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life has been a cray cray life and schedule over here in the Blair home.  BUT i’m loving every second of it. ^^  C is a full blown toddler now and is on the go every second.  every MILLI-second in fact… she is this little sponge exploring the world around her and i love watching her figure things out or understand sequences of events.

Here are just a few fun snaps of my week!

BACHELORETTE–TOO GOOD.  #chadbear #bigbadchad   he is my faaaave “character” on this show.  there is so much ridiculousness and i love the petty, “bro” competition going on.  i seriously look forward to every monday night when this show is on.  if you ain’t watching…you’re seriously missing out.  hurry up and watch the last few episodes on demand!

over the weekend mike and i went out and celebrated these lovely two girls.  this hidden gem of a venue was GORGEOUS and the drinks were mightayyy tastey.  My biggest lesson of the night?  I’m not young, I do not metabolize alcohol anymore and I need to stick with only beer.  Vodka is not my friend and never has been.  *shudder *

two random things relating to this…

  1. we had a retirement party for one of my faculty and they handed out champs.  i almost barfed at the smell of it but drank it out of peer pressure.  after a few sips i LITERALLY got a headache and felt hungover.  how is this possible???  i need to lift weights to get more muscle…aka a better metabolism…aka digest food and alcohol better.  hahaha is that a good reason to start work out?  so i can drink more?  LOLLLLLL
  2. this one is scary… mike and i witnessed a shooting on our way to this bar!  we parked on the street in downtown LA and were walking to the bar.  there was a biker in the street and a car honked at it~ biker yelled at & argued with the driver~ driver pulled out a GUN and shot at the biker!  mike and i FROZE.  the driver sped off, the biker looked SHOCKED beyond belief and then rode away on his bike.  what’s ironic is that mike and i witnessed the same thing but remember totally different details.  i looked back at the car to see if i could see the license plate (i couldn’t) in case the biker was hurt.  i also thought about where we would hide for cover if the car was shooting witnesses.  mike saw smoke coming out of the car and remembered more about the make/model of the car and the scene around us.  SO FREAKING SCARY RIGHT??  we both immediately thought about charlotte and how she would be an orphan if we were both hurt/shot.  sigh.  note to selves… don’t go to places together in case something like this happens again. #__#  orrrr stay at home always and never go out.  EVER.

    darn dark photo below… despite how it started, the rest of the night out was fun.  i love my markel so much.  he’s such a wonderful husband, father, puppy dad, and friend. <3i got a few things from the norstroms sale =)  these are some of my new faves~~ i don’t even remember the last time i wore a watch… love this simple, plain one!

    C is starting to “feed” herself.  love love love it (kinda).  she is growing in independence and in motor skills.  she wants to copy everything we do and it’s the most adorable sight to see.  she only gets food in her mouth 1 out of every 5 attempts but i don’t mind the mess.  (thank goodness for Lucy too)

one kinda sad story (that i can’t remember if i shared) is that C is super grumpy on the weekends when she is with us.  the daycare thought about that and asked us about what we feed C over the weekends and we found that we aren’t feeding her enough or food that she likes!  =(  we thought she just didn’t love solids but the daycare showed us her portions and how much she ate there and we were shocked.  i started cooking hot soups/rice for her and she devours it and opens her mouth SOOO wide.  before when we gave her spaghetti or small bites of random things she didn’t really eat (which is why we thought she didn’t like solids).  sigh.  so sad… AND we talked about her schedule and mike and i found out that she’s bored at home w us and needs more stimulation.  so we’re going to enroll her in gimboree and start taking her to the park on weekends.  eek.  Sowy C~~ newbie parents over here who know nothing.  #__#

AND, lately we’ve been letting C do more and more things for herself so she can experience new textures/things/motor skills.  we give her cups/water bottles to drink from, we let her spray herself with the shower head, we are teaching her to put away her own toys, she is feeding herself, we put soap in her hand to wash her hair, and much more.  she LOVES all these new experiences/responsibilities and thinks it’s HILARIOUS.  don’t get me wrong, this is all SUPER messy and harder on us, but C really really loves trying new things and seeing that she can do it herself.  i love my sweet smiley baby when she discovers a new skill or ability.  mike and i are currently working on making up a clean up song to make bedtime more fun w reading, cleaning up toys, singing songs and going to bed.  =P

we made her this toy station and she plays here all day errday.  her current favs: animal books, stacking anything, things that open and close, textured balls, animal bath toys (that we use as normal toys), and her little blankie down below.  she carries that thing around all day in our home and squeezes it tight at night.  it happened so organically that mike and i die over her new phase.  she also loves this white hello kitty robe made of the same material~~ ^^  her two fav blankies.

on the weekends we wake up at 630-7am (*groan *) so we’ve been getting into the habit of taking the whole family out to breakfast.  we go on a long walk to get all the wiggles out of C and L~ eat a light breakfast and then come home to play/relax the rest of the day. =)  as much as i hate waking up that early, i’m enjoying this new ritual we’ve started!This pic below is everything.  every morning the four of us leave the house together.  i take C to daycare and mike takes L for a walk before going to work.  on our way out, C insists on “walking” lucy herself.  it’s the most adorable thing EVER.  i’m pretty sure L is stressed out of her mind since she is scared of C but it’s just way too cute not to let happen.  C also insists on wearing her backpack on our way out too.  xoxo  my heart seriously bursts 100 times a day over precious moments like this.

last final thought…my first born sweet fur babe lucy… she has been SUCH a champ and trooper the last month or two.  C is in this hitting phase b/c she doesn’t understand her own strength and Lucy is usually on the receiving end of all the abuse.  C slaps her and grabs her fur when she tries to “pet” lucy.  all by accident of course.  we’re teaching C to be EXTRA gentle with fur babes and animals (since not all pets will be as gentle to C as L is to her).  i can see the stress/strain on L’s face and i’m trying my best to give her extra love and more time outside to get her wiggles (stress) out.  one sad new development is that on the weekends L is used to going out with us everywhere (parks, walks, errands) so on monday morning when we all leave without her~ you can hear her crying on the other side of the apartment building. =(  sad… i have to think of a better way for monday mornings to go~~ maybe an extra long walk to tire her out?  extra treats in the apartment so she doesn’t freak?  i dunno… tbd on that one.

anyway, this was a VERY long post.  i hope you’re having an amazing week!  it’s finals week here at UCLA and i’m soooooo excited for summer!!!

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