i think about this question a lot and well…i blog because i love it.  i blog because it’s a creative outlet for me to express myself and speak to people (even if they never speak back).  i blog because it’s a way to journal and track my life.  i blog because it helps me process situations or milestones.  (again) i blog because i love it.

i’ve had this blog since 2008 and it has been such an interesting journey.  i recently did a big clean up where i deleted a ton of old posts and pictures and it totally took me back!!  i remember writing those posts or the phases i was going through when i wrote about it.  at first i only wrote about celeb gossip and fashion that i was loving.  it eventually evolved into a blog about my life and now… motherhood.  i’m pretty sure than an SEO or marketing company would say i was all over the place and i have no real target audience… but i think that’s ok.  i’m a woman interested in a ton of different things and this blog is an expression of who i am in the moment.

there are tons of podcasts and blogs and pinterest articles that tell you how to be a blogger, how to become famous, how to write great SEO and how to make tons of money each month.  that would be SOOO ideal~ but even if i never made money i would still write here weekly.  i’m not sure if there is anything else in my life i love so much (besides my fam/friends of course).  but no other hobby or career interest or inspiration task.

interesting right?

a lot of people ask my whey i blog or what my end goal is… and although being paid for this passion would be SO IDEAL… i blog because i love it. =)  <3  now, if you want to share some of my posts to 10,000 of your friends that would be SOOOO sweet of you and much appreciated.  =P

Happy Last Day of August Ya’ll!!! xoxo

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