I’ve been having so much fun making meals for c these days!  i’ve been doing my best to find ways to make healthy, balanced meals.  I LOVE looking up recipes that sub normal ingredients (like oil or butter) for applesauce, plain yogurt, etc.  

i am for sure no cook or fancy health food chef, i’m just trying to find healthy options for baby C so she can have healthy eating habits from now on (or until she has her first mcdonald french fry, am i right?!).

anyway, here are three things that i’ve made for c recently.

  1. whole grain pancakes with organic unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon and organic banana.
  2. zoodles with organic ground turkey.
  3. veggie egg scramble + organic banana yogurt + organic blueberries

i’m excited to try more recipes out and do my best to get creative with healthy options!  i also LOVE adding quinoa to everything or subbing rice for quinoa.  ^^  btw…mike LOVES all these new healthy switches i’ve been making (not). =P

some cool sites i’ve been getting ideas from: skinnytaste and skinnymom.  (and pinterest of course!)


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