What do all of these things have in common?  C will not drink from any of these sippy cups.  She’ll trick us and take a few sips for a hot second but then refuse to drink from it ever again.  I’ve even tried re-introducing it a few times to see if it was just a phase or if I could force it… “neh neh neh” is what she says while violently shaking her head no.  ugh.  there goes tons of money down the drain b/c what you don’t see above is that most of these came in 2-packs or 4-packs.  GRRREAT.

is anyone else having this problem??  just us?  sigh…

at UCLA the daycare completely stops giving the bottle to babies at 12 months.  cold turkey, no ifs ands or buts.  as an over nurturer and enabler, i let c use the bottle until 14 months.  on her 14 month milestone i tried for the first time to cut her off.  I tried to make sippy cups fun, even gave her a normal cup and slowly cut away the bottle.  the daycare did the same thing around 13 months and gave her the bottle only once before her daytime nap.  fast forward to 15 months, it was TIME.  so mike and i made a pact, introduced 2 more sippy cups (since she hated all the other ones) and crossed our fingers that it would work.

um… this has been the most miserable month EVER.  let me tell you.  lol  mike cracked and gave her the bottle once in the morning b/c she was SUCH a terror.  sigh.


Now, C is almost 16 months and this last 30 days of transition has really been GREAT!  We’ve cut out the bottle completely and reintroduced some of the sippy cups back in (The NUK Hello Kitty Ones below and the Hello Kitty 360 cup from Munchin) and Charlotte has been responding really well to them.  The Nuk bottles are soft like bottle nipples.  The 360 cup is great since it’s like holding onto a grown up cup, but there’s an element of fun since C has to bite down on the lid for the liquid to come out.  (The 360 cup took some time to get used to.  She did not like it at 13 and 14 months.  She didn’t understand how to use it.  So we just waited a little and tried each of the sippy cups again.  This one successfully stuck!

As for the other 6 cups that C hates… well we’ll keep them and try to reintroduce it at a later time.  ORR just save them for Baby #2 who may not be as picky.

One huge lesson I learned from all of this is that I should have introduced the sippy cup around 9 months.  Not for C to drink from over milk, but get her used to another nipple and drinking from another source other than the bottle.  Or even…just familiarize her with the sippy cup in general.  C was VERY VERY attached to the playtex ventaire bottles we used so it was hard to get her to drink some any other cup.  Generally, C only likes to drink from actual cups~ which means even the Nuk sippy cups I can only get her to drink from at night or in the morning when she’s sleepy (like a bottle).  ugh.

so the sippy cup/cup transition is still happening in the Blair home and will continue on until she can handle a cup without spilling everywhere.  Any mama’s out there have advice on this?  I feel like most people just switched cold turkey and didn’t have the same problems as me… =(

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