Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self – Exploration

my oldest and dearest friend sent this journal to me and it was something i desparately needed without even knowing it.  i was telling her how i was stuck in this rut and in a bad space when it came to work, career, what i want to be when i grow up… sigh.  can i still say that at 31?

anyway, this book asks you tons of questions and helps you explore your thoughts, hidden dreams, stubborn hopes that you can’t let go of, and just sort of… lets you rediscover yourself.  i love it.  each page on the left has a question or exercise and the right side you write it all down.  i’ve been doing a few pages each night after c goes to bed and then i take a day to really think it over and let the exercises sink in.

i absolutely love it.  i don’t remember the last time i set aside time to explore myself, my dreams, my hopes, and what it is i want for my life.  i feel like i’m in college again and trying to choose a major!  lol  the most profound think that i keep thinking about is that the book points out that we could each be holding on to a dream or an idea that we are trying to force.  that really resonated with me b/c i most DEFINITELY feel that way.  i’m trying so hard to make ucla or a creative idea happen but neither really is.  i need to step back and take a second to see what is and is not working.

anyway, if you’re in a rut or stuck in a weird space like me, i would highly recommend trying this book out! i’m still going through my own self exploration but hopefully in a few months i’ll have something new and fun to share. =)

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