Oh Goodness, I can remember the first time Mike and I had to give C a bath~~ we were TERRIFIED.  C was this teeny tiny babe with a fresh umbilical chord and I can still remember how scared we both were of hurting her, getting water where it shouldn’t, and just messing something up!  Looking back now it’s pretty funny how scared we were, but bath time now has been a daily ritual of fun discoveries and lots of splashing.  Below are things I think are essential and a HUGE HUGE HUGE lesson about MOLD that I’ve learned.  *shudder *

bath time essentials

So i’m sure this list varies for everyone but the few things I heavily rely on for baths above~

  1. Honest Shampoo and Body Wash~ SO gentle!  I tried using Johnson & Johnson before and it left a weird residue on the surface of the bath water.  Um… not safe… especially since C thinks it’s hilarious to drink the water sometimes (*sigh* oh toddler phases).  Honest wash doesn’t leave any residue and washes off fresh and clean too.
  2. Baby Towels!  And lots of them~~ I’m sure you could use a normal towel and it would be the same, but I love the hats or the animal shapes for the head.  lol  I go through lots of towels b/c C has wet a few while we’re drying her off or sometimes when we’re drying her off she has snot all over her face (hello cold and flu season).  So it’s nice to just throw the gross towel in the wash and grab a fresh extra for the next bath.
  3. WASH CLOTHES!  We use wash clothes for EVERYTHING in our home, even outside of the bath.  When C was a newborn/infant, the wash clothes kept C’s skin warm~ when she was a fidgety 6 mo old it was easier to clean her with a cloth~ and now that she’s a toddler, we use the clothes more outside of the bathroom.  Like to wipe her nose, clean her hands after dinner, help her wash her hands (since she can’t reach the sink) or wash her face~ etc.  These little babies are all over our home and it’s just the best size for her little messes.
  4. Honest Body Lotion~ C has super soft skin, but I want to make sure it stays that way!  PLUS, lotion helps C’s skin when the air is dry, when it’s hot outside (so her skin doesn’t chaff), etc.  This Honest Body Lotion is my fave for her~
  5. Honest Organic Healing Balm~ Normally we don’t use any cream on C unless she has a diaper rash.  But recently I started to use it on her bottom after bath time and BEFORE her last diaper.  She’s in the same diaper all night and I was worried about protecting her skin down there.  So I’ve incorporated this into our bedtime routine just as a safe guard.  Another awesome purpose for this healing balm is on some of C’s dry patches, on C’s nose/cheeks when it’s red and sore (during cold and flu season), and I find myself rubbing this on my own skin when it’s dry!  lol  LOVE this healing balm and totally recommend it to all!
  6. FINALLY~~~ night time diapers!!  When C was first born, I followed all the blogs/instructions and changed C’s diaper after every night feeding.  BUT she always woke up from that~ which was a huge pain when you’re already sleep deprived.  I realized later from a friend that, that is what NIGHT diapers are for!!  They are built to be on your baby’s bottom for 12 hours.  LIFE CHANGERRRRRRR.  So I basically stopped changing C’s diapers at night and she would instantly fall asleep after a feeding and we could put her down.  During sleep training, these diapers were such a life saver since we knew she didn’t need to eat or have her diaper training from 8pm-7am.

where mold grows

HOLY CRAP… MOLD GROWS ON EVERYTHINGGGGG.  When we first got bath toys and accessories for C, I only thought about how cute everything was~ NOT that it could be a breeding ground for mold.

For us, ALL her bath toys would have mold growing inside.  no matter how careful we were to squeeze all the water out and dry it after the bath, within 2 months we could see mold inside.  BARF.  Have that swimming around with C in her bath?  uh no thank you.

For the bath itself, the first one we bought C was this semi-clear plastic tub from summertime.  After every bath we flip it over in the tub against the wall so that it can dry properly.  BUT EVEN THEN, there was mold growing underneath the little soft padding.  SICK.  So mike and i just replace the tubs every 6 months now.  I’ve tried to clean the tub with bleach, alcohol… nothing really works.  sick.

I also got a ton of the whale stuff for the tub floor, the tub faucet, etc.  Sadly, I NEVER thought to look underneath or even CLEAN underneath there until recently.  There was one month our housekeeper didn’t come so I cleaned the tub myself! um…. everything was BLACK underneath these things.  BLACK.  like super thick, wet mold.  UGHHHH  I could not believe it had taken me ONE YEAR to figure that one out.  SO DISGUSTING.

And randomly, the little whale thing for toys does not work (doesn’t hang on the shower wall) AND it helps the mold grow in the toys b/c it’s wet.

I’m not sure if anyone else has gone through this but I am now a minimalist when it comes to the bath.  The only toys C has in there are stacking cups that are super easy to dry, have no secret pockets for mold to grow and can be disinfected easily.

This all took me a year to learn (sadly), so hopefully this one little post will help you other Mama’s out!! Bath time is something C looks forward to every night so as much as I want it to be enjoyable for her, I want it to be CLEAN and mold-free~~~~ xoxo

Happy Monday Mamas!

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