Why I Blog

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 i think about this question a lot and well…i blog because i love it.  i blog because it’s a creative outlet for me to express myself and speak to people (even if they never speak back).  i blog because it’s a way to journal and track my life.  i blog because it helps me process situations or milestones.  (again) i blog because i love it.

i’ve had this blog since 2008 and it has been such an interesting journey.  i recently did a big clean up where i deleted a ton of old posts and pictures and it totally took me back!!  i remember writing those posts or the phases i was going through when i wrote about it.  at first i only wrote about celeb gossip and fashion that i was loving.  it eventually evolved into a blog about my life and now… motherhood.  i’m pretty sure than an SEO or marketing company would say i was all over the place and i have no real target audience… but i think that’s ok.  i’m a woman interested in a ton of different things and this blog is an expression of who i am in the moment.

there are tons of podcasts and blogs and pinterest articles that tell you how to be a blogger, how to become famous, how to write great SEO and how to make tons of money each month.  that would be SOOO ideal~ but even if i never made money i would still write here weekly.  i’m not sure if there is anything else in my life i love so much (besides my fam/friends of course).  but no other hobby or career interest or inspiration task.

interesting right?

a lot of people ask my whey i blog or what my end goal is… and although being paid for this passion would be SO IDEAL… i blog because i love it. =)  <3  now, if you want to share some of my posts to 10,000 of your friends that would be SOOOO sweet of you and much appreciated.  =P

Happy Last Day of August Ya’ll!!! xoxo

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Santa Monica place

oopsies, this one is a bit late…

two weekends ago, sweet sweet mike was at home organizing our house and building some furniture we had purchased.  so it was my job to take C out all day and figure out some fun activities for her…not easy when all she wants to do is touch and eat dirty things.  my active baby also wants to run free without holding my hand or being strapped into a stroller.  so what do i do?  i take her to the most crowded, dirty and cray place: Santa Monica Pier and Mall.  lol  *eye roll *

but through it all, the day was REALLY fun and i love introducing her to new things!  we didn’t get to ride the carousel but that is first on our list the next time we go.  this day was filled with walking around the pier, the aquarium, and my favorite place… nordstroms! =D

so before i had C i was ADAMANT that i was never going to give her pouches.  now that i’m a working mom who is always on the go…uhh…these things are SO CLUTCH.  they don’t need to be refrigerated, they are SO easy to eat and toss, and they are all organic!  my two favorite brands for C are plum organics and happy family foods.  (snacks, pouches, and food)

C is going through a “no shoes” phase… sigh.  she figured out how to un-velcro her shoes and throws them down wherever we are.  let’s just say…i have a lot of right or left shoes, but very few pairs.  >.<

thank goodness for straws, cups and a little ice water.  keeps a baby cool and occupied while mama gets her caffeine fix!

this play area literally blew C’s mind.  she loved going up and down the slides and climbing the rope walls.  now i know where to take her next time when mama needs a break and i can see her play in a safe space. =)

after the LONGEST and most stressful time trying to keep it all together, i treated myself to an avocado/veggie smoothie. =)

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Mommy Mondays: Bottle to Sippy Cup Transition

What do all of these things have in common?  C will not drink from any of these sippy cups.  She’ll trick us and take a few sips for a hot second but then refuse to drink from it ever again.  I’ve even tried re-introducing it a few times to see if it was just a phase or if I could force it… “neh neh neh” is what she says while violently shaking her head no.  ugh.  there goes tons of money down the drain b/c what you don’t see above is that most of these came in 2-packs or 4-packs.  GRRREAT.

is anyone else having this problem??  just us?  sigh…

at UCLA the daycare completely stops giving the bottle to babies at 12 months.  cold turkey, no ifs ands or buts.  as an over nurturer and enabler, i let c use the bottle until 14 months.  on her 14 month milestone i tried for the first time to cut her off.  I tried to make sippy cups fun, even gave her a normal cup and slowly cut away the bottle.  the daycare did the same thing around 13 months and gave her the bottle only once before her daytime nap.  fast forward to 15 months, it was TIME.  so mike and i made a pact, introduced 2 more sippy cups (since she hated all the other ones) and crossed our fingers that it would work.

um… this has been the most miserable month EVER.  let me tell you.  lol  mike cracked and gave her the bottle once in the morning b/c she was SUCH a terror.  sigh.


Now, C is almost 16 months and this last 30 days of transition has really been GREAT!  We’ve cut out the bottle completely and reintroduced some of the sippy cups back in (The NUK Hello Kitty Ones below and the Hello Kitty 360 cup from Munchin) and Charlotte has been responding really well to them.  The Nuk bottles are soft like bottle nipples.  The 360 cup is great since it’s like holding onto a grown up cup, but there’s an element of fun since C has to bite down on the lid for the liquid to come out.  (The 360 cup took some time to get used to.  She did not like it at 13 and 14 months.  She didn’t understand how to use it.  So we just waited a little and tried each of the sippy cups again.  This one successfully stuck!

As for the other 6 cups that C hates… well we’ll keep them and try to reintroduce it at a later time.  ORR just save them for Baby #2 who may not be as picky.

One huge lesson I learned from all of this is that I should have introduced the sippy cup around 9 months.  Not for C to drink from over milk, but get her used to another nipple and drinking from another source other than the bottle.  Or even…just familiarize her with the sippy cup in general.  C was VERY VERY attached to the playtex ventaire bottles we used so it was hard to get her to drink some any other cup.  Generally, C only likes to drink from actual cups~ which means even the Nuk sippy cups I can only get her to drink from at night or in the morning when she’s sleepy (like a bottle).  ugh.

so the sippy cup/cup transition is still happening in the Blair home and will continue on until she can handle a cup without spilling everywhere.  Any mama’s out there have advice on this?  I feel like most people just switched cold turkey and didn’t have the same problems as me… =(

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Shopbop Wishlist for Fall

school is about to start again and i have back to school shopping (for myself!) on my mind. =)  here are my faves from shopbop~~

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

M+M Shopbop Wishlist for Summer Fall

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Santa Monica Splash Pad

is it weird that i’m so excited about these things??  i love taking charlotte to splash pads and watching her have fun with the water streams and enjoy the kids around her.  she’s not at an age where she knows how to really play with other kids but i can totally see she wants to be included or be next to the kids that are playing together.

c is discovering the world one dirty hand/object at a time.  lol  and i love seeing her learn new things or try something out of her comfort zone.  she was mesmerized that the water was shooting up from the ground and all different objects in the splash pad area.

if you live in the area, santa monica has a park called Virgina Ave and it is a child’s dream.  There is a splash pad in the summer, two play areas (one for little kids, one for big kids, 2 swing areas, and a farmer’s market every saturday morning, a library and several rooms you can book for parties.  ANDDD There’s a huge grassy area where tons of families have birthday parties and picnics.  For adults, there are also basketball courts and a frisbee/football area.  Oh, PLUS the bathrooms are clean and they have stalls for kids!!!

WOW RIGHT??  SO MANY cool things all in one place.  The absolute BEST part of this park is that it is SO SO SO CLEAN.  A mother’s dream. <3

i think C is going through a major growth spurt right now because all she wants is “ma-ma” (food).  i swear she’s eating 3-4x more than normal and sleeping for longer stretches at night.  YAY for us!!

C is obsessed with swings and likes to sit on them by herself.  I tried many times to have her sit on my life while we swung together but miss independent was not having it.  lol

weekends together with this one is what i live for!  xoxo

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Mommy Mondays: Sleep Training Help


C is 15 months and we are still in the thick of sleep training.  sigh.  This has honestly been the most confusing part of raising a baby as new parents.  Mike and I have literally been doing this since C was 3.5 months.  So we started sleep training her to bed and got that under our belts.  She doesn’t always go down easy, but we do our best to soothe her and then leave the room.  If she cries, we let her cry for about 20-30 minutes before we go back in.  It’s pretty rare that she cries past 10 minutes.  There are many nights when C plays by herself and then falls asleep on her own.  There are also many nights (these days) where she has ANGRY ANGRY cries that we’ve left her.  Maybe it’s a stage she’s going through?  We’re not sure… but it is NOT fun.

The second part of sleep training that we’ve been struggling with is getting her to sleep through the night.  There are stretches of time where she sleeps through the night no problem.  She usually sleeps a solid 10 hours (although I wish she would sleep 12…).  Before 10 months she woke up 1-2 times a night and we fed her like naive first time parents.  My coworker and her husband told us bad idea and taught Mike how to sleep train her through the night.  Mike did it for 3 days and it TOTALLY worked!!  We got to sleep 7 hours a night for a while and it felt GLORIOUS.  I swear Mike and I were brighter, we actually talked to each other and felt like the hardest part of sleep training was behind us.

Oh were we so very wrong.

Starting about 1 month ago Charlotte decided to say F-U to sleep and wakes up crying 2 times a night.  HARD, ANGRY, SOMEONE PINCHED ME CRYING.  At first i seriously thought something was wrong and we had to take her to the emergency room.  Then i realized Maybe it’s nightmares or night terrors?  Unfortunately C can’t TALK so she can’t tell us what is wrong.  She is SO UPSET at night that ignoring her cries doesn’t work.  If you go into her room and try to get her to lay back down she cries HARDER (like coughing, could throw up in a second crying).  Sigh.  So the only thing that’s been working is picking her up and soothing her.  She will usually fall back asleep in your arms but the second you try to lay her back down it is DEATH.  The Angry crying starts again and you just want to die from the exhaustion.  Mike and I end up sleeping with her either in the single mattress in her room or on the recliner or in our bed.  Needless to say, Mike and I are VERY sleep deprived and grumpy.  Not great for our work lives or our relationship.

About a week ago I realized… DUDE JUST ASK HER WHAT’S UP!  So in the middle of the night when she’s FREAKING OUT, I ask her very gently, “what’s wrong baby?  is it your stomach? did you have a bad dream?  are you uncomfortable somewhere?”  Again, because she doesn’t talk I don’t get an answer, but she immediately stops crying and calms down.  Once that happens I can get her to fall asleep again but only if I sleep with her.  The most awesome part is that she is more attached to me than Mike so if we switch in the middle of the night (so we can take turns sleeping) then she will FLIP HER SH*T once again.  sigh.  It’s been such a nightmare…

So… other mamas out there…HELP!  What do you guys do??  What has worked for you?  Does any of this sound familiar or something you all went through??? =(((((

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Traveling Internationally with a Toddler


[photo cred]

Mike and I were invited to a wedding in India next February.  We are VERY VERY VERY seriously considering it.  No matter what Mike is going to go, what we’re questioning right now is whether or not Charlotte and I should go.  I think a smart person would say, “uh no, don’t do it”.  The flight to India is ridiculous, the standard of living and cleanliness (depending on where we go) will not be what we’re used to, there is the threat of malaria,we will have to make sure to drink filtered water everywhere, food will be tricky with a toddler in a foreign country, sleeping arrangements will be rough, and well… i might have to scale back on my OCD/obsessive tendencies about what C touches and what she plays with.  sigh.  So basically… lots and lots of cons.

B U T the thing that has us considering the trek is… what a once in a life time opportunity for our family!  First, I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to go to an Indian wedding, wear a sari and participate in the henna painting for the women before the wedding.  Second, I’d kill to see the Taj Mahal in real life.  and Finally, it would be SO cool and surreal for our family to go to India together.  Just really set our family on a path to make international/cross country trips.  In my fantasies we would be able to pick and travel at the drop of a hat (like this family).  I feel like we need to (for lack of a better phrase) pop our travel cherry and just run with it.  I don’t want to be a family that never travels and never goes anywhere until the kids are 10 years old plus.  Mike travels ALL THE TIME for work to Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Dallas, Miami, New York and much much more.  Our family is always invited to go but we haven’t had the chance to get it together and go.

Going on this big trip would be the best start to a more adventurous social life for the Blairs and well… that’s a huge motivation to just D O  I T!!!!

PLUS Mike’s other bff is getting married in Colombia a few months later~~~ which is why we should probably just suck it up and go right?!?!?!  sigh… anyway… we’re still considering the trip and figuring out what is smart and what isn’t.

If anyone has done an international trip with little ones please let me know how it went and what your recommendations are.  We took Charlotte to Hawaii when she was 7 months which was about a 4.5-5.5 hour flight each way.  Not too bad~ we had a solid game plan and we stuck to it.

Here are some links I’ve been reading to help me weigh my options and figure this all out:

Taking and International Flight with Your Toddler

Checklist: Traveling abroad with Kids

World Travel is Better with a Toddler

International Travel with Kids

Traveling Abroad with a Toddler


Happy Hump Day Ya’ll!

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Off the Shoulder Looks from Pinterest

LOVE this new trend~~ I’ve kept it pretty safe myself with a black romper ^^

Off the shoulder trend

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Daily Walks

one of my favorite things is to take C and L on a walk.  they are so adorable and inquisitive together!  charlotte is also exploring every new object, motor skill, texture out there.  she loves crumpling leaves in her hand, pulling grass, pointing at trees, and walking lucy all by herself.  i love it when she stumbles and brushes the dirt from her hands.  her tiny hands are so adorable!

not sure if you can see but her hands are touching her belly buton.  puhaha it is her new favorite thing in the whole world.  She loves to see your belly button and then point to hers.  she even touches it when she falls asleep.  i think it’s the most adorable thing everr!  <3

C’s other favorite thing to do in our apartment is to climb up and down stairs.  >.<  wahh it is both adorable and scary since she always insists on climbing herself.

my little ham! <3

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Weekday Meals

IMG_6801edit1[photo cred]

even before baby mike and i struggled with cooking during the week.  actually…let’s be real, i HATE cooking and i suck at it.  i have no interest or heart (intention) in cooking.  so since we started dating, mike has seriously cooked these past 8 years and he is SOOOO good at it.  i like to think my weakness in it helps make it one of his strengths.  lol

anyway, we’ve been REALLY into one pot cooking or crock pot cooking.  we make a huge batch of something on sunday and then eat it all week (including C!).  we add a little salad or some easy side to it during the week (…usually not..) and wahlah~~ a nice homecooked meal after work!

here are some inspiration links for you to get started!  things i look for in recipes~ is it healthy, is it easy to make, is it cost effective, is it baby friendly?

  1. seasoned chicken and potatoes and green beans
  2. chicken soup
  3. sausage, spinach and white bean soup
  4. one pot cheesy zuccini rice
  5. lo mein (add lots of veggies)
  6. garlic herb mashed cauliflower
  7. turkey chili
  8. balsalmic brussel sprouts

other fun meal ideas for us~~

  1. buying a cooked chicken from the store and eating it with side salads or over roasted veggies.  then using the leftovers over salad for the rest of the week.
  2. buying costco ready meals and eating that for the week.  they have great healthy options!
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Weekend Recap

over the weekend i went to a small group retreat and it was really fun to get away for 48 hours without baby or hubby.  i was able to eat in peace, sleep throughout the night uninterrupted and actually look through social media accounts without a baby hanging on my arm trying to grab the phone away.

as much as i missed my family, it was so wonderful to have a moment to recharge and remember what life is like besides being a “mommy”.

my group and i literally ate the weekend away and i did something i haven’t done in over 15 months…I TOOK A THREE HOUR NAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it was the most amazing feeling EVER and it felt so nice just to catch up on some much needed SLEEEEEP.  here are some more pics from the weekend. =)

isn’t this plate so cute?? i wanted to take it home with me. <3best tacos and mexican food around~

Phil’s BBQ

this pic… sigh… one of my eyes just wouldn’t stay open for pictures.  i think after 10pm my face shuts down as well as my body… haha i was SOOOO tired but managed to stay away until 3am!  whaaaaat??

the tastiest drink combo!

oh you know…just climbing random trees in san diego… o.O

came home super early sunday morning after 4 hours of sleep so i could see this little babe.  i left friday after she fell asleep and saturday she woke looking for me in every room screaming “umma”!  when i heard that, i almost drove home immediately to be with her.  i missed her SOOO much in just the short time i was away~~ 

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Mommy Monday’s: Gender Neutral Toys

When I was in college I took a masculine studies course that taught us to never treat boys and girls differently when we raised them.  That as parents we shouldn’t sway them one way or another.  For instance, if boys cried we shouldn’t tell them to “toughen up” or force girls to like fairies and pink things.  Even then I thought… uh I’m probably going to raise my kids to like things of their gender b/c I don’t want them to be WEIRD.  I don’t want a son that cries ALL THE TIME and I don’t want a girl who has no clue what a tea party is b/c I didn’t want to force her down that road.

Even though I thought that was cray at the time, and I still have my reservations on that theory now… I find myself subconsciously listening to it.  Weird right?  That class planted a tiny seed in my brain and it’s manifesting itself now.  When I buy things for C, I find myself trying to get gender neutral colors or buying things for her that are not traditionally “girl” toys.  For instance, the cars above…the blue car she rides in…the basketball/soccer vtech toy, etc.  My instinct is to always get the pink ones, but I remember that class and I end up going with something more Neutral.  I also think in the back of my mind I wonder if I’ll have a boy next and I don’t want him to have all pink toys, so…

When C was about 6-7 months, the lady at the daycare told me that C’s favorite toys are the cars and trucks.  She sent me a bunch of pictures of her playing with a big cop car.  Of course Mike was beyond excited and bought her a bunch of big cars for her to play with around the house.

As much as I can’t wait till Charlotte wants to do tea parties, play dress up, and obsess over Disney princesses… I think that masculinity course really did teach me a few life lessons that influence the way I raise C.  I want her to try everything and know that gender has no bounds and she can achieve anything she wants to.  So in the meantime, until she finds out who Ariel/Elsa/Cinderella are, I am going to do my best not to sway her too soon.  Let her explore the cars, dinosaurs (which she is getting into right now), and balls she wants to. =)

(side note: i also think it’s probably great motor development for her to push cars around and build with blocks and run around with bouncy balls)

Anyway, what are your thoughts?  You think this is all hoakie or do you agree?

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This has been a painfully long week and I’m soooo glad it’s Friday.  I’m going away to San Diego for the weekend with my small group while Mike and my brother take care of this little ham <3.  I’m going to miss her so much!  In my head I already canceled going to this trip like 5 times.  Sigh.  But I think I really need a weekend off and a weekend to refuel me.  I’m sooo bad at taking care of myself and giving myself time with friends and adults.  This will be a fun weekend away with (hopefully) lots and lots of sleep! 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!



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Quick and Easy Manicures

recently i started to paint my nails again and i’ve found that Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri polish is perrrrrfect for a busy mama on the go.  I can literally paint my nails while I watch 1 episode of friends and they are perfectly dry by the end of the episode.  No fears of getting them smudged or scratched by moving around.  It’s a total luxury to even paint my nails so having found a product that dries quickly and applies easily is a plus plus PLUS.  I even paint my nails during lunch at work and I have a super polished look in minutes! =D

Best Tips for Me on this polish… I use a normal base coat, i apply 2 coats of color and then 1 coat of the clear Insta-Dri polish at the end. =)  

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Toddler Weekday Style

some of what little C has been wearing these days. <3  for daily updates check out her instagram: @littlelottieblair  =)

img_5280 img_5580 img_5583

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Mommy Mondays: Toddler Meal Ideas


I’ve been having so much fun making meals for c these days!  i’ve been doing my best to find ways to make healthy, balanced meals.  I LOVE looking up recipes that sub normal ingredients (like oil or butter) for applesauce, plain yogurt, etc.  

i am for sure no cook or fancy health food chef, i’m just trying to find healthy options for baby C so she can have healthy eating habits from now on (or until she has her first mcdonald french fry, am i right?!).

anyway, here are three things that i’ve made for c recently.

  1. whole grain pancakes with organic unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon and organic banana.
  2. zoodles with organic ground turkey.
  3. veggie egg scramble + organic banana yogurt + organic blueberries

i’m excited to try more recipes out and do my best to get creative with healthy options!  i also LOVE adding quinoa to everything or subbing rice for quinoa.  ^^  btw…mike LOVES all these new healthy switches i’ve been making (not). =P

some cool sites i’ve been getting ideas from: skinnytaste and skinnymom.  (and pinterest of course!)


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15 Months

 Where did my little baby go???  C is 15 months today and I am at a loss for words.  Here are 15 fun facts about my little babe…

  1. Charlotte just learned to bow at daycare and she bows to everything and everyone CONSTANTLY.  She also waves to all strangers and LOVES flirting with men.
  2. C can say “meh” (which usually means that/this or milk), “umma”, “ahba”, “dada”, “daddy”, “ahbugi”, “neh, neh, neh” (for no, no, no), “kkaka kkaka” (for crackers), “jah jah” (for sleep and let’s go~ they sounds similar in Korean), “Mah” for Dog, “Ma-ma” (for food), and sometimes “up” which she says like a Korean fob “Uppah”.  lol.  i’m sure a few more words that i’m forgetting right now.  C is so much more interactive and talkative now~ I’m just SO in love with her and this stage she is in!
  3. C is VERY good at body language to express herself.  She will tap on surfaces she wants you life her up on.  She puts her finger in her mouth when she wants to brush her teeth.  She points at the dog, herself and the people around her to know who they are/what they are called.  She lays down immediately when you say it’s time to change her diaper.  She points to her diaper whenever she pees or poops (front or back depending on what she did).  She is OBSESSED with belly buttons and will freely show you hers if you show yours.  She taps her head a lot when she wants a hair tie or a bow in her hair.  She taps her chin with her fist to signal monkey.  She roars with one hand up to say “lion”.  When you say “gentle” she immediately pets the thing she is looking at (b/c that’s how we teach her to touch lucy”.  She taps her feet when she wants shoes or socks on.  She runs to the high chair when she wants to eat.  She shakes her head no for EVERYTHING which is both adorable and annoying… *inset side-eye emoji*  Charlotte pushes or pulls you in the direction that she wants you to go in.  She can Pray with her hands together.  She LOVES doing motions to the songs with her hands.  She does this Indian sound with her hand while she yells.  She lays a blanket down on the ground and lays down when she is tired or acting out what she sees at daycare.  She points at the things that she wants (like water).  She hugs a stuffed puppy and laughs~ sways and hugs the puppy.  I mean the list just goes ON and ON and ON.  She is seriously doing the CUTEST things EVER.
  4. Charlotte’s FAVORITE Things right now are: lions, purses, cars, balls of all kinds, things she can drape over her shoulders, and a few Korean songs with hand motions that she can’t get enough of.
  5. C is becoming fiercely independent and wants to do everything on her own.  She will push you away or vigorously shake her head bc she doesn’t want help.  So cute but so infuriating at the same time.
  6. C eats a lot but is also getting kind of picky.  Makes sense since she can communicate more but… it’s frustrating and wastes tons of food.  C also insists on feeding herself which is a MESS but adorable when she ALMOST gets food in her mouth.  lol
  7. C is starting to “wash” herself in the shower which only involves one part of her hand and the area around her belly button.  ADORRRRRABLE.
  8. C LOVES bubbles. she tries to eat them.  hehe
  9. C hates sleeping still and it’s still a constant struggle. Mike and I LOVE being sleep deprived.  (not)
  10. C has 8 teeth and none of them are straight.  LOL  #__#  Braces here we come…
  11. C loves sitting in adult chairs, not high chairs if she can help it.
  12. and finally… she still HATES the car seat.  always has and i’m guessing always will until she is forward facing.  i have to bribe her with snacks so she will chill for the first few minutes i put her in there.  she’s gotten so used to it she taps the cup holder where i normally pour her snacks into.  lol
  13. C loves to take things out and put things back into things.  containers, baskets, bags, you name it.  she loves to dump everything out and then put it all back in.  She LOVES to clean up after she’s done with something~ The cutest is when we’re in the bath and she puts all her toys away. That’s her way of saying “i’m done and want to get out.”  Then she loves to run around nekked for as long as possible.  She runs around laughing and screaming at the top of her lungs.  melts my heart every single time.
  14. C is in the most mischievous stage.  she can’t speak but understands what you say.  so she has this very goofy, sassy, mischievous smile as she does the exact thing you tell her NOT to do.  sigh.  SO MADDENING but so adorable at the same time.
  15. C’s favorite person is Daddy.  I am the one she runs to for comfort and for her basic needs, but Daddy is the fun, silly, goofy one she always looks for and runs to.

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8 Years

img_9424holy crap, on august 1st mike and i celebrate 8 years together.  8 years of bliss mixed with LOTS of changes, emotions, frustrations, fights, tears, laughter, adventures and growth.  i always say this but one of my favorite things about our relationship is that we met in our very early 20s and we grew up together.  we discovered who we were, we found our current careers, and we grew into adulthood TOGETHER.  i feel like it really strengthened our bond and helped us to discover who we were separately and together.  then we made the crazy journey into parenthood together which was very eye-opening to say the least.

just in these last 8 years i can see how much we’ve each had to carry the other, how there are pockets of time where one person needs to be the leader, the caretaker, the motivator, etc.  It’s like an accordion and we’re constantly going through this journey together~~ we are shifting roles, taking different responsibilities on and trying to put the other person first.  it’s hard when you’re tired and busy but there is no greater person to share this life with than your husband/partner/bff.

this has been a very blessed 8 years of dating and 3.5 years of marriage.  i’m very excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in the next 8 years and beyond.  <3

img_3643-1 img_2874 261-IMG_3488 img_9423

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Fourth of July outfit Ideas for Toddlers

of course i’m a month late on this post… sigh.  but here are some of the outfits Charlotte wore over the fourth of July weekend.  I tried to stay with the red,white and blue theme and i had so much fun taking pictures of my growing babe.  i canNOT believe she is 14 months, running around, babbling/talking and doing such independent big-girl things!  gahh… i love capturing her personality through photos and freezing time through these moments.  xoxo

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Mommy Mondays: How to Decongest Babies


Cold and flu season is soon approaching and I thought I would write a post of things that he helped (or not helped) us.
Now that C is one and a child of daycare, I feel like we have gone through the entire gamet of colds, flus, and viruses.  The last few months have been the first time since she was 4.5 months that she hasn’t been sick.  Hallelujahhhhhh.  BUT as fall approaches I’m getting myself ready for another season of snot, congestion, and booooooogies.

Things that I absolutely love and use constantly are in this photo above:

  • Boogie wipes are bomb bc they don’t hurt your little ones nose ( no sting).  When babies are congested and wiping their noses a lot, it becomes red and raw.  I learned the hard way that you do NOT use baby wipes b/c they STING.  You have to either use thick wet paper towels, the boogie wipes above, or the lotion tissues.  (I saw use Boogie Wipes tho)
  • You need tons of saline spray to break up congestion and bring out all the boogers and snot. img_5589 Babies/Toddlers don’t know how to blow their own noses so they suffer in silence.  Babies especially only know how to breathe through their noses so it’s especially important to be vigilant about clearing out their sinuses.
  • Nose Frida is legit and something all families need.  It took me and mike a while to get used to sucking out boogers with our mouth (gross).  BUT when you have a sickie that is MISERABLE~ you suck it up (literally).  Ironically, it feels SOOOo refreshing when you get lots of snot in the long plastic tube b/c you know your little one is feeling better.
  • Baby Rub is something we use rarely and only when it’s bad.  Like we’ve raised C’s crib, we’ve cleared out as much of her snot/congestion as possible and she is still having a really hard time breathing.  If you read online it says not to put it under their nose (before a certain age), so we just rub a big on her chest and leave the top part of her jammies or shirts open so she can breathe the medication in.  Read directions or talk to a Dr before using if you can’t read up on it.  I read a few things where parents put it under the nose and the kids had to go to the hospital.
  • Finally… Q-Tips!  So, I’m pretty sure many mamas will say no to these babies.  They can be dangerous, you can put it up too far, etc etc *eye roll* etc.  I get it.  BUT, C has the tiiiiniest nostrils and when she’s congested, not all the snot/boogers come out with the nose frida or just by using boogie wipes.  SOO, i get a little q-tip and roll it around in the very front area of her nose (never too deep).  I find that it catches all the boogies that are bothering her and clear the way for C to breathe easier.

ugh as i write this i already dread cold and flu season.  sigh.  luckily C is a year older and she will HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) not get as sick this fall/winter.  nothing is worse than having a sick baby.  they are so sad and helpless… breaks my heart.  =(

oh!  lastly, there is something called OogieBear ear and nose cleaner.  we tried this but found it unhelpful.  i think some parents love it, but for us it was a waste of money.

oogiebear ear and nose cleaner

Finally, some other random helpful tips…

  • Raise the crip of the bed if your little one is congested.  It helps to drain the snot that your babe can’t do on his/her own.
  • steamy showers/humidifiers help
  • keeping your baby warm but not TOO warm (which can cause false fever temps)
  • extra fluids to help them fight off the germs
  • lots of TLC <3

good luck to you and your little ones this upcoming school year and winter! xoxo


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