oh maw gawd… are ya’ll going to watch this show?  i stopped watching this series of shows b/c it was too much.  the crying, the cattiness… last season’s bachelor got SO MUCH BUZZ that i got sucked right back in and well…now i am a superfan.  >.<  lol  my small group and i are doing a bachelorette draft with tons of fun rules/punishments/rewards.  =P  I’m so excited for this upcoming season!!

Anyway, here are our draft pics for today.  The red hearts are the people I like and the ones I hope make it far (or till the end)!  The pink hearts are my two bachelors for the draft.  I picked them b/c their answers were incredibly douche and I think Jojo might be charmed by it.  LOL

bachelorette 2

click here to see all the contestants!


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