Mommy Mondays: Best Brand of Baby Food

i have been researching high and low on what baby food brands and snacks to give C.  And well…it is HARD.  So many websites say different things and at the end of it all, you’re just ask confused as when you started.

Based on my research, here is a very very dumbed down list of what the good/medium/bad brands are.

  1. Good Brands: Happy Baby/Happy Toddler, Plum, Earth’s Best, Peter Rabbit Organic.  (although, i like Happy Baby/Happy Toddler the Best)
  2. Ella’s Kitchen, Gerber Organic, anything Organic is medium ( i would personally put Plum in this medium category)
  3. Gerber, Generic Brands, and Brands you haven’t heard of… All are supposed to be in this category.

For me, what it came down to were the ingredients.  I spent a lot of time reading the list of ingredients and I found that I liked Happy Baby (or Happy Family Products) the best.  AND one huge thing is that I haven’t seen any recalls for their food and products recently.  Plum recently had a bunch of recalls/misleading product articles written about them~ and their product names and ingredients don’t always match.

Ironically, I have also bought a few gerber products for C as well and I still continue to buy them.  One huge problem I had with the baby food pouches were all the articles that came out about them being rotten or having mold inside.  Our family has been traveling so much recently that I bought a few pouches (cautiously) and always tasted them and looked at it before giving it to C.  Unfortunately, since the pouches are not clear, there’s just a weirdness about buying them.  Gerber baby food has clear containers and simple ingredient lists.  I love that.  When we’re traveling, sometimes I buy the clear gerber food containers with only simple (non-chemical), organic ingredients.  Be careful to always read the ingredients though, b/c some of the containers include lots of additives that I can’t pronounce… aka… not natural or organic.


Happy Baby recently came out with CLEAR pouches though!!!  SOOOOO happy about that.  Love the transparency and the effort this company is doing to keep mama’s like me happy. =D  From here on out when I travel, I will definitely only buy these pouches.  (BUT still taste them before C does each time to make sure it’s not rancid or weird)

So these pictures are of things I’ve bought for C and things I’ve tried.  C is pretty good about eating anything but I personally try to pick things with extra veggie servings since it’s not always easy to get it in normal foods/meals for her.  Since C is teething, these little wafers have been awesome~~ as well as the puffs.  (btw these puffs are like crack to C and Lucy)

I get the organic creamies from time to time but they have more sugar in them than the normal baby treats so I try to give it to C sparingly.  (she LOVES them)  Although… to be perfectly honest all of these treats have sugar in them.

Anyways… I hope this helps to any of you mamas out there who are confused and always looking for guidance just like me.  =) 


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