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Today I had an unexpected day for just me :).  I had a dentist appointment and decided to take a few hours off before the appointment to grab lunch (in-n-out) and get my nails did.  Woot!! I even had an extra 30 minutes to read blogs on my phone and write this little treat Thursday post.  🙂

This is my second manicure this year and well…it might be a while before I get another one.  I think. I’m still struggling to do nice things for myself and this seems like a pricey line item to add to our monthly budget.  Mike is incredibly supportive and is so encouraging of these small treats but the guilt I have is too much!  Lol

Also, are gel nails bad???  The uv light burns my nails/skin…#__#

Sigh we will see, my goal is to do one nice thing for myself each month!  Also since June is my birthday month I went a little cray with online shopping for me and C and Mike.  Hehehe

Happy Thursday!  I’m spending my afternoon in gorgeous Santa Monica by the ocean.  ^^

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