Toddler Fashion: OOTD

my favorite thing about C is that she loves to run and laugh.  everything new or different is HILARIOUS to her.  i hope she keeps that optimism and joy foreverrrrr.

she can even drive her own little ATV!  =P

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Happy Birthday To Me :)

Today I am the big 3-2.  Ugh as I wrote that I typed in 0 and had to delete it.  What is so sad is that for the last year I thought I was 30 and when someone reminded me I was turning 32 and not 31…sigh.

When I was younger I totally thought 30+ was old and when I got there I would be soooo together.  Um… What a joke.  Although I am in the most wonderful place with the cutest family I could have ever asked for, I am not at all together.  I’m still trying to figure out my own career path and my own dreams here!  Lol. Sigh.  But I am so grateful for the blessings and beautiful adventures this past year has brought. I can’t wait to see what this big 32nd year will bring. ^^

After a very stressful year at work, I’m finally enjoying the summer break and taking a few days off here and there to R E S T.   Today is one of those days :D. Here are few pics from my one day alone before I pick up C for Gymboree~~ xoxo. Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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C’s favorite books


C is OBSESSED with books right now and I couldn’t be happier.  Her daycare does a “reading” time in the mornings while all the kids are arriving and C pretends to be one of the older toddlers and copies them.  I LOVE it.  She sits and points to the animals and babbles like she’s reading and she knows what’s up.  hehehe

These books are her current FAVES and they involve her two current obsessions: Animals and Cars.  lol



That’s not my truck…

Cuddly Animals

Einstein Books


I hope she always loves books as much as she does now!  So far, we haven’t shown her much screen time and I’m hoping she has no interest in the TV for a while~~ it’s just way too cute to see her sitting and reading books!!img_2752-1


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our home is run over by zoo, farm and safari animals.  C’s new phase is ANIMALS!  and, as first time parents, we got carried away and bought her books, toys and fridge magnets to help “foster” this new phase and interest.  i’m pretty sure this is a newbie parent move and it’s not possible to do this for every phase that c goes through (unless we just wanna give our paycheck directly to amazon).  sigh.  but the other kind of conflicting feeling I have about it is… what if we didn’t nurture her interests and talents, then aren’t we being bad parents?  shouldn’t we help her explore and understand the world around her?  i have this internal argument all the time when i think about how we should be putting her in music class, soccer class, gymboree, swim lessons, etc.  i hate how parenting and raising kids these days is SO TIED into finances and what a family can afford or not afford.  not something i really though of much until the last month or so.  blah.

anyway… here are a few new additions to our home.  lol

img_2820 img_2818 img_2819 img_2752-2

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Father’s Day Recap

Happy Father’s Day to the most AMAZING father in the world.  Yes… IN THE WORLD.  He is so patient, selfless, thoughtful and just SO SO SO loving.  We couldn’t do anything without him and we for sure would not be the family we are if it weren’t for him.

I’m not the best at words or really describing my feelings~ but i am SO very grateful for Mike.  He works super hard all day but still has the energy to really love on his family and help around the home.  My mom is always so impressed by how much does and how involved he is.  She’s used to a different generation where men work and women take care of the home and kids (aka…men did nothing when they came home).  I pray constantly that C will marry someone as wonderful as Mike someday who always puts his family first, always gives all that he has, and also has the best personality~~~

On this day where we celebrated Michael Blair~~ we packed in a LOT!  In the morning we had brunch with out of town friends and then went to his football playoffs where he and his team won the entire thing. <3  Oh…did I mention Mike is a sports fanatic and champion player??  cuz he is  ^^

C’s first word is “Ahbba” (Dad in Korean) and she literally uses that work 100 times a day.  She screams it from every baby gate, the moment she wakes up she screams for him, and anything cool she wants us to know about is “Ahbba”.  She lights up and runs to him with urgency whenever she sees him and always does the most fun flips/throws/airplane rides that a little girl could ever ask for.

watching her dad play. <3  she tried to run out onto the field to be with him SOOO many times.  both cute, terrifying and exhausting at the same time for this mama.

mike taught her that things echo with her bottle cap a few months back and C now does it with all objects~ clean or dirty >.<

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Toddler Fashions: OOTD

i love this funny babe of mine.  she is incredibly sweet, cuddly, happy and ALWAYS on the move.  xoxo

her wittle teefies <3

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Littles Reunion

Back in 2007 when I moved to LA, I could never have predicted that I would have met 9 gorgeous woman and formed a lady gang where we celebrate, support and love each other through the good, the bad and the unknown!  Today, we have 10 ladies, 8 husbands, 6 babies and 1 on the way.  My how much our group and our activities have changed!  We went from going out 3-4 times a week to only being able to have wine nights at home with takeout since it’s too difficult to mobilize the gang!  lol

Here are some pics from our latest reunion with 4 out of 6 babes. <3  I can’t wait for the day when all 10 of us get to be together and we have all our babies running around!  xoxo


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Mommy Mondays: Pumping vs Breastfeeding vs Formula for the Working Mama


(I totally wrote this post back in November 2015 and then again in April 2016…lol  so some of this timeline might be a bit off~ but i didn’t want to change too much since it meant more to write things as i was experiencing it.  enjoy!)

wow…try saying that title 5 times in a row.  last friday marked my LAST DAY OF PUMPING.  insert slow clap.  this near 11 month journey was insane and to be honest…i kinda wish i had been able to make it to one year…but that’s what baby #2 is for right??  ( i got super sick three times in a row and my milk supply just dried up.  sad face.)

when i got pregnant, this entire world of breasfeeding, pumping and formula feeding was completely foreign.  even now there are SO MANY things i don’t know the learning curve was so hard and steep that i thought i would share some of my joys and pains with ya’ll and help sort out which of these three things is right for you.


as a now working mama trying to navigate her way through full-time work, a long commute AND breastfeeding/pumping…life is definitely not easy.  my days were sectioned out in 2-3 hour increments in my mind of when to pump, when to breastfeed, when to SLEEP!

when i was pregnant i seriously assumed and prepared myself for formula feeding c.  all my coworkers told me that there was no shame in that game and i should do what is best for me and c.  i shouldn’t feel pressured by the “breast is best” women and, again, do what is best for me and c.

before the baby i bought some formula and kind of just had it in my mind that c was going to be a formula baby.  2 different lactation consultants looked at my boobs and told me in advance that i would have trouble breastfeeding.  great right? #rude

i went through major ups and downs with each of these things and i felt so much pressure and stress.  having a newborn is an insane journey but tack on all the variable factors of boobs, nipples, baby, latch, sleep, milk production… man there is no way you DON’T feel inadequate.  it literally took me about 4-4.5 months to figure out that schedules for pumping and breastfeeding are different and formula (and which to buy) is its own beast.  thanks to all my mommy friends and blogs~~ i’m finally able to put together a short summary and i hope it helps you!

*note, these are just not my experiences and i am NO EXPERT*


–breastfeeding is HARD ya’ll.  you go to the classes, the nurses help you in the hospital, there are tons of books/videos on it… but it is still so confusing.  even now i’m not sure i’m doing it right or i keep learning new things about it.  i’m guessing that’s just the journey of the new mama?

–there are tons of drinks/foods to consume to help you produce milk.  i’m not sure how much each helps but i took fenugreek pills, drank TONS of mother’s milk tea, ate flax seed everything, and ate tons of seaweed soup.  I think being hydrated helped me the most.  my friends all raved about oatmeal and how that is HUGE… but i couldn’t really get into it.  maybe next time?

–the more you feed the more you produce.  so the more the baby sucks on your raw nipples (pardon the language), the more you will produce.  GRRRREAT.

–i took a break from nursing and pumped exclusively for a while b/c nursing was just SO MESSY.  C would take breaks from drinking and i would literally spray EVERYWHERE.  it was gross, smelly and a waste of my precious milk!  i was making so little to begin with, i felt like i couldn’t afford the wasted oz just spraying everywhere.  for this one, i had to just accept that this would happen if i wanted to nurse and bond with baby C.  so…much to my annoyance, i just had an extra breast pad out or a little towel to spray into when C took her breaks.  Soon as she got older she took less breaks and fed more so it wasn’t as cray. (one super big tip that i wish someone would have told me was that spraying into a towel or breastpad was OK and NORMAL.  i thought i was the only one going through that so it took me a really long time to figure this out.)

–for me, BF was both a beautiful journey and the most exhausting thing ever.  i LOVED the sweetness, intimacy and quiet time we had together.  there is nothing more gratifying that having a milk drunk baby pass out from drinking your milk.  i loved holding her against my skin and praying over her and her future.  those are memories i cherish and those are the times i was really glad i tried BF again.  the things i will NOT miss?  alllll the nasty clothes/bras/stains.  bleh.

–i BF from birth till about 3 weeks, then pumped exclusively, then BF again at 4.5 months (while pumping at work) and then had to give up BF again at about 9 months when c thought biting me was HIL-ARIOUS.  i pumped after that until my body shut down and said, “nope, not doing this anymore”.


–as a working mom, this is seriously the best of both worlds (IF your work place is supportive).  you get to feed your baby breastmilk but not do the actual feeding which can be hard (latch, baby preference, milk production, etc).

–i really liked knowing exactly how many oz i pumped and exactly how many oz C was drinking.  it was SO MUCH EASIER than the ambiguous BF times.

–it was nice to have someone else be able to feed c good ol BM if i wasn’t around.  i became super obsessed with BM and BF after i started up again.  it felt REALLY GREAT to feed her by breast or bottle each day and know that she’s only getting the best nutrition.

–the most painful part about pumping is that you have to carry your pump everywhere if you’re not doing your usual thang.  i had 1 manual pump in my car and one in the baby bag for emergencies.  i had to carry my pump, bottles and a cooler wherever i went.  SO NO FUN.  worth it, but so not fun.  it was much easier to whip out a boob with your baby than to excuse yourself for 30 min and pump in a stall in the ladies.  gross.

–i will never miss carrying 5 bags to work and constantly stressing out about milk temps.  hallelujah.

–i’ve pumped in the car while driving multiple times.  it’s awkward, funny and messy.  but a mama does what she must right?

–HUGE HUGE HUGE lesson i had to learn, pumping exclusively is its own beast.  you cannot compare it with mamas who do both or who breastfeed exclusively.  there are AWESOME websites out there that will help answer questions and help you with some weird differences: click here and here.


–hardest part about both is having to have a special diet for your consuming baby.  caffeine and foods that can cause gas are SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.

–both are just messy.  one wrong spill or leak is just gross.  i wish i could do a nursing bra burning party with other moms.  for now it’ll just be a party of one this week.

–stopping both as a working mom is LIBERATING.  when i started to ween and didn’t have to bring 5 bags into work with me… i felt like a new person.  i felt SO FREE.

–best part of both is that your baby gets nutritious breastmilk~~ and the bond you have baby have is unreal.

–another hard part… living your life and determining your clothes based on your breastfeeding/pumping schedule.  SO darn hard.


–we tried a bunch of different formulas and C only liked a couple.  she liked sensitive tummy ones the best.  right now we’re giving her enfamil sensitive and it’s been great.  i heard lots and lots of great things about similac and earth’s best too.

–we supplemented with formula since c was born.  i never made enough breastmilk and i didn’t want her to starve while my body “caught up” so we gave her about 1 bottle of formula a day.  i try my best to give her only breastmilk but that doesn’t always happen so we always have formula on hand.  this is especially helpful when the baby goes through growth spurts or is sick and nursing/feeding more.

–there’s the liquid formula (pre-made) and there is also powdered.  i prefer the powdered b/c it doesn’t stain C’s clothes, liquid seems like it has lots of preservatives, it’s less expensive and i like that i can put it in my own bottles.  of course you can pour the liquid in the bottle of your choice but still…and the liquid form is SUPER THICK.  don’t like that…

–pros to formula are that anyone can feed the baby, it’s easy to travel with, you don’t have to worry about the mess or hassle of BF or P.  it’s all just easy peasy.  it’s really easy to measure and know how much your babe is drinking.  GREAT when sending your little one to daycare.

–con is the price and it’s not as nutritious as BM…BUT dude this stuff is SOO easy and almost as nutritious.


What worked in the Blair home was a combo of breastfeeding, pumping AND formula.  I didn’t make enough milk and I wasn’t going to stress out or starve my baby because of it.  I made what I could, I pumped when I wasn’t with C, I breastfeed her when I was, and if she was still hungry we gave her formula.  I know that many people say that if i kept her on my boob eventually my body would catch up, but man, this mom this is already life changing and hard.  there are one million hormones going through my body, i’m already stressed out with going back to work and finding a new groove for our family~~ a starving crying baby shouldn’t be one of my stressors.

the next time around, i plan on drinking 10x more water, eating oatmeal and trying to use the hospital grade pump in the hospital to help jump start and maintain my milk production.  BUT if i still only make a tiny amount like w C~ i’m gonna do the best i can to give it to her and then supplement the rest with formula.  (judgey eyes look away)

the biggest lesson i learned is that you have to do whatever is best for you, your family and your baby.  if going straight to formula is better, then do it.  if you can breastfeed at home for a year 1 do it, if mixing all three above worked (like it did for us), then werk it.  no other mom, blog, podcast or stranger can tell you what is best for YOU and YOUR family.  that is one thing i have learned over this last year~~ everyone can have opinions and judgey eyes (i’m SO guilty of this) but in the end, we’re all different and there are SO MANY factors to raising a child that you just gotta do you. =D

this was a long ass post.  sorry guys.  hopefully it helped you out and made some decisions easier for you! xoxo

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13.5 Months–Toddler Mom Life

13.5 months ago, I became a mother.  I still can’t believe it.  I can’t believe that a baby grew in my belly, was born, and is the spunky happy child that she is.  I know this is super cheesy, but it was 13.5 months ago that I learned what true love, sacrifice, happiness and exhaustion are.  13.5 months ago, my life, marriage and career trajectory also changed (and will never be the same again).

WOW.  so basically… nothing is the same and it never will be.  i’m glad tho.

i have grown as a person and really stretched myself beyond what limits i thought existed.  motherhood is far beyond anyone’s expectation and i really really relish every second of it.  it’s the calling i never knew i had.  the talent i never knew existed.

i meant to do monthly updates of our lives with every milestone C hit, but life is cray and it’s a freaking miracle i shower most mornings.  sigh.  so in honor of C’s 13.5 month milestone (yea i made this up)~~ i’ll say 13.5 things. =P:

  1. C rolled at 4 months, crawled at 6, stood at 7 and walked at 8.  This little lady has kept us on our feet and she does NOT disappoint with giving us heart attacks each day b/c she is a thrill seeking ninja.  Can that even be possible for a 1 year old you ask?  HELL YES, C is living proof.
  2. C has HUGE feet.  At 1 she is a size 5, 5.5.  Um… I’m pretty sure 2-3 year old children have that size feet.  With her incredible motor/fine motor skills, Mike and I are dying to see if she turns out to be a natural athlete or just a super tall amazon woman ORRRR (worst scenario) at 5″5 woman with size 11 feet.  >.<  eek.
  3. C thinks EVERYTHING is funny.  She smiles about and laughs about everything.  I love that.  I love the sweet optimism and joy she has for everything in this world.  Even running down the hallway she has her arms out and she’s laughing hysterically.  I hope she never loses that trait and that the world is kind to her.  With the whole Brock Turner Situation and the Orlando Shoot AND the time Mike and I witnessed a shooting… I’m so scared about how this world is changing.  I pray every night, while I tuck C in, that God will keep her safe and shield her from such violence.  i tear up just thinking about all of this… (btw as a new mom i cry CONSTANTLY.  i cry over things from the Brock Turner rape to a possum lying in the road.  My tears don’t discriminate.)
  4. C LOVES animals.  Farm Animals, Safari Animals, Domesticated Animals…Mike and I spend hours each day reading various animal books, making animal sounds, and imitating what animals do (cue in chomping arms for aligator, long armed nose for elephant, scary roar claws for brown bear/tiger/lion/cheetah/panda/polar bear/etc <–cuz that’s not confusing).  Right now her favorite in the whole world tho… is DOGS!  She loves pointing at lucy, trying to “hug” lucy, and touching all doggies that we see on our walks outside.  Wherever we go, if C sees a dog she shouts “meh! meh!” and points.  What’s really fun is when she sees a dog and starts following that family in the blink of an eye.  If you don’t have your eyes on her every freaking milisecond she will wander off in search of “meh! “meh!”.
  5. Pointing.  C points at EVERYTHING right now and looks at you.  She wants you to describe it or name it.  As tiring as this “game” is, I love it.  I love seeing her absorb the world around her and put labels/names on things.  She currently points at all dogs and cats (they are the same in her mind since lucy is a hybrid), trees, bushes, people, cars, and body parts.  It’s SOOO much fun when she jams her finger into my belly button unexpectedly, nostril, ear, etc b/c she realizes I have one too.  Something funny but I’m sure I have to stop one day~ when I’m lying down on my back, she pulls my hair forward b/c she wants me to sit up and read her a book.  When I’m lying on the ground on my stomach, she pushes my face back b/c she wants me to read to her sitting up.  She turns my head side to side to study each ear.  She also points at the front door or her blue car which signals to us “outside”.  She cries until we take her out.  lol
  6. Back Back, Back it Up.  The CUTEST thing she does EVER is she backs up in my lap.  She has processed that when we read books together, she must sit in my lap.  So she brings me the book, turns around and slowly backs up until she’s sitting down.  She doesn’t always make it in my lap (bad aim) but it’s just SO DARLING.  I can’t get over it.  I’m going to enjoy this little move forever~ Just tuck this sweet memory into my head.
  7. At like 11 months, C FINALLY understood what the jumper was for and started jumping.  lol  I’m not really sure if that was our fault or if she just needed more time to figure that out~ but it’s hilarious that NOW she loves the jumper that is too small for her.
  8. C understands processes/sequences and copies us or knows exactly what is coming next.  I LOVE THAT.  When we put her in the bath, she immediately points to the toys and then holds her hand out for soap in her hand.  SO ADORABLE.  All this non-verbal communcation is so adorable, I can’t stand it!
  9. I gave C sugar by accident.  WAHHHH.  I went to a baby shower where they had fresh squeezed watermelon juice.  I tasted it first and it was so fresh and delicious!  It was only after I gave her a cup that someone told me they added sugar to it.  boo.  The entire rest of the party C kept pointing to the pink drink and tried to pick up cups guests had left around on the tables.  >.<  ughh huge mom fail.
  10. At night when I feed C the bottle in the dark with the sound machine on~ she goes through all the hand motions she knows.  It MELTS my heart.  The daycare teaches her tons of really fun things and I only know about them when she does it at night.  Since there are no distractions she mimics it over and over and over again.  LOVE.  That gives me a chance to do them with her the next day or ask the daycare what new songs she’s learning.
  11. I miss breastfeeding.  Isn’t that WEIRD?  During the thick of it I was SO OVER PUMPS, PUMP PARTS, BOOB ANYTHING.  But now that C is no longer a teeny tiny babe… I seriously miss the intimacy and the comfort it gave both of us.  sigh.  For Baby #2, #3, #4… I need to remember to try harder and breastfeed for longer.
  12. Mike had to sleep train C b/c I was too weak.  He not only sleep trained her when she went down, but also through the night.  I could not have done any of that without Mike.  He has been such an amazing father and husband~~ So supportive, sweet and patient!  He and C have this beautiful, goofy, fun relationship together and I love watching it blossom.  C gives him the BIGGEST smile when he comes home from work and runs to the door with a book or her blankie.  I hope they always remain close and have the best friendship. <3
  13.  Last major fact about C…she is the sweetest child.  Although she is going through a hitting phase (sigh), she is so generous with her food, toys, belongings.  At home, church and outside…C is always open to people taking her things.  I really love that about her.  It makes me think she has a wonderful heart, will be such a good future big sister, and will be easy to adapt to new situations (whatever the Lord plans).  Recently we went to a play area where 4-6 older boys were playing a game.  C walked up to them and wanted to play too so she sat down and stared at them.  As her mama I could see she wanted to be included but the boys dismissed her.  My heart seriously hurt watching that happen.  I know that there will be moments in C’s life that aren’t perfect or where she gets left out of things at school~~ but I wasn’t ready to see it just yet.  C also doesn’t understand personal boundaries so she was touching this boys foot with her foot and thought it was funny.  He did not and gave her a little kick (right in front of me!!  rawrrrr).  C didn’t understand it was a mean move and thought they were playing~ so she kicked him back.  Again… that whole exchange just hurt my heart.  I’m praying constantly that the Lord watches over C and protects her from bullies, mean kids, and just heart aches that she doesn’t yet understand.  I still get emotional thinking that I won’t be there to protect her every move and that she’ll have to learn some hard lessons on her own… *tear *.  I guess it’s all a part of both of us growing up and getting used to this new stage huh?  Only… I’m not quite ready.  I need lots more time squeezing my baby and protecting her from all harm/mean people.  With the Orlando shooting and all the crime in the news these days (a 2 yr old was eaten by a gator in Florida!!)… I’m just a nervous mama praying very very hard for God to blanket our family with peace, protection and love.
  14. (there was no 13 1/2 option) C’s hair is… well not growing in.  sigh.  perhaps it’s because she’s happa?  perhaps it’s b/c she is her own little person~ but i’m DYING to do more with it and and praying daily that it grows in silky and thick.  so far it’s very thin, a light brown (sure to turn lighter in the sun b/c of mike) and i can kiiiiiiiiiinda see curls at the bottom in the back.  my dream would be for her to have super thick wavy hair.  fingers crossed.  (yes this is the most superficial one, which is why it’s 1/2 a point =P).

Boy that was very very long.  Sorry ya’ll.  Lots of random things in my mind lately!  hahaha  Well I hope you have a wonderful Friday and Father’s Day weekend!! xoxo  Stay Safe!!!​

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another day for mama

img_2813 img_2814img_2806

Today I had an unexpected day for just me :).  I had a dentist appointment and decided to take a few hours off before the appointment to grab lunch (in-n-out) and get my nails did.  Woot!! I even had an extra 30 minutes to read blogs on my phone and write this little treat Thursday post.  🙂

This is my second manicure this year and well…it might be a while before I get another one.  I think. I’m still struggling to do nice things for myself and this seems like a pricey line item to add to our monthly budget.  Mike is incredibly supportive and is so encouraging of these small treats but the guilt I have is too much!  Lol

Also, are gel nails bad???  The uv light burns my nails/skin…#__#

Sigh we will see, my goal is to do one nice thing for myself each month!  Also since June is my birthday month I went a little cray with online shopping for me and C and Mike.  Hehehe

Happy Thursday!  I’m spending my afternoon in gorgeous Santa Monica by the ocean.  ^^

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Toddler Fashion: OOTD

some fun morning shots of C before daycare.  🙂  she has so little hair i’m desperately trying to spice things up with a little clip or hair tie.  hahaha in many cases below you’ll see that i’m not very successful…. lol

oh and why does it seem like she always wears the same sweater?  it’s b/c we don’t have very many for her.  >.<  LA is so weird… it’s like hot/warm all the time but the mornings are a little chilly.  so she wears a sweaters in the morning for a hot second and then doesn’t need one the rest of the day.  kind of a weird thing to buy so many of when she doesn’t REALLY wear it.  *shrug * any other mama feel my pain about clothes for quickly growing babies?

doesn’t she look like such a big girl in this photo?  wear is my baby??

i DIE over these teeny tiny pigtails!  only…she doesn’t keep them in for very long.  >.<

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Taco Themed Baby Shower

C and I went to the cutest baby shower on Sunday~~ my old college roomie is having twin boys!!  how exciting~ xoxo  here are some lovely details from the day!

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Home Decor Inspirations: Mid-Century, Scandanavian, Target and Land of Nod-Y

maybe it’s summer or maybe it’s b/c i’m constantly trying to keep up with our ever growing toddler~~ but I’m in a huge “home decor redecorate” mode.  i’m looking to brighten up our very dark apartment (with no natural sunlight) and also make it baby friendly AND aesthetically pleasing.  easy peasy right??

it’s been over three years since mike and i moved into our humble apartment and well… we have “redecorated” half a dozen times.  probably more… the trouble we have is that 1) we have totally different ideas of what to do with the space 2) we have no time and no budget to make it look HGTV worth 3) charlotte and lucy make everything harder.

as i’ve said before, we got rid of a TON of furniture to clear out a space for C to run around and it helped us baby proof our home without really trying (heh heh… the lazy man’s way).

ANYWAY… commencement is this saturday and i’ve been excited to make some powerful changes (with minimal effort and money of course) to brighten up the home and give it a refresh.  TOTALLY possible right???

here are some inspiration photos i’ve found on pinterest that i’m loving.  i own none of these things so it’ll make my easy refresh harder… but oh wells… hahahaha i guess that’s just my luck.


[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]


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[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]


[pic source]

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Mommy Mondays: Bath Tubs and Bath Accessories

Oh Goodness, I can remember the first time Mike and I had to give C a bath~~ we were TERRIFIED.  C was this teeny tiny babe with a fresh umbilical chord and I can still remember how scared we both were of hurting her, getting water where it shouldn’t, and just messing something up!  Looking back now it’s pretty funny how scared we were, but bath time now has been a daily ritual of fun discoveries and lots of splashing.  Below are things I think are essential and a HUGE HUGE HUGE lesson about MOLD that I’ve learned.  *shudder *

bath time essentials

So i’m sure this list varies for everyone but the few things I heavily rely on for baths above~

  1. Honest Shampoo and Body Wash~ SO gentle!  I tried using Johnson & Johnson before and it left a weird residue on the surface of the bath water.  Um… not safe… especially since C thinks it’s hilarious to drink the water sometimes (*sigh* oh toddler phases).  Honest wash doesn’t leave any residue and washes off fresh and clean too.
  2. Baby Towels!  And lots of them~~ I’m sure you could use a normal towel and it would be the same, but I love the hats or the animal shapes for the head.  lol  I go through lots of towels b/c C has wet a few while we’re drying her off or sometimes when we’re drying her off she has snot all over her face (hello cold and flu season).  So it’s nice to just throw the gross towel in the wash and grab a fresh extra for the next bath.
  3. WASH CLOTHES!  We use wash clothes for EVERYTHING in our home, even outside of the bath.  When C was a newborn/infant, the wash clothes kept C’s skin warm~ when she was a fidgety 6 mo old it was easier to clean her with a cloth~ and now that she’s a toddler, we use the clothes more outside of the bathroom.  Like to wipe her nose, clean her hands after dinner, help her wash her hands (since she can’t reach the sink) or wash her face~ etc.  These little babies are all over our home and it’s just the best size for her little messes.
  4. Honest Body Lotion~ C has super soft skin, but I want to make sure it stays that way!  PLUS, lotion helps C’s skin when the air is dry, when it’s hot outside (so her skin doesn’t chaff), etc.  This Honest Body Lotion is my fave for her~
  5. Honest Organic Healing Balm~ Normally we don’t use any cream on C unless she has a diaper rash.  But recently I started to use it on her bottom after bath time and BEFORE her last diaper.  She’s in the same diaper all night and I was worried about protecting her skin down there.  So I’ve incorporated this into our bedtime routine just as a safe guard.  Another awesome purpose for this healing balm is on some of C’s dry patches, on C’s nose/cheeks when it’s red and sore (during cold and flu season), and I find myself rubbing this on my own skin when it’s dry!  lol  LOVE this healing balm and totally recommend it to all!
  6. FINALLY~~~ night time diapers!!  When C was first born, I followed all the blogs/instructions and changed C’s diaper after every night feeding.  BUT she always woke up from that~ which was a huge pain when you’re already sleep deprived.  I realized later from a friend that, that is what NIGHT diapers are for!!  They are built to be on your baby’s bottom for 12 hours.  LIFE CHANGERRRRRRR.  So I basically stopped changing C’s diapers at night and she would instantly fall asleep after a feeding and we could put her down.  During sleep training, these diapers were such a life saver since we knew she didn’t need to eat or have her diaper training from 8pm-7am.

where mold grows

HOLY CRAP… MOLD GROWS ON EVERYTHINGGGGG.  When we first got bath toys and accessories for C, I only thought about how cute everything was~ NOT that it could be a breeding ground for mold.

For us, ALL her bath toys would have mold growing inside.  no matter how careful we were to squeeze all the water out and dry it after the bath, within 2 months we could see mold inside.  BARF.  Have that swimming around with C in her bath?  uh no thank you.

For the bath itself, the first one we bought C was this semi-clear plastic tub from summertime.  After every bath we flip it over in the tub against the wall so that it can dry properly.  BUT EVEN THEN, there was mold growing underneath the little soft padding.  SICK.  So mike and i just replace the tubs every 6 months now.  I’ve tried to clean the tub with bleach, alcohol… nothing really works.  sick.

I also got a ton of the whale stuff for the tub floor, the tub faucet, etc.  Sadly, I NEVER thought to look underneath or even CLEAN underneath there until recently.  There was one month our housekeeper didn’t come so I cleaned the tub myself! um…. everything was BLACK underneath these things.  BLACK.  like super thick, wet mold.  UGHHHH  I could not believe it had taken me ONE YEAR to figure that one out.  SO DISGUSTING.

And randomly, the little whale thing for toys does not work (doesn’t hang on the shower wall) AND it helps the mold grow in the toys b/c it’s wet.

I’m not sure if anyone else has gone through this but I am now a minimalist when it comes to the bath.  The only toys C has in there are stacking cups that are super easy to dry, have no secret pockets for mold to grow and can be disinfected easily.

This all took me a year to learn (sadly), so hopefully this one little post will help you other Mama’s out!! Bath time is something C looks forward to every night so as much as I want it to be enjoyable for her, I want it to be CLEAN and mold-free~~~~ xoxo

Happy Monday Mamas!

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Toddler Fashion: OOTD

how freaking adorable are these socks???  I’m dying over her baby thigh chub and fox socks.  hehe

C LOVES taking walks everyday.  she gets in her car while we’re at home and we know “oh, time to go out”.

I’m working hats and sunglasses with C.  she used to wear them so well but these days she can’t stand having anything on her heard.  i wear hats and sunglasses around the house so she thinks it’s a fun game to wear hers.  so far… it’s not working.  >.<  

my happy babe.  we take photos each morning on our way to school and i love this time.  she is growing so fast and i just really really want to remember each second of it.

C is in the “sequences” stage of her development.  She understands that Shoes/car/purse = outside.  she knows that i carry a purse when we go out and so.. naturally…she needs one too! =P  this one has 2 bottles in it for weight and she thinks it’s hilarious to walk around with it on her shoulder.  <3  gahhh *heart bursting * Happy Almost Friday Ya’ll~~~  This weekend the Blairs have a baby showers galore and norcal friends in town!  Can’t wait for play dates and more outdoor fun w C & L



Almost everything is from Gap Kids.  One pair of black leggings from Janie and Jack, and her striped shirt is from Carters.  Shoes from Zuilily, Socks were a gift, Hat is from Old Navy. =)

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Fun Things

life has been a cray cray life and schedule over here in the Blair home.  BUT i’m loving every second of it. ^^  C is a full blown toddler now and is on the go every second.  every MILLI-second in fact… she is this little sponge exploring the world around her and i love watching her figure things out or understand sequences of events.

Here are just a few fun snaps of my week!

BACHELORETTE–TOO GOOD.  #chadbear #bigbadchad   he is my faaaave “character” on this show.  there is so much ridiculousness and i love the petty, “bro” competition going on.  i seriously look forward to every monday night when this show is on.  if you ain’t watching…you’re seriously missing out.  hurry up and watch the last few episodes on demand!

over the weekend mike and i went out and celebrated these lovely two girls.  this hidden gem of a venue was GORGEOUS and the drinks were mightayyy tastey.  My biggest lesson of the night?  I’m not young, I do not metabolize alcohol anymore and I need to stick with only beer.  Vodka is not my friend and never has been.  *shudder *

two random things relating to this…

  1. we had a retirement party for one of my faculty and they handed out champs.  i almost barfed at the smell of it but drank it out of peer pressure.  after a few sips i LITERALLY got a headache and felt hungover.  how is this possible???  i need to lift weights to get more muscle…aka a better metabolism…aka digest food and alcohol better.  hahaha is that a good reason to start work out?  so i can drink more?  LOLLLLLL
  2. this one is scary… mike and i witnessed a shooting on our way to this bar!  we parked on the street in downtown LA and were walking to the bar.  there was a biker in the street and a car honked at it~ biker yelled at & argued with the driver~ driver pulled out a GUN and shot at the biker!  mike and i FROZE.  the driver sped off, the biker looked SHOCKED beyond belief and then rode away on his bike.  what’s ironic is that mike and i witnessed the same thing but remember totally different details.  i looked back at the car to see if i could see the license plate (i couldn’t) in case the biker was hurt.  i also thought about where we would hide for cover if the car was shooting witnesses.  mike saw smoke coming out of the car and remembered more about the make/model of the car and the scene around us.  SO FREAKING SCARY RIGHT??  we both immediately thought about charlotte and how she would be an orphan if we were both hurt/shot.  sigh.  note to selves… don’t go to places together in case something like this happens again. #__#  orrrr stay at home always and never go out.  EVER.

    darn dark photo below… despite how it started, the rest of the night out was fun.  i love my markel so much.  he’s such a wonderful husband, father, puppy dad, and friend. <3i got a few things from the norstroms sale =)  these are some of my new faves~~ i don’t even remember the last time i wore a watch… love this simple, plain one!

    C is starting to “feed” herself.  love love love it (kinda).  she is growing in independence and in motor skills.  she wants to copy everything we do and it’s the most adorable sight to see.  she only gets food in her mouth 1 out of every 5 attempts but i don’t mind the mess.  (thank goodness for Lucy too)

one kinda sad story (that i can’t remember if i shared) is that C is super grumpy on the weekends when she is with us.  the daycare thought about that and asked us about what we feed C over the weekends and we found that we aren’t feeding her enough or food that she likes!  =(  we thought she just didn’t love solids but the daycare showed us her portions and how much she ate there and we were shocked.  i started cooking hot soups/rice for her and she devours it and opens her mouth SOOO wide.  before when we gave her spaghetti or small bites of random things she didn’t really eat (which is why we thought she didn’t like solids).  sigh.  so sad… AND we talked about her schedule and mike and i found out that she’s bored at home w us and needs more stimulation.  so we’re going to enroll her in gimboree and start taking her to the park on weekends.  eek.  Sowy C~~ newbie parents over here who know nothing.  #__#

AND, lately we’ve been letting C do more and more things for herself so she can experience new textures/things/motor skills.  we give her cups/water bottles to drink from, we let her spray herself with the shower head, we are teaching her to put away her own toys, she is feeding herself, we put soap in her hand to wash her hair, and much more.  she LOVES all these new experiences/responsibilities and thinks it’s HILARIOUS.  don’t get me wrong, this is all SUPER messy and harder on us, but C really really loves trying new things and seeing that she can do it herself.  i love my sweet smiley baby when she discovers a new skill or ability.  mike and i are currently working on making up a clean up song to make bedtime more fun w reading, cleaning up toys, singing songs and going to bed.  =P

we made her this toy station and she plays here all day errday.  her current favs: animal books, stacking anything, things that open and close, textured balls, animal bath toys (that we use as normal toys), and her little blankie down below.  she carries that thing around all day in our home and squeezes it tight at night.  it happened so organically that mike and i die over her new phase.  she also loves this white hello kitty robe made of the same material~~ ^^  her two fav blankies.

on the weekends we wake up at 630-7am (*groan *) so we’ve been getting into the habit of taking the whole family out to breakfast.  we go on a long walk to get all the wiggles out of C and L~ eat a light breakfast and then come home to play/relax the rest of the day. =)  as much as i hate waking up that early, i’m enjoying this new ritual we’ve started!This pic below is everything.  every morning the four of us leave the house together.  i take C to daycare and mike takes L for a walk before going to work.  on our way out, C insists on “walking” lucy herself.  it’s the most adorable thing EVER.  i’m pretty sure L is stressed out of her mind since she is scared of C but it’s just way too cute not to let happen.  C also insists on wearing her backpack on our way out too.  xoxo  my heart seriously bursts 100 times a day over precious moments like this.

last final thought…my first born sweet fur babe lucy… she has been SUCH a champ and trooper the last month or two.  C is in this hitting phase b/c she doesn’t understand her own strength and Lucy is usually on the receiving end of all the abuse.  C slaps her and grabs her fur when she tries to “pet” lucy.  all by accident of course.  we’re teaching C to be EXTRA gentle with fur babes and animals (since not all pets will be as gentle to C as L is to her).  i can see the stress/strain on L’s face and i’m trying my best to give her extra love and more time outside to get her wiggles (stress) out.  one sad new development is that on the weekends L is used to going out with us everywhere (parks, walks, errands) so on monday morning when we all leave without her~ you can hear her crying on the other side of the apartment building. =(  sad… i have to think of a better way for monday mornings to go~~ maybe an extra long walk to tire her out?  extra treats in the apartment so she doesn’t freak?  i dunno… tbd on that one.

anyway, this was a VERY long post.  i hope you’re having an amazing week!  it’s finals week here at UCLA and i’m soooooo excited for summer!!!

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Mommy Mondays: Free Shipping

Free Shippingholy batman if you are not taking advantage of free shopping then you are a crazy person.  free shipping from stores like Target, Amazon, Google Express, etc are life changers.  mike and i were talking to some friends who live in the suburbs and they didn’t know what amazon prime was nor did they see a reason to get it.  s i l e n c e …  i mean we were speechless.  life in west LA is chaotic.  parking is a pain, stores are far and hard to get to… and who the HELL has time to find parking, take a baby out of their car seat, run into the store, grab items while your baby is wiggling to be free, run back to the car, strap that cranky baby back in, and then sit in traffic to get home (of course while the baby is PISSED and making you pay with her loud yelps).

sigh.  life in the suburbs is what we dream of, but it is not currently our reality.  therefore, free shipping, next day delivery and door to door service is my new obsession.  Here are some of my favorites below~~


Amazon Prime

if you don’t have this is, get it IMMEDIATELY.  it is a life saver.  mike and i do 1-click ordering and we have baby, household, personal, MAKEUP, and even friggin GROCERIES.  goodness anything you want comes within HOURS or 1-3 days.


my second obsession.  you can hook up your checking account with a target red card and get 5% off EVERY TIME you purchase something.  so that doesn’t seem like a lot but if you buy a ton of things from there, why NOT save a little cheddar right?


this one was crazy shocking.  wait costco SHIPS??  so we live near the marina del rey costco which is the busiest costco in the western region.  parking is a NIGHTMARE.  especially since we can only go on the weekends when everyone and their moms is out.  i can convince mike to go maybe once a month or once every other month, which means we have to majorly stock up on stuff.  um… we do not live in a wheel chair friendly apartment (aka TONS of stairs) so lugging tons of water and heavy goods is not fun.  SOOOO, why not make a postal carrier do it for us right?!?!  lol (rude i know)

Google Express/Food Delivery In General

food delivery sites like grub hub, yummy, postmates, etc are also how mike and i live our lives.  when we’re both rushing home after long days and we have to put c to bed in 1.5 hours (by 8pm)~ cooking is the very last thing on our list.  we have sustained ourselves with frozen dinners, take out, green smoothies and random ass snacks that we have around the house.

something that is pretty freaking scary is that now C is eating solids and she is moving on from purees.  she likes foods with textures that she can chew with her tiny 2.5 teeth.  up until now i’ve been able to keep her diet organic, with no salt or sugar.  i give her a tiny bit of treats here and there (little puffs) but for the most part i try my best to give her a bland diet with fruit, veggies, proteins and bits of fiber.

ok so the thing that freaks me out is that no matter how badly mike and i eat, i can always make sure she is only eating the best.  but there is going to be a time where we all eat the same thing or where she realizes that mike and i are eating bad things.  obviously i’m not going to let her eat those bad things with us… sigh. mike and i need to do a last hurrah on bad things before we all become an organic, fruit/veggie/protein kinda family.  (i’m trying not to give c too many carbs or empty calories.  i know… *eye roll * such a small concern for a toddler right?  but it’s something i’m super serious about.  empty calories, sugars and salt.  nothing tiger mom about that. ;P)

Anyway… we could NOT have raised C or lived this past year without these services above.  Thank you God for technology and delivery.

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Spring Shoes for Toddlers

Spring Shoes for Toddlers

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Nordstroms is having its semi-annual sale right now and although not all of these are on sale~~ these are my spring/summer shoe lusts for C’s wardrobe.  Now that she’s walking I want her to have every shoe in sight to match all her clothes.  LOL

I didn’t buy shoes for her or put her in shoes before C started walking b/c I had heard from so many people told me that C needs to build her feet/leg muscles before she starts wearing shoes.  It helped a lot that we don’t wear shoes in the house or at daycare.  =)  Anyway, I’ve never talked to a Doctor so I’m not sure how true that all is, but it just so happened to have been something we followed.  ^^

xoxo Happy Tuesday Ya’ll

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