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I recently threw out a huge chunk of my jewelry and wardrobe.  These are a few pieces of jewelry above.  I’m pretty sure if you looked at this pic you’d like, “yea girl…throw that out!”  LOL  BUT for me, these resemble my pre-baby prime where I was super into accessorizing, always wearing things in trend and just… spending a lot of time on myself.

The last 20 months I have not felt SO blah.  With morning sickness, a changing body, a new baby, a very active toddler… taking care of myself and dressing well is not even on my “things to do” list.  It’s a freaking miracle if I’ve showered, brushes my teeth and put stain free clothes on in the morning.  LOL

If you remember these two articles back here and here~ I was trying out different approaches to getting dressed in the morning and looking “together” without much effort.  I’m still following this guideline but… it’s so boring!  hahaha  I like wearing black pants or jeans everyday.  That is easy.  I think what I’m getting bored of is the fact that I wear no jewelry, my hair is always in a ponytail, I don’t even remember the last time I had my nails done, and I just feel so blah.

Any other mamas out there feel like me?  Lately I’ve been longing to get eyelash extensions, try out a new hair color, get a gel manicure and just… feel more like my pre-baby self.  I look back at pictures of myself and miss that girl!  I miss pulling looks together, trying harder, and feeling better.  None of my clothes fit the same or look the same on me.  My face, hair, skin… all different.  Even my SHOES are on permanent strike… sigh.

When I put on old accessories I feel like a poser or I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.  I tried wearing dangly earrings for a while after baby c but I look so weird…

Mike constantly encourages me to take more time for myself but I have such crazy mom guilt attached to doing that.  I feel guilty pampering myself when I feel like I should be spending time with Charlotte or doing something for the house.  Because I work and we have a long commute, I feel like I only get 1-2 hours with C a day and then two full weekend days.  Taking time away from her when I already see her so little seems so selfish… sigh.  I keep reading articles that you have to recharge yourself to help recharge your family~ but~ I’m not there yet.

My ONE summer goal this year is to start working out regularly and start dressing better to feel like my old self.  Or… maybe finally feel like a person in this new mom body/mom life that I’m living in.  Maybe a little summer sun, some days off here and there when C is in daycare, and a little work out will boost me out of my frump slump.

Random… but I’ve been trying to wear lipstick more to help me “feel” more alive and young.  hahaha is that a thing??  Anyway, this is a long rant.  Hopefully there are some mamas out there who feel me!  Please send me comments or advice if you went through this and what you did to get out of it.  xoxoxoxoxo

Happy Monday Ya’ll!



3 comments on “Mommy Mondays: Mom Style
  1. Sophia Kim says:

    YEA i feel you! ALL moms have been there; we ALL go through that same slump after having a baby. at least i know i did! you need to take the time to invest in yourself, mama! you NEED to, it’ll totally be a big boost for your own confidence. if you feel bad about taking weekend time away from C try scheduling things during her nap time so she’s not apart from me any extra. i would HIGHLY recommend the lash extensions. not only will they make you feel so fab like beyonce “i woke up like thiiiiiis” but they will cut down your getting ready time in the morning too. they are an investment to go and keep them maintained but i always encourage busy mamas to try them out!

    and just remember .. c is only a year old. give yourself time! yes there are those crazy ladies out there that pop out a baby and then fit into their clothes/look fab almost immediately after BUT that’s not the reality for most women. it takes time and work and your body – believe it or not – it probably still dealing with the after effects of having grown an entire human being. so give yourself time! get a few workouts in when you can, and before you know it you’ll feel even more fab than you did before you ever had baby C! <3 <3 hugs, mama!

    • Esther Chang says:

      SOPHIA, thank you for your comment. that seriously made me feel so much better. I have so much mom guilt it’s hard to take time for myself!! I’ve been feeling really burnt out lately~~ so it’s nice to hear other kickass moms like you are taking “me” time and still doing it all. i’m hoping some yoga classes near my house, some eye lash extensions and a gel mani/pedi will revive my soul. LOL is that superficial?? haha

      • Sophia Kim says:

        NOT SUPERFICIAL at ALL!! & it will totally revive your soul; GO for it!!

        just because you have this amazing baby and she’s your top priority doesn’t mean that you can’t take some time to make sure you feel/look good. plus, don’t you want c to be proud of her hot mama? anytime i start to feel guilty about taking time away from my kids to spend money/time on myself i just think… well at least my kids won’t be embarrassed by me when i go to pick them up. they’ll be proud to be seen with me! >< hahahahahaha

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