Mommy Mondays: Best Diaper Wipes

best baby wipes for your little one

When you go to the baby aisle or look through the amazon choices…it is VERY confusing what wipes to buy or not buy.  What wipes are expensive just because and what wipes are a bargain deal (plus still strong and gentle).  Hopefully this little review of the wipes I tried will help you out!

This list is in order of the ones I like to use =)

Costco (my first choice)

–SO GREAT.  they are a great price, they come in bulk (hallelujah), they are big and STRONG.  great for poops, messy spills, or just cleaning around the car when you’re in a bind!

(one warning, these sting a little bit~ as do all baby wipes.  if your little one has a diaper rash, i highly recommend using BOOGIE WIPES to wipe your little one down there since those wipes do not sting.)

Honest (tied for second)

–honestly, just as good as Costco wipes in my book.  these are a great size, they’re strong and they have little ridges on them to help with spills/poops.  my only complaint is that they are not as cheap as Costco.  BUT if cost is not an issue, then these are WONDERFUL and natural for your baby’s bottom.

Pampers (tied for second)

–great great wipe.  i love buying these small packs and keeping them in my purse for clean up emergencies.  to be honest i do like these wipes a lot but i don’t really end up buying them.  i prefer to buy costco all the way~~ such an incredible price you just can’t beat it!


-love these too!  these are not as thick as the Costco ones but much thicker than the target wipes.  if you’re an amazon prime mom (which all moms need to be), then with 1-click you can have these in 1-2 days!


–these wipes are small and thin.  i don’t love them and i wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.


–terrible wipes, don’t buy~~~they break apart!


Boogie Wipes

–you can see my post about them here and here, which is why i love these babies so much!  these wipes are incredibly gentle on c’s nose and sensitive areas on her bottom.  c cries with certain wipes because they sting and make her nose/bottom worse.  when i use boogie wipes, c NEVER cries.  EVER.  it’s such a miracle wipe and i could not say more good things about these babies.

Water Wipes

–the concept of these wipes is GREAT and we do use them all the time…they are 99.9% water and only .01% grapefruit extract for smell.  these wipes are incredibly gentle and for sensitive skin.  they are also very WET so it’s great for clean ups, wiping hands and mouth, and just any little mess.  the two big cons of these wipes are that they are small and they do not wipe very well.  like if your baby has a big poop explosion, it doesn’t pick up the mess very well.


I hope this little review of what I have tried helps you mama’s out there!  In case you missed it, here are some past Mommy Monday posts from this blog:

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