My Favorite Beauty Products

i’m slowwwwwwly starting to get back into a nice skincare/haircare routine and here are a few of my favorite products these days~~

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Mommy Mondays: Boss Lady, Boss Bitch, Bad Ass Mom


This is a day late ya’ll, I’m sorry about that.  Work has been absolutely CRAYYYYY.  This summer I was in charge of a high school summer camp and it was seriously the best parent training EVERR.  Teens look like almost adults but their understanding of the world and their common sense has not developed fully.

Anyway… something that I realized this year as I was thinking about my next career steps was…even if I have no experience managing non-student staff at work… I am for SURE going to know how to be a good manager, boss lady, boss bitch…ya get what I mean…


Because I am a mom.  I am a mom of one and I think this.  So moms of multiple children… you guys are CEOs of the world and your home.

I am going to be a great manager because I know to manage conflicts, prepare and train a human to do something, critique/teach her how to be better without hurting her feelings, motivate someone to something that they either don’t want to do or don’t have the skills to do quite yet, make sure morale is always high, manage my little one to be professional (aka good manners, good habits, responsibilities, meet deadlines, etc)  … i mean the list goes on and on and on right??

I very strongly feel that you are only as good as your team.  So if you have a bad team, you’re a bad boss.  what mom would ignore their child’s learning disability or physical handicap or unhappiness right??  If you have someone struggling in your team and you ignore it or don’t address it… you’re a bad boss. get all the parallels here?

Anyway, this was something I was mulling over a lot in my head while I commute to work… lol  Does anyone else mentally prepare interview questions (when there is no interview) in their head?  no?  just me?  =T

SOoOoo in conclusion… all moms, whether they work or not, are bad ass CEOs of their families and homes.  they multi-task, constantly prepare and think about the future of their “company” and manage/train/motivate their humans to be the very best they can be.  =)

now, where is my 50% raise and my annual bonus?  am i right??

(i promise to have a legit mommy monday post up next week.  this has been a VERY long summer so far and i’m getting super burnt out.  i have so much on my plate and so much to juggle that i desperately wish i could make one very big change.  sigh.  but we can’t afford to do that right now soooo… playa play onnnn)

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Zebra Print Rug for Kids

i’m late for so many posts… so as a nice little “i didn’t forget about you beautiful blog community” here is a new piece we just added to our home. <3

LOVE the new rug we got for Charlotte’s reading nook. =)  The nook itself still needs a full-on makeover but it’s off to a good start! <3

Rug is from Pottery Barn!  Click Here~

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Harry Potter World: Mischief Managed

For my 32nd birthday, Mike took me to Universal Studios.  It was seriously the most magical day I’ve had in a LONG ASS time.  We dropped C off at daycare and then spent the day drinking butter beer, casting spells and and joining the magical world of Harry Potter! =)

This was the BEST BEST BEST day to celebrate my birthday.  I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter and I could have spent the whole day there.  UNFORTUNATELY not many people were dressed up tho… I wouldn’t have minded if they FORCED everyone to wear capes and carry wands around… sigh.

The Rest of the Park… Minion Land and The Simpsons

–we walked around the rest of Universal Studios and had a REALLY REALLY great time.  It was nice to do something new together and come to a place we haven’t been to in AGES.  Felt like a date.  ^^

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Happy Birthday To Me :)

Today I am the big 3-2.  Ugh as I wrote that I typed in 0 and had to delete it.  What is so sad is that for the last year I thought I was 30 and when someone reminded me I was turning 32 and not 31…sigh.  

When I was younger I totally thought 30+ was old and when I got there I would be soooo together.  Um… What a joke.  Although I am in the most wonderful place with the cutest family I could have ever asked for, I am not at all together.  I’m still trying to figure out my own career path and my own dreams here!  Lol. Sigh.  But I am so grateful for the blessings and beautiful adventures this past year has brought. I can’t wait to see what this big 32nd year will bring. ^^

After a very stressful year at work, I’m finally enjoying the summer break and taking a few days off here and there to R E S T.   Today is one of those days :D. Here are few pics from my one day alone before I pick up C for Gymboree~~ xoxo. Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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Mommy Mondays: I Have A Toddler

i am very very tired this monday morning and this weekend was…hard.  work has been 24/7 (weekends included) and i have not been sleeping well.  Pair that with a cranky toddler and well.. you have the perfect storm of a weekend.  This Mommy Monday post is just a weekend recap and some of my confessions of being a tired toddler mom.  =P

one of the breakfast meals this weekend.  c eats a LOT and is communicating when she is upset that we aren’t feeding her enough.  she bangs on the high chair, bangs on the fridge, and will also start to put her bib on or point at cups/bottles around the kitchen to let us know “feed me!!!”

i need to do a post on this later but i’m OBSESSED with what we feed c.  i mean not all of it is perfect and i cheat in many ways~ but i am constantly thinking about her veggie, fruit, grain, protein intakes.  i try to not feed her a carb heavy diet and we are very strict about added sugar and salt.  she has a whole lifetime to eat bad things, i want to make sure her little body is only taking in super healthy, organic food that is good for her.  i feel like all of her organs/digestive system has fully formed and so there is no need to introduced processed, sugary, fatty, salty foods right now. =)

next… a hypocritical picture of mcdonalds ice cream below.  lol  c was sleeping in the car and i grabbed myself a treat for National Ice Cream Day on Sunday.


C is very into coloring and acting like one of the older toddlers in the preschool class.  in a desperate attempt to keep her happy and not cranky on Sunday, i gave her a notepad and two highlighters.  um… i literally turned away for a few seconds while i was putting toys away and she had already drawn on herself and the carpet.  sigh.  i was trying so hard not to get a little kid table/chairs but maybe i’ll have to… ugh.  more things for our apartment.

sunday funday pictures with our baby.  she is growing SO FAST.  this 14 month baby is already wearing 24 month clothing.  CRAY.  and her feet are a size 6-6.5 already.  she is going to be one big baby!

after church i took C to gymboree so she could get her wiggles out.  we started taking her so often that she got really tired of it, but after a week of not going, she was ALL ABOUT circle time and bubbles and the parachute!  

they did this ball activity just for C.  first of all, after bubble time this is her favorite thing and SECOND, she would not let go of one of the markers at the front so we did an exchange for the markers with this ball activity.  lol

note the marker??  she was insane about keeping it the whole time.  sigh.  c has VERY strong feelings about things and is very focused on what she wants.  as proud as i am and as much as i prayed for that… i kind of wish she would listen to me, the parent, more.  

note the marker again… lol

on saturday, i had a rare day to myself!!  i went to a friends house to work on some exciting, upcoming projects and also did a bunch of C’s laundry.  dude… i want my own washer and dryer SO BAD.  our life would be insanely different if we just had that… =(  went to california chicken cafe and got this bomb salad.  i forgot how much i love chinese chicken salads.  i made mike go to the store and buy ingredients so we could eat this all week.  puhaha BUTTTTT homeboy forgot the MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!  the mandarin oranges =((((((

and some other fun tidbits of the weekend…

  1. i was playing with charlotte yesterday and fell asleep on the ground.  i drooled all over myself and i was OUT.  i’m not even sure how long i was asleep for but she was still playing in the same area when i woke so that’s good right??  i only woke up bc she jumped on me a few times.  i’m sure she was not pleased that i was snoring and drooling in her play area.  oopsies.
  2. i have tried 2x to show her cartoons while i do the dishes or vacuum the house.  no bueno.  she could care less.  i think she will watch for 30 seconds and then run around to see what i’m doing.  i’m both proud and annoyed at the same time.  haha  in all honesty i’m going to try my hardest not to let her see screens until she is 2, but it’s kiiiinda hard when i look at my phone all day.  blah.
  3. when people offer me drinks or i think about drinking at restaurants, the first thing i have to think about it… “will i fall asleep if i drink that?”  sigh.  signs of an incredibly tired parents and an old woman… so sad.  i don’t think about the delicious cocktail or if i should drink red or white wine… instead i’m concerned about how sleepy it will make me and whether or not i can last the rest of the night.  boo.
  4. when c is being a sassy-cranky toddler, i do one of two things (or often both…):  we have a “pool party” and/or i give her a yogurt popsicle.  yes… the popsicle bribing has already begun  o.O   the “pool party” consists of me throwing her into the tub with more water than a bath, cooler temp and interesting toys.  i gather random plastic items from all over the house that are unusual to keep her attention.  i let her splash around and do whatever the hell she wants for about 20 minutes or until the jig is up and she wants out.  the goal of this “pool party” is to cool her down (she gets CRANKY when it’s hot), give her a new environment of play, and introduce things in the water setting.  for instance i take funnel cups, measuring spoons, whisks, silicon cupcake cups and gloves, etc and then let her play with them in the water.  she thinks it’s the bees kneeeees.  the yogurt popsicle is literally plain greek yogurt + a flavored yogurt mixed together and frozen.  just one of those babies calms charlotte down and resets her mood.  (i may or may not be guilty of giving her two in a row this weekend just so i can get a little extra peace from her crankiness…#.#)
  5. sunday was a FUNNNN day where everything made C cry and nothing clean or safe was interesting.  i took her out to the courtyard of our apartment building to blow bubbles and well.. she was not into it.  she wanted to touch EVERYTHING nasty, throw random things off the courtyard balcony (onto the bushes below), and then climb up and down the stairs.  and you know what?  i freaking let her.  i didn’t let her go on the stairs but i let her touch leaves, the floor, the balcony gates, the bushes… everything.  i puked in my mouth a few times and tried to hold in my disgust for something of the little flowers/seeds she kept crushing in her hands but i was trying to get her “wiggles” out for the afternoon.  I washed her hands in the laundry room like 3 times during her free time of play to placate my OCD soul but… she had the time of her life throwing random things through the gates.  i even took her and lucy for a walk and let her dump the bag of bubble stuff over and OVER and OVER and OVERRRR again.  she thought it was hilarious to dump the bag, fill the bag, dump the bag, fill the bag,…you get it.  people who passed by i’m sure wondered what we were doing but you know… sometimes you gotta just let a toddler do her.  once we were back home, i washed her hands about a hundred times with soap and water.  =DDDDD  to help rest my soul from all of the “fun” activity outdoors.
  6. C is in a stage where she wants to do everything herself and well… i’m kinda letting her do it.  i have no idea if this is good parenting or bad parenting.. but if she wants to feed herself, fine.  if she wants to wash herself, fine.  brush her teeth?  fine.  i always tell her i’m going to do it first and then let her do it~ not sure if this is the right thing to do but man it just seems easier than putting up with one of her cranky pre-tantrums.  (so far they aren’t the throw-yourself-on-the-ground ones, but she does this great fake cry and looks around to see who will sympathize.  bless her heart, it’s the most adorable thing ever.  it takes all my self control not to smile.) there’s no point to this… just that i’m letting her do more on her own and it’s been an adorable journey.  she is SOOOO good at mimicking what we do and what she sees us do.  i wish i could capture all these little moments forever in memory!  for instance, she knows to “pump” the shampoo and “wash” her hair and her stomach.  ADORABLE!!!
  7. um… so i am the worst mama everrrr and i found out last thursday!  C has been grabbing her diaper a lot lately and she’s been pointing “down there” in the bath a lot.  I keep swiping her hand away and saying “no no” or other short Korean words to indicate that ladies don’t do that.  the daycare recently told me that C is saying “hey i peed, change my diaper”.  SIIIIGH.  i felt SOOOO terrible when i heard that!!  she was trying to tell me something and i wasn’t listening or observing carefully enough.  so now when she points there, i’ll ask her if she wants to change her diaper.  she doesn’t know how to nod yet, so she just goes to the diaper basket, pulls one out and then lies down.  ADORABLE RIGHT???  sometimes i’m lazy and i don’t put her pants back on, but she holds them up to me and says “meh meh” until i put them on for her.  so cute and so tiring at the same time.  lol  the daycare thinks C is going to potty train herself soon.  they said it was really impressive that she knows she is peeing and asks for her diaper to be changed.  CRAZY.  my mind was seriously blown… i didn’t even know she could THINK like that!!  ugh… i am a bad mama…
  8. C understands the word “outside” in korean and whenever you say it, she RUNS with a very serious face towards the front door baby gate and screams.  hahaha  she takes going outside very seriously and i love love love it.  it’s all business if you use that word and you can’t even say it in passing or she will FREAK THE FUCK OUT.  if you even try to put something near the front door, she’ll drop everything and scream b/c she wants to go outside.  as annoying as i think it is (b/c going outside from our apt isn’t easy), it’s the most ADORABLE thing ever.
  9. i usually get home before mike, so when i’m at home playing with C, the door will open and she’ll scream “ahba” and run to the door.  now, whenever the front door opens she screams that word.  at home, daycare, anywhere.  it’s hilarious.  she also runs into our master room screaming for “ahba” and looks out the window screaming that word.  haha i love it.

ok..  sorry this ended up being really long.  i’m just tired and ready to go to bed already.  mike is traveling again this week so it is just me and the girls!  i’ve got lots of fun activities planned like “pool party” and long longggg walks outside to tire them both out.

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Night Time Rituals

Charlotte is 14 months today.  I cannot believe how quickly time is going by and how much she is changing.  Charlotte can now RUN (not walk), she says “ma-ma”, “ahbba” (dad in Korean), “dada”, “ah-buh-ji” (father in Korean), “ba-na-na”, “uh-oh”, “mah” and “ba” which i think is to say “this” and “that”.  She does the most adorable thing of copying what we say using the same intonations but with her baby babble.  Charlotte can climb like a gymnast, scream like banchee, fake cry like its her job, and flash the most beautiful, mischievous smiles to melt our hearts.

It took nearly a year for Mike and I to get a ritual together for our family each day and one of my favorite times is our bedtime routine.  We give C a bottle in the dark after her bath and we sing songs and let her unwind and get super sleepy before putting her down.  Sometimes (often times) we both fall asleep.

One of my favorite parts of this nightly ritual is when C re-enacts the motions she learned at daycare (motions to twinkle twinkle little star, the three bears, butterfly song, five little monkeys, and a few Korean routines).  It’s our special time where I get the chance to cuddle my ever growing baby and pray for her and her future.  I prayed so much of her the moment we conceived her till now.  I feel like God gave me a vision for her and I am just on the edge of my seat waiting to see how God works in her life, how God uses her in his ministry, and what he has in store!

When I was pregnant I had 5 dreams that she was a boy.  I saw her kicking in my belly and I thought, “those are soccer calves”.  When I thought she was a boy I prayed SO HARD that she would be like Clayton Kershaw.  A mind-blowing athlete with a servant’s heart.  (Mike told me he and his wife go on missions during the off season and his wife owns a non-profit~ They are super strong Christians).  When I found out she was a girl my mind was BLOWN.  Um…so where does that leave my prayer requests and my gut instinct about who was in my belly?

So, this was around the time Gigi Hadid was first coming out and I started to pray that she would be this bright light that would shine and brighten the world.  She would be stunning, warm, kind, God centered, and a woman that no one had ever seen before.  Our baby girl would pave the way in a new field and be a star in her own right~ in whatever God had planned for her.  Now that C is here, she is very active, beautiful, and has a brightness that you can’t deny.  I think about this every time I put C down and pray over her.

I’m not sure how much longer we will put C to sleep this way and how much longer she’ll let us snuggle her before bed.  But I’m cherishing each second that I get to smell her and spoon her each evening.  C can’t speak just yet, which somehow makes this nightly ritual more endearing.  She points, motions, and babbles while she drinks her last bottle of the day and slowly falls asleep.

The days go by so fast and as I think about having another babe, I squeeze C tighter and try to enjoy these little moments with her.  xoxo  I swear, in the blink of an eye she’ll be 2, then 5, then 10.  =(  I want to freeze today and this perfect little bundle of adorableness that C is. ^^

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Charlotte Blair Eats


my little mini is getting so big and doing some PRETTY adorable stuff.  right now she is hilarious during dinner time and smacks her lips when she things something is good.  =P  I know it’s bad table manners (as well as letting her slurp from the bowl) but it’s SO GOSH DARN CUTE~ so whatever~ i’m gonna let her do it!  hehe

as work stress grows and i procrastinate on my to-do list for life~ I am going to post fun pics of C eating instead.  hehe.

i need a super dedicated, type A personal assistant who works for free.  if you know of anyone dying for the job, please let me know. ^^img_4537 img_4536 img_4533 img_4539 img_4534

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Fun Things…

So… no big surprise i’m late on the fourth of July posts… BUT it’s been a cray two weeks at work and i’m terrible at taking photos off my SLR and putting them on my icloud/phone.  gah.  i wish my SLR had wifi and would automatically send photos to the cloud without me doing anything.  LOL  is that even possible?

Anyway, just for funsies, i thought I’d share a few fun things I’m interested in and some fun things about myself.  =D

  1. i’m in total redecorating mode at work, my car, my office, myself… so i’m clearing things out, buying new little touches for our home and trying to be the super neat, organized, type A girl i wish i could be.  i SOOOO admire all those people who can’t stand clutter or a messy home or anything in excess.  i need that discipline.  in my mind that is who i am, but then my body gets tired or i see a tv show on and all of that mental wishing goes to hell.
  2. i’m suuuuuuper into making C’s babyfood in pouches now.  a mild description called call it my new “obsession”.  lol  i bought tons of reusable baby food pouches and love making new things for her to eat.  why?  well the pouches are SO much easier to feed her when i’m tired (no high chair needed), C loves to “feed herself”, and it’s a great way to take food to go somewhere.  So i fill 10-20 pouches at a time and then freeze them.  when i know we’re going somewhere all day, i put a few in a lunch box for her and i don’t even need those cooler things b/c the pouches slowly melt and are nice and cold for C after a day of gymboree/park/swiming/etc.  i still buy store bought pouches but that has it’s pros and cons.  pro: it doesn’t need to be refridgerated.  con: it could possibly be rotten inside and it’s expensive.  also, one big reason why i love making the pouches myself is that i can add a ton of veggies and superfoods and all C tastes is banana or strawberry. =)  I also blend everything and don’t use a juicer for any part of it.  I want C to eat the fiber of the food.   total side note: i read this one article about giving baby food as a dessert to kids and i thought that was BRILLIANT.  so now i give C cold/slushy baby food as her dessert!  example: sweet potato puree, carrot puree, frozen greek yogurt, etc.
  3. Some fun instagram accounts I like to stalk these days: leialauren, rachelparcell, tinykaper, prettyinpine
  4. I’m so torn being a working mom.  I’m not sure if this should be its own long post but I constantly struggle with this.  I love the time away from C where I feel like an adult doing my own projects.  BC I’m not home with her all day, the time I am with her I try and put 110% of myself into it and engage her as much as I can.  But there is so much guilt associated with working full-time.  Sigh.  I am also not passionate about my job so it makes the guilt I feel or the time away from C worse…I dunno…this saga will continue on without any conclusions…
  5. I’m into super trashy shows and I stay up till like 2am watching them each night when I should be sleeping or doing something productive.  Lol.  I’m too embarrassed to even name the shows but just know that they are so terrible and I can’t believe they are aired on TV.  
  6. Ok this is hella random but do you think there is a correlation between how people take care of their feet/shoes and a person’s cleanliness????  Like people with manicured feet are also together in life and people with nasty feet are a mess in real life??  Lol.  As someone who has dry feet with chipped nail polish…I think this is true.  ;P
  7. This is hella embarrassing, but I just found out brown rice was a carb.  Hahaha. I have no idea why but I thought it was a non-calorie, non-counting food.  Like you don’t have to count brown rice as a food bc it is good for you.  Lolllllllll.  Sigh.  

Work is insane and I need a vacation.  I need a hotel or a travel company to sponsor this tiny blog and send me on trips around the world.  Lol

Happy Tuesday guys!!

(Btw, to my 5 readers, if you want me to talk about something or you like reading certain posts let me know!  I always just kinda vent and rant about random things and perhaps I should be more focused/organized… Lol)

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Mommy Mondays: Co-Parenting with a Daycare

 Aren't these photos darling?  They are from C's daycare. ^^

C has been in daycare since she was 4.5 months.  I obsessively searched every single reference and daycare I could find.  I seriously thought I  was going to die of stress from the search.  You wouldn’t believe how many DIRTY, nasty places are called “daycares”.  AND with all the stories of abusive caretakers.. sigh…it was a desperate search.

In the end I found 3 daycares that I loved that were also in my price range.  From 4.5 months to 6.5 months we sent C to one daycare until our first choice had a spot open for her.  Mike and I went back and forth a lot about whether to keep her at her current daycare or to move her~ and in the end we felt it was best to go with our gut instinct when visiting both, rather than just keep doing what was easy (aka just leaving her with daycare #1).  I’m not sure if this whole post will make sense but hopefully it’ll clearly describe how important I think it is for parents and daycares to work together to properly parent a child.  I mean… C is technically with the 50-60 hours a week.  =((( that’s more time than we get to spend with her all week.

  1. for the first daycare, my only goal was for it to be C L E A N and for the caretakers to be super loving.  i looked for a place that did not wear shoes in the baby room (or house) and one that taught Christian values.  the first daycare did a great job feeding C, helping her transition from tummy time to crawling, and kept her safe.  the entire daycare was incredibly clean, baby friendly, and they spoke Korean to her full-time so that she could start learning both languages from the start.  (side note: you always hear how much you have to talk to your baby all day so that they learn the language skills they need.  but for me, it felt SO WEIRD to talk to c out of no where.  like… “uh, i’m folding the laundry now.. next i’m going to put the laundry away…”  so awkward.  so speaking to C in both English AND Korean?  forget about it…)
  2. Like I said earlier~ at the end of the second month, we switched C to the daycare that she is currently in.  the new daycare has done a beautiful job of really nurturing C, teaching her new things, helping her walk/run/climb, keeping her nap schedule consistent and has really taken a bulk of the responsibility when it comes to her feeding.  i’ll elaborate more on those below.
  3. NAPPING.  as you read earlier in my posts, C does NOT like to sleep.  it has been quite the journey with her to get her to nap and sleep through the night.  if it weren’t of mike she would still be waking up 2-3x a night and we’d still be rocking her to sleep.  lol  the first daycare and i used to just let her sleep when she wanted to sleep and play when she wanted to.  i didn’t really know any better as a first time mom and i just let charlotte lead the way.  the second daycare put her on a 2 nap per day schedule and then would ask me questions about her sleep habits at night and on the weekends.  the head master thought that charlotte would sleep better at home if she had a regimented schedule at school and you know what?  she was totally right.  the daycare writes everything charlotte does in a notebook for us and it REALLY helps us know what to expect and what to do on the weekends.  we just follow the same pattern!  once we moved, C was tired much earlier than normal in the evenings (since her last nap of the day was 1-3pm).  by 7 she was T I R E D and ready to pass out.  at the first daycare they gave her last nap at 430/5pm which meant that she wasn’t tired until 9-930pm in the evening.  (i suspect that they wanted C to be sleeping when the other kids were going home so it was easier on the baby room teacher/head master)  whenever charlotte goes through a new transition (teething, illness, growth spurt, etc), i love talking to them about it so we can come up with plan on how to get things back on track.  ORRR the daycare will notify me of any new changes that C is going through and ask me what changed at home.  i love it.  as a super anal, first time tiger mom i’m super it’s really nice to have someone to guide me through the little things day-to-day or week-to-week.
  4. EATING.  oh this girl… she loves to eat.  but she is also kinda finicky about her food.  she hates vegetables and she has quite the temper when she’s hungry.  (kinda like her mama… lol)  mike and i started feeding her homemade purees at home but found it difficult to give it to her and make it consistently and just be really vigilant about giving her a mixture of things. like i would make TONS of the same puree and give it to her over and over again.  #__#  C’s daycare has a week long menu where they mix up all the foods she gets and makes sure that she eats the right number of veggies, fruits, grains, etc per day.  AND they keep track of what she likes and doesn’t like and re-introduce it later so that she isn’t a picky eater.  um… what awesome commitment!!  they also try to give her a variety of meat/seafood so that she’s exposed to all of that.  THANK THE FREAKING LORD.  I have to tell you, the pressure of not having to worry so much about 3-5 purees per day is a God send.  I’ve had such a hard time making complicated purees that the daycare gave me a bunch of recipe ideas and even let me taste what they give her.  it is SOOO freaking bomb.  i could hella eat that every day!  this place also transitioned her from purees to semi-solid food to solid food.  They give her two meals and two snacks per day.  they write down what she eats, when she eats, when she sleeps, when she poops… it’s freaking AWESOME.  when her eating habits change at school, the head master will ask me about what’s going on at home and it’s been REALLY helpful!  like she’ll point out some deficiencies in what we’re doing or encourage us to do something else if C is all of a sudden not eating at school or if she’s eating more than usual.  having a partner or a daycare who cares so much for her well being is a huge stress relief.  it soothes my mommy guilt and makes me feel better.  they care so much about C and i couldn’t have asked for a better care system.  i mean, they do SO MUCH more than mike and i can do from 8-6pm.
  5. DEVELOPMENT/PHASES/NAUGHTY BEHAVIOR.  dude… i LOVE hearing updates about these.  or asking them questions about what to do when C is going through something.  from the daycare we learn what new thing C does, a funny habit she has, new friends she’s making, new interests of hers (animals and cars and building blocks), or bad things she’s doing (like hitting…sigh).  the head master and i discuss her naughtiness/phase and how mike and i should handle it at home, what they’re doing at the daycare, etc.  it’s seriously so awesome to talk about discipline with them and what method would work best on C.  the daycare has seen SO MANY babies with all different kinds of personalities.  i totally trust they would knwo best.  the daycare also doesn’t believe in spanking so it’s nice to hear how they handle it and how they recommend we do it at home.  i want to be really consistent with C’s discipline and developmental stages so it’s awesome to work with them on it together.  we talk about what C’s boundaries are at home and at school and it helps keep C’s world stable/consistent.  LOVE it.
  6. LANGUAGE/SONGS/MOTIONS.  my Korean is proficient but most definitely not fluent.  and do i know how to speak to C in Korean all day errday?  hells no.  I’m so so grateful that the daycare is teaching her Korean, Korean songs, Korean stories and most of all~ feeding her Korean fooooooood.

I know not everyone sends their babies to daycare, that it may not be the choice for many families, and that what I love about mine may not be what you look for~~ these are just my opinions and what has been working for our family 🙂  as a working mama there are so many things i wish i could do for C, so many opportunities i want to give her and well…having found this awesome daycare~ i feel like at least i’m doing something right. =)

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I’m a crazy person

On Saturday I took Charlotte out from 945am-730pm.  I was not prepared for it, I didn’t have enough food or toys for her, and well…I may or may not have let her have her normal naps so I could shop at the grove with my friends… Lol.  Charlotte was in the BEST mood ever from not sleeping, not eating normal meals, and not being able to run around and free play.  Sigh.  Never again man.  Or at least never without Mike~ I needed a partner to tag team with.

Here are some snaps from our day (and some stolen from friends :P).  We went to gymboree, a birthday brunch in West Hollywood, shopped at The Grove and then went to the new Broad museum in downtown LA.  Side note: I haven’t day drinked like this in a while and it was soooo funnnnnnn.  I’m for sure not young but it made me feel like I was young-ish inside.


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Watermelon Popsicle Cocktails

Yummmm right??? We are going through a heat wave in LA right now and I made a ton of these babies (adult and baby versions) so that we could cool off when needed.  (Esp since we don’t have A/C)

For the popsicles I blended 1/2 a medium sized watermelon, juice of 3 limes, and a handful of chopped mint leaves.  I didn’t add any sugar (b/c of the baby) but a few teaspoons of simple syrup would have really made these popsicles deliiic.

For this fun cocktail above, you can use any white or rose wine!  I don’t love super sweet wines so we used a tart pinot grigio.  If you do want to make this into a fun dessert drink, I recommend a sweet champagne or moscato!

For C, i froze her popsicles in tiny baby food containers (like this) and I give her one cube on a hot day.  It’s sweet-ish enough for it to hold her attention and she likes how cold it is to play with in her hands.  This is super messy, so I recommend putting on a big bib on your little one in the high chair with a splat mat or hardwood underneath for easy clean up.  =)

Hope you’re all having fun this summer and staying cool in this heat!


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Mommy Mondays: Summer Activities

Summer Activities

So…Charlotte is only 13 months and I have to confess…the tiger mom in me has already come out.  I’ve already scheduled a full load of summer activities for this babe.  puhaha

C is incredibly active and we live in a dark apartment~ so for me it’s really important to make sure she spends the summer outdoors and doing things that stimulate her senses, motor development and understanding of the world around her.  There are a few parenting things I’m obsessed with and C’s development is one of them.  I do NOT want her to watch tv all day and be an iphone/ipad child.  I want her to play sports, read books, socialize with friends and enjoy the world around her.

SOOO this summer I have a schedule to incorporate LOTS of things that Charlotte enjoys + things that I think are superb for her development.

  1. Splash Pad
  2. Park
  3. Pretend City Museum in Irvine
  4. Los Angeles Zoo
  5. Noah’s Ark Exhibit at Skirball Museum
  6. Swim Lessons/Pool Time/Beach
  7. (not pictured) GYMBOREE!!  We signed C up for a one month, unlimited trial and we are making the most of it.  We’re taking her like 3x a week to get her wiggles out, learn to climb and slide, and do an organized circle time.  (gf does NOT like sitting still, so i think it’s great exposure for her)

Over this fourth of July weekend we knocked a few things out of the way (#1, #2, #5, #7).  =)  I love watching and discovering the world through C’s eyes and I’m excited for what this summer brings.. ^^

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random rambles…


oh my, can you guys  believe it’s already the end of JUNE???  where did the year go?  i seriously feel like i haven’t had a chance to even breathe or take a break this year and even now…i haven’t had the kind of summer breather i really need to refresh or restart my brain.  sigh.  now with a baby, will that time ever happen again?  prob not…

ok so there are so many random rambles going through my mind and i thought i would carefully curate it into one long post. 🙂  hehe so i apologize in advance if this is super duper long.

  • are any of you guys watching southern charm???  dude this show is so off the hook good.  like, so much crazy, condescending, delusional people all in one show.  and the BEST part is that these people don’t even freaking know they are one of these!!  hahaha  oh my… but seriously if you watch this show PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me.  i have so much to say about this show but no one to talk about it with.  (spoiler: i’m soon team kray kray kathryn <–see my klever, kardashian-like alliteration?)
  • anyone watching the bachelorette this season??  so i saw the first few seasons and then took a 6-8 year hiatus because i just couldn’t handle all the cattiness.  BUT i heard so much about Ben Higgin’s that i did a marathon of it last season and well.. now i’m back and hooked good.  yes, my grammar is getting better and better from watching reality tv.  don’t judge my English and how i speak good. ^^  moving on… I LOVED Jojo in the bachelor and had SUCH high hopes for this season… but i’ve been totally disappointed.  ugh.  these guys are such douches and i hate hearing how many guys dumped their gfs/fiancees to come on to this show.  all the guys left are SOO wharves and i’m getting super sick of Jojo kissing EVERY SINGLE GUY.  ugh.
  • GAME OF THRONES…are you freaking watching????????? HODOR?????  JON SNOW???  gaahhhh.  i won’t give out any spoilers but PLEASE hit me up if you watch any of these shows i just listed.  i’m seriously BURSTING to talk about them.
  • my memory and my attention span is slowly getting worse.  i’m worried for myself.  i seriously can’t sit and focus these days.  can i blame it on the heat?  i’m sleeping more than ever this last year but i’m still so effing tired and i just can’t keep information or facts in my head anymore.  i feel like if you told me a story about your life that was really personal~ i may or may not remember it the next time i see you.  eek.  anyone else go through this?  i feel like i’m an old computer and i need a new hard drive and memory.  like i’m just super out of date and i need a refresh/wipe for the new school year.  so the way that these things manifest itself are… 1) i read cards/texts/emails but i have no attention span or memory to write back 2) i get into the office and think~ ok make sure to do these two things! but… i barely get 1 done.  sigh.  3) i cannot write, read or focus on shit.  my brain just shuts DOWWWN.  DOWN PEOPLE.  like when a computer freaking over heats and shuts down.  sigh.
  • i have no sense of style and i’ve forgotten how to match things or accessorize.  i also only wear man/old lady shoes that my coworkers judge me for.  mike has mentioned on many occasions that my shoes need some love/help.  i can’t help that my feet are huge, wide and big now.  ugh.  i’m like a hobbit people!  a HOBBIT wit those large feet.  anyway… i’m still not back to my normal self and i’m scared that i never will be.  i just don’t have the attention span or desire to think about it.  i’ve kinda paired my closet down to easy things that mix and match~ and i basically only have black and white clothes now.  makes for a much easier morning.  maybe it’s the summer, maybe it’s the fact that i’m not as stressed out these days~~ but it would be nice to focus a little more on myself.  i know i’ve talked about this a lot in the past but it’s something i’m still working on.  treating myself and taking time for myself that is.  anyway~ no conclusion with this point.  just pointing out that it’s something i still need to work on…mom guilt…
  • every time i drink now, i get the WORST hangovers and lasts 24-48 hours.  WHAT THE HELL.  it’s so bizarre and it makes me not want to drink ever again (until the next time that is… lol).  is that happening to anyone else?  i feel like that started after i turned 28…i’m going to blame my weight gain on this same problem too ;P
  • Charlotte is getting so big and heavy that my carpel tunnel is coming back.  ugh.  I’m worried about my next pregnancy… *tear *
  • I belong to a mommy Facebook group and someone posted about her severe morning sickness and how the doctor doesn’t feel comfortable prescribing Zofran. Zofran was my saving grace for two weeks.  There were 80 comments from other women who had the same problems and they wrote down all the things that made them feel better.  I’m not joking, I was FLOORED.  I have not met any other person who was as sick as me (but just short of hyperemesis gravidarum).  The WEIRDEST things made me feel better and there was no one to share this misery with.  Oddly enough, reading comments from 80 other women around the world made me feel SOO validated.  These 80 strangers listed all of my weird remedies to help me cope with the constant nausea: hard candy, orange soda, cheese pizza, lemons, ginger, and Zofran.  I’m pretty scared about my next pregnancy b/c of the constant sickness + carpel tunnel.  I heard that carpel tunnel gets worse with every pregnancy.  WAHH I’m scurrrrrrred.
  • ok last ramble…i’m going through a redecorating phase.  i’ve rearranged the furniture in our living room and nursery.  i feel so frustrated and would LOVE to just start over.  paint all the walls a different color, remodel the kitchen and bathrooms, and buy all new furniture.  lol  i think this is my mini mid-life crises.  lol

It’s 4th of July weekend and I’ve had our family running around LA doing fun things for summer!  Will post more on that lataaaahhh.  xoxo


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Fun Summer Nail Ideas From Pinterest

Goodness can you believe it’s already July??  Well, I’m off to the nail salon today and here are some fun Ideas I’m thinking about trying… meyyybe.  I’m pretty boring about my manicures.  lol

6e211a248d62fc4356efacc763fa310e 24bf004b71273acc332a0b5cacde132d 091d9e91bde996428761fe54a78ed3eb 535d60d7e90f15b628d581604a087551 918f0b535972dfb9c531314ad0d7c44b 1242f717db1e69fa632c8b190157c513 bdbb270218bcdb04481c7b51139a4456 cd4921a0d44cf48f58a275a7e1023342 d9494e64d9cd9da3bef3bc89271c16c7 (1)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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