Traveling Internationally with a Toddler


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Mike and I were invited to a wedding in India next February.  We are VERY VERY VERY seriously considering it.  No matter what Mike is going to go, what we’re questioning right now is whether or not Charlotte and I should go.  I think a smart person would say, “uh no, don’t do it”.  The flight to India is ridiculous, the standard of living and cleanliness (depending on where we go) will not be what we’re used to, there is the threat of malaria,we will have to make sure to drink filtered water everywhere, food will be tricky with a toddler in a foreign country, sleeping arrangements will be rough, and well… i might have to scale back on my OCD/obsessive tendencies about what C touches and what she plays with.  sigh.  So basically… lots and lots of cons.

B U T the thing that has us considering the trek is… what a once in a life time opportunity for our family!  First, I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to go to an Indian wedding, wear a sari and participate in the henna painting for the women before the wedding.  Second, I’d kill to see the Taj Mahal in real life.  and Finally, it would be SO cool and surreal for our family to go to India together.  Just really set our family on a path to make international/cross country trips.  In my fantasies we would be able to pick and travel at the drop of a hat (like this family).  I feel like we need to (for lack of a better phrase) pop our travel cherry and just run with it.  I don’t want to be a family that never travels and never goes anywhere until the kids are 10 years old plus.  Mike travels ALL THE TIME for work to Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Dallas, Miami, New York and much much more.  Our family is always invited to go but we haven’t had the chance to get it together and go.

Going on this big trip would be the best start to a more adventurous social life for the Blairs and well… that’s a huge motivation to just D O  I T!!!!

PLUS Mike’s other bff is getting married in Colombia a few months later~~~ which is why we should probably just suck it up and go right?!?!?!  sigh… anyway… we’re still considering the trip and figuring out what is smart and what isn’t.

If anyone has done an international trip with little ones please let me know how it went and what your recommendations are.  We took Charlotte to Hawaii when she was 7 months which was about a 4.5-5.5 hour flight each way.  Not too bad~ we had a solid game plan and we stuck to it.

Here are some links I’ve been reading to help me weigh my options and figure this all out:

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