Chic Hawaiian Themed First Birthday


A few weeks ago we got our profesh pics back from Charlotte’s first birthday party!  Oh my, every detail from this day was sooo pretty and I couldn’t be happier.  Mike and I thought of this theme when we were in Hawaii for Christmas~ which was AWESOME timing since we were able to pick up some themed goodies, take pics of C in Aloha wear, AND carefully plan out a chic, feminine, Hawaiian themed party! =)

If you know me, then you know my colors are white/gold/pink.  I tried so hard to add in more colors but…I just LOVE how gorgeous these colors are together and how they allow the actual elements shine through.  Sometimes parties with too many loud colors overpower the theme or the occasion.


Guests were asked to vote on what object they thought Charlotte would pick!  In Korean Culture, a child chooses an item that foretells her future profession/interests! =)  Guests vote on what they think she’ll chose and then we hand our prizes for 1-2 winners who guessed right!

105-IMG_3029 108-IMG_2993 134-IMG_3093 138-IMG_3118 152-IMG_3162 166-IMG_3200 182-IMG_3241259-IMG_3483 184-IMG_3247

231-IMG_3363 201-IMG_3293

203-IMG_3296 215-IMG_3314 261-IMG_3488 293-IMG_3575 340-IMG_3731 351-IMG_3781 357-IMG_3801

head table


i just HAD to include this picture!  hehehe  Mean mama?  maybe… lol  but she is just so cute when she cries!  i love her little pout~ ^^217-IMG_3320 228-IMG_3371

239-IMG_3393 241-IMG_3373 242-IMG_3381 246-IMG_3416 250-IMG_3435 251-IMG_3440 253-IMG_3449 255-IMG_3454
269-IMG_3527 281-IMG_3553 288-IMG_3565 299-IMG_3597 305-IMG_3614 309-IMG_3623 314-IMG_3641

family shots!

318-IMG_3655 329-IMG_3687

C getting her first shot at a smash cake! =P  I was really nervous she would eat the frosting or cake, but she just played with it in her hands. ^^

333-IMG_3712 344-IMG_3743

my sweet funny baby~~~ between the people she didn’t know, all the outfit changes and missing her nap~ she was such a trooper at this party.

Charlotte's outfits and portraits

family pictures in our hanboks!

369-IMG_3860 375-IMG_3872



Location: Saladang Song in South Pasadena

Photographer: Kenny Song Photography

Garland: Hana by Hannah

Desserts: Sweetleemade

Dohl Towers: Shop Hello Jinny

Flowers:  Esther Jo (hit me up if you want her contact!  She is AHMAZING!)

Glitter Pineapple Cake Toppers: Beautiful Paper Crafts

Mirrored Pineapple Cake Topper (on head table): Creative Muster

Charlotte Lasercut Name: Letterstou

10 comments on “Chic Hawaiian Themed First Birthday
  1. Caroline says:

    Hello! Did you do everything yourself, because it came out beautifully! I was wondering if you set the background yourself. If so could you tell me how you got the cloth, garland, and your baby’s name to hang? Thank you!

  2. jessica says:


    Did you make the sheep and ‘chook dol’ decoration on your own? and if so, could you tell me how you did it? I would love to recreate this for my friends dohl.
    Thank you!

  3. irene says:

    beautiful pictures. where did you pictures the birthday chalkboard sign?

  4. Hara says:


    Your dohl photos are beautiful? Could you please let me know where the white table cloth is from??

  5. Karen Quach says:

    Where did the client get the felts for the doljabi.

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