Father’s Day Recap

Happy Father’s Day to the most AMAZING father in the world.  Yes… IN THE WORLD.  He is so patient, selfless, thoughtful and just SO SO SO loving.  We couldn’t do anything without him and we for sure would not be the family we are if it weren’t for him.

I’m not the best at words or really describing my feelings~ but i am SO very grateful for Mike.  He works super hard all day but still has the energy to really love on his family and help around the home.  My mom is always so impressed by how much does and how involved he is.  She’s used to a different generation where men work and women take care of the home and kids (aka…men did nothing when they came home).  I pray constantly that C will marry someone as wonderful as Mike someday who always puts his family first, always gives all that he has, and also has the best personality~~~

On this day where we celebrated Michael Blair~~ we packed in a LOT!  In the morning we had brunch with out of town friends and then went to his football playoffs where he and his team won the entire thing. <3  Oh…did I mention Mike is a sports fanatic and champion player??  cuz he is  ^^

C’s first word is “Ahbba” (Dad in Korean) and she literally uses that work 100 times a day.  She screams it from every baby gate, the moment she wakes up she screams for him, and anything cool she wants us to know about is “Ahbba”.  She lights up and runs to him with urgency whenever she sees him and always does the most fun flips/throws/airplane rides that a little girl could ever ask for.

watching her dad play. <3  she tried to run out onto the field to be with him SOOO many times.  both cute, terrifying and exhausting at the same time for this mama.

mike taught her that things echo with her bottle cap a few months back and C now does it with all objects~ clean or dirty >.<

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