Cold and flu season is soon approaching and I thought I would write a post of things that he helped (or not helped) us.
Now that C is one and a child of daycare, I feel like we have gone through the entire gamet of colds, flus, and viruses.  The last few months have been the first time since she was 4.5 months that she hasn’t been sick.  Hallelujahhhhhh.  BUT as fall approaches I’m getting myself ready for another season of snot, congestion, and booooooogies.

Things that I absolutely love and use constantly are in this photo above:

  • Boogie wipes are bomb bc they don’t hurt your little ones nose ( no sting).  When babies are congested and wiping their noses a lot, it becomes red and raw.  I learned the hard way that you do NOT use baby wipes b/c they STING.  You have to either use thick wet paper towels, the boogie wipes above, or the lotion tissues.  (I saw use Boogie Wipes tho)
  • You need tons of saline spray to break up congestion and bring out all the boogers and snot. img_5589 Babies/Toddlers don’t know how to blow their own noses so they suffer in silence.  Babies especially only know how to breathe through their noses so it’s especially important to be vigilant about clearing out their sinuses.
  • Nose Frida is legit and something all families need.  It took me and mike a while to get used to sucking out boogers with our mouth (gross).  BUT when you have a sickie that is MISERABLE~ you suck it up (literally).  Ironically, it feels SOOOo refreshing when you get lots of snot in the long plastic tube b/c you know your little one is feeling better.
  • Baby Rub is something we use rarely and only when it’s bad.  Like we’ve raised C’s crib, we’ve cleared out as much of her snot/congestion as possible and she is still having a really hard time breathing.  If you read online it says not to put it under their nose (before a certain age), so we just rub a big on her chest and leave the top part of her jammies or shirts open so she can breathe the medication in.  Read directions or talk to a Dr before using if you can’t read up on it.  I read a few things where parents put it under the nose and the kids had to go to the hospital.
  • Finally… Q-Tips!  So, I’m pretty sure many mamas will say no to these babies.  They can be dangerous, you can put it up too far, etc etc *eye roll* etc.  I get it.  BUT, C has the tiiiiniest nostrils and when she’s congested, not all the snot/boogers come out with the nose frida or just by using boogie wipes.  SOO, i get a little q-tip and roll it around in the very front area of her nose (never too deep).  I find that it catches all the boogies that are bothering her and clear the way for C to breathe easier.

ugh as i write this i already dread cold and flu season.  sigh.  luckily C is a year older and she will HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) not get as sick this fall/winter.  nothing is worse than having a sick baby.  they are so sad and helpless… breaks my heart.  =(

oh!  lastly, there is something called OogieBear ear and nose cleaner.  we tried this but found it unhelpful.  i think some parents love it, but for us it was a waste of money.

oogiebear ear and nose cleaner

Finally, some other random helpful tips…

  • Raise the crip of the bed if your little one is congested.  It helps to drain the snot that your babe can’t do on his/her own.
  • steamy showers/humidifiers help
  • keeping your baby warm but not TOO warm (which can cause false fever temps)
  • extra fluids to help them fight off the germs
  • lots of TLC <3

good luck to you and your little ones this upcoming school year and winter! xoxo


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