Toddler Fashion: OOTD

some fun morning shots of C before daycare.  🙂  she has so little hair i’m desperately trying to spice things up with a little clip or hair tie.  hahaha in many cases below you’ll see that i’m not very successful…. lol

oh and why does it seem like she always wears the same sweater?  it’s b/c we don’t have very many for her.  >.<  LA is so weird… it’s like hot/warm all the time but the mornings are a little chilly.  so she wears a sweaters in the morning for a hot second and then doesn’t need one the rest of the day.  kind of a weird thing to buy so many of when she doesn’t REALLY wear it.  *shrug * any other mama feel my pain about clothes for quickly growing babies?

doesn’t she look like such a big girl in this photo?  wear is my baby??

i DIE over these teeny tiny pigtails!  only…she doesn’t keep them in for very long.  >.<

2 comments on “Toddler Fashion: OOTD
  1. Sophia says:

    she’s so cute!! lol you need to buy her a denim jacket in a size up then cuff/roll up the sleeves until she grows into it. i did that for Emmy and she wore it for a good 1+ year. the good thing about denim jackets is they go with most anything and the rolled sleeve look is kind of “in” for them hahaha

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