Mommy Mondays: Free Shipping

Free Shippingholy batman if you are not taking advantage of free shopping then you are a crazy person.  free shipping from stores like Target, Amazon, Google Express, etc are life changers.  mike and i were talking to some friends who live in the suburbs and they didn’t know what amazon prime was nor did they see a reason to get it.  s i l e n c e …  i mean we were speechless.  life in west LA is chaotic.  parking is a pain, stores are far and hard to get to… and who the HELL has time to find parking, take a baby out of their car seat, run into the store, grab items while your baby is wiggling to be free, run back to the car, strap that cranky baby back in, and then sit in traffic to get home (of course while the baby is PISSED and making you pay with her loud yelps).

sigh.  life in the suburbs is what we dream of, but it is not currently our reality.  therefore, free shipping, next day delivery and door to door service is my new obsession.  Here are some of my favorites below~~


Amazon Prime

if you don’t have this is, get it IMMEDIATELY.  it is a life saver.  mike and i do 1-click ordering and we have baby, household, personal, MAKEUP, and even friggin GROCERIES.  goodness anything you want comes within HOURS or 1-3 days.


my second obsession.  you can hook up your checking account with a target red card and get 5% off EVERY TIME you purchase something.  so that doesn’t seem like a lot but if you buy a ton of things from there, why NOT save a little cheddar right?


this one was crazy shocking.  wait costco SHIPS??  so we live near the marina del rey costco which is the busiest costco in the western region.  parking is a NIGHTMARE.  especially since we can only go on the weekends when everyone and their moms is out.  i can convince mike to go maybe once a month or once every other month, which means we have to majorly stock up on stuff.  um… we do not live in a wheel chair friendly apartment (aka TONS of stairs) so lugging tons of water and heavy goods is not fun.  SOOOO, why not make a postal carrier do it for us right?!?!  lol (rude i know)

Google Express/Food Delivery In General

food delivery sites like grub hub, yummy, postmates, etc are also how mike and i live our lives.  when we’re both rushing home after long days and we have to put c to bed in 1.5 hours (by 8pm)~ cooking is the very last thing on our list.  we have sustained ourselves with frozen dinners, take out, green smoothies and random ass snacks that we have around the house.

something that is pretty freaking scary is that now C is eating solids and she is moving on from purees.  she likes foods with textures that she can chew with her tiny 2.5 teeth.  up until now i’ve been able to keep her diet organic, with no salt or sugar.  i give her a tiny bit of treats here and there (little puffs) but for the most part i try my best to give her a bland diet with fruit, veggies, proteins and bits of fiber.

ok so the thing that freaks me out is that no matter how badly mike and i eat, i can always make sure she is only eating the best.  but there is going to be a time where we all eat the same thing or where she realizes that mike and i are eating bad things.  obviously i’m not going to let her eat those bad things with us… sigh. mike and i need to do a last hurrah on bad things before we all become an organic, fruit/veggie/protein kinda family.  (i’m trying not to give c too many carbs or empty calories.  i know… *eye roll * such a small concern for a toddler right?  but it’s something i’m super serious about.  empty calories, sugars and salt.  nothing tiger mom about that. ;P)

Anyway… we could NOT have raised C or lived this past year without these services above.  Thank you God for technology and delivery.

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