parents to listen to this episode (ugh i can’t find it on my phone but will update this page when i locate it! ) and read this blog post (click here ).  i could talk for an hour about how important this topic is and how listening to the podcast has affected me.  BIGGEST LESSONS:  1) do not force your kids to ever hug/kiss anyone they are not comfortable with~ even if it’s a relative.  2) teach your kids the proper terms and explain to them about their body and their right to privacy/personal space.

Podcasts that I love for Parenting:


Parent Savers

The New Family Podcast

Mommy Media 

Other New Mommy Media Shows

(I’m obsessed with podcasts in general so if you wanna know what else i listen to, ask!  i’ll send you my list! =P)

c is so spunky and spirited.  i love her so much and all the fun new things she’s doing~~ xoxo

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Last weekend Mike and I took a nice trip up to Solvang and then Pismo Beach.  It was EXACTLY what our little family needed.  We hadn’t taken time off since December of last year so we were very excited to explore new places and spend a lot of time swimming!

Solvang is a Danish Town located just north of Santa Barbara.  There’s a lot of wine tasting, good brunch food, and tons of fun, touristy things to do.  Neither of us had stayed in Solvang before and we seriously found our new vacation spot!

If you’re looking to stay in a hotel, Wine Valley Inn was awesome.  It’s an older hotel (which fits the town’s vibe), rooms were huge, it was very dog and baby friendly, AND there was free breakfast in the morning.  Free breakfast is awesome for us since it’s easy to walk down in our pajamas, give C a small meal at 7am and then go back upstairs to pack and take our time getting ready.  Parking is pretty ample in this Danish town as well which is a huge plus coming from LA where parking is either scarce or you pay!

Lunch from Bacon and Brine =)

C was NOT feeling this Danish hat!  lol

(not pictured but we also bought her the most adorable clog slippers!  hehe)

OHHHH MANNNN we went to the christmas all year round store and i died.  i freaking love ornaments and picked up a few to remember our family vacation. <3img_7113-1img_7156

we tried to get a little floral crown on C but she was NOT having it… =Timg_7162img_7164img_7037

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Toddler Weekend Getaway Necessities 

Labor Day Weekend is here!  Our family went on a long weekend vacay last weekend and I tried my VERY VERY best to pair down what we all needed so that we weren’t lugging around unnecessary luggage.  It kiiiinda worked.  lol

I pretty much either underpack or over over pack.  I’ve never gotten it JUST RIGHT in 32 years.  sigh.  And now with a baby there are WAY MORE factors to consider like Messes, snacks, blow outs, chemical free cleaning products and safe soaps, etc.

Here are some of our vacay essentials that really helped us out last weekend!

  1. I love Honest everything~~~ And they have travel sizes that are perfect for diaper bags!
  2. Water Wipes are SO CLUTCH and chemical free.  You can use them safely on all babies at any age and their faces.
  3. Target Diapers are awesome.  They are significantly cheaper than most brands out there, they are very durable and we always pack a few in every bag (and nook in the car) just in case!
  4. Plum Organics pouches~ SO CLUTCH.  So before baby, I was totally against pre-packaged pouches b/c of all the horror stories of them being rotten inside.  Well I always test the first little skirt onto a spoon (or the back of my hand…oops) and taste it first.  The best part of these pouches is that it’s SO EASY to throw into a bag and serve to C at anytime of day.  They don’t need to be refridgerated like the ones I make at home.  Plus I always buy a few different flavors so that C doesn’t get bored of them and can eat a few at a time (if we’re out all day and this bad mama forget to bring food for her…this may or may not happen frequently on the weekends).
  5. I LOVE babyganics sunscreen.  I started using it on C after she turned 6 mo (the recommended age) and I always put sunscreen on C BEFORE we leave the house when she’s in just a diaper.  it ensures that she’s always protected in case we’re out in the sun all day unexpectedly (which also may happen all the time…).  I have a bunch of suncreen bottles in the diaper bag/car/swim bag/my purse (in different sizes) so that I can reapply at any time if we decide to stop by a splash pad or playground.
  6. Munchin Cup~ I bring an empty cup with me just in case since some restaurants don’t always have baby friendly cups or when we’re at the beach all day C will need to keep hydrated with cold water or milk.  She THINKS she can drink directly from containers but this cup helps keep liquids inside the cup, not all over the car or her clothes.  >.<  lol
  7. Clothes/Accessories~~ oh my my FAVORITE two places to shop for C are Gap Kids and Janie and Jack.
  8. Canon Camera… a total must.  It’s annoying to carry it around with an active toddler, but the pictures are SO BOMB compared to my iphone.

hope some of these ideas help with your travel plans this weekend!  stay cool~~ =)

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