Weekday Meals

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even before baby mike and i struggled with cooking during the week.  actually…let’s be real, i HATE cooking and i suck at it.  i have no interest or heart (intention) in cooking.  so since we started dating, mike has seriously cooked these past 8 years and he is SOOOO good at it.  i like to think my weakness in it helps make it one of his strengths.  lol

anyway, we’ve been REALLY into one pot cooking or crock pot cooking.  we make a huge batch of something on sunday and then eat it all week (including C!).  we add a little salad or some easy side to it during the week (…usually not..) and wahlah~~ a nice homecooked meal after work!

here are some inspiration links for you to get started!  things i look for in recipes~ is it healthy, is it easy to make, is it cost effective, is it baby friendly?

  1. seasoned chicken and potatoes and green beans
  2. chicken soup
  3. sausage, spinach and white bean soup
  4. one pot cheesy zuccini rice
  5. lo mein (add lots of veggies)
  6. garlic herb mashed cauliflower
  7. turkey chili
  8. balsalmic brussel sprouts

other fun meal ideas for us~~

  1. buying a cooked chicken from the store and eating it with side salads or over roasted veggies.  then using the leftovers over salad for the rest of the week.
  2. buying costco ready meals and eating that for the week.  they have great healthy options!

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