our home is run over by zoo, farm and safari animals.  C’s new phase is ANIMALS!  and, as first time parents, we got carried away and bought her books, toys and fridge magnets to help “foster” this new phase and interest.  i’m pretty sure this is a newbie parent move and it’s not possible to do this for every phase that c goes through (unless we just wanna give our paycheck directly to amazon).  sigh.  but the other kind of conflicting feeling I have about it is… what if we didn’t nurture her interests and talents, then aren’t we being bad parents?  shouldn’t we help her explore and understand the world around her?  i have this internal argument all the time when i think about how we should be putting her in music class, soccer class, gymboree, swim lessons, etc.  i hate how parenting and raising kids these days is SO TIED into finances and what a family can afford or not afford.  not something i really though of much until the last month or so.  blah.

anyway… here are a few new additions to our home.  lol

img_2820 img_2818 img_2819 img_2752-2

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