Day of M-E


In my last two posts (here and here)  I wrote about how BURNT OUT I was feeling…and well… this memorial day weekend was exactly the recharge I needed!  The weekend was perfectly packed and curated so that Mike and I had time for ourselves PLUS we did fun things with Charlotte and Lucy.

for 24 hours straight (sun to mon), it was all about M-E.  i can’t remember the last time that happened and it was exactly the refresh and recharge i needed.  i spent the entire day with my bestie on sunday for a mani/pedi, a longgggg lunch outdoors, and BOBAAA my fave treat everrr.  just catching up with a girlfriend and doing something normal felt GREAT.  the past year i have been such a bad friend to those around me and it felt SO SO good to spend time with a bestie that i hadn’t connected with in a while.  hopefully this summer i’ll be able to do more one-on-one meals/days with friends to make up for the chaos and radio silence on my end!

Cheesecake Factory Eats.  LOL  so much better in my memory than in real life… =T

Gel mani and pedi!  dude it felt SOOO good having people massage my feet/calves while i chit chatted with a friend.  no stress of running after a baby~~

BRUNCH! =)  on Sunday our fam bam walked to a nearby cafe that we love.  C is in this phase of doing everything herself.  She has to feed herself with utensils too, even tho gf doesn’t know how to use them.  >.<see the fork in her hand she doesn’t use?  lolllllllllimg_2083

oh lucy bear… i hope in another life she is born as a human and pampered even more than we pamper her at home.  lol  haha i love her so much and she is SOOOOO good with C.  right now C is going through a phase where she hits and doesn’t know her own strength.  she thinks she’s petting lucy but she’s really just hitting the crap out of Lucy.  >.<  BUT with Lucy’s sweet nature, L just runs away or hides in her dog bed when C comes chasing after her.  LOLLL   it also doesn’t help that we’re teaching Charlotte animals and she loves to “hug” or “pet” lucy when the word “dog” comes up.  

this is a random thai massage place around the corner from our house and i love it!  the masseuse said i was super tense.  eek.  esp my right shoulder and neck~~which is the side i usually use to hold C.img_2107

i ended the long weekend with the bachelorette.  oh em geee.  are you all watching????  chad????  ughhh

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Mommy Mondays: Best Diaper Wipes

best baby wipes for your little one

When you go to the baby aisle or look through the amazon choices…it is VERY confusing what wipes to buy or not buy.  What wipes are expensive just because and what wipes are a bargain deal (plus still strong and gentle).  Hopefully this little review of the wipes I tried will help you out!

This list is in order of the ones I like to use =)

Costco (my first choice)

–SO GREAT.  they are a great price, they come in bulk (hallelujah), they are big and STRONG.  great for poops, messy spills, or just cleaning around the car when you’re in a bind!

(one warning, these sting a little bit~ as do all baby wipes.  if your little one has a diaper rash, i highly recommend using BOOGIE WIPES to wipe your little one down there since those wipes do not sting.)

Honest (tied for second)

–honestly, just as good as Costco wipes in my book.  these are a great size, they’re strong and they have little ridges on them to help with spills/poops.  my only complaint is that they are not as cheap as Costco.  BUT if cost is not an issue, then these are WONDERFUL and natural for your baby’s bottom.

Pampers (tied for second)

–great great wipe.  i love buying these small packs and keeping them in my purse for clean up emergencies.  to be honest i do like these wipes a lot but i don’t really end up buying them.  i prefer to buy costco all the way~~ such an incredible price you just can’t beat it!


-love these too!  these are not as thick as the Costco ones but much thicker than the target wipes.  if you’re an amazon prime mom (which all moms need to be), then with 1-click you can have these in 1-2 days!


–these wipes are small and thin.  i don’t love them and i wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.


–terrible wipes, don’t buy~~~they break apart!


Boogie Wipes

–you can see my post about them here and here, which is why i love these babies so much!  these wipes are incredibly gentle on c’s nose and sensitive areas on her bottom.  c cries with certain wipes because they sting and make her nose/bottom worse.  when i use boogie wipes, c NEVER cries.  EVER.  it’s such a miracle wipe and i could not say more good things about these babies.

Water Wipes

–the concept of these wipes is GREAT and we do use them all the time…they are 99.9% water and only .01% grapefruit extract for smell.  these wipes are incredibly gentle and for sensitive skin.  they are also very WET so it’s great for clean ups, wiping hands and mouth, and just any little mess.  the two big cons of these wipes are that they are small and they do not wipe very well.  like if your baby has a big poop explosion, it doesn’t pick up the mess very well.


I hope this little review of what I have tried helps you mama’s out there!  In case you missed it, here are some past Mommy Monday posts from this blog:

Mommy Mondays: Diaper Rash Cream Review

Mommy Mondays: Best Saline Spray for your Baby

Mommy Mondays: Fun Parenting Links

Mommy Mondays: Working Mama Struggles

Mommy Mondays: Best Brand of Baby Food


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Fun Links and Things I’m Loving

it’s memorial day weekend ya’ll and i could not be happier!  i’ve been feeling so burnt out this last month and this weekend is the recharge i really need~~ time at home w C, time to clean our insane apartment and time to binge watch movies and shows on netflix. =P

over the weekend we planned a ton of outdoor activities with C (park, beach, grandparents house) and lots of little fun new experiences for our family.  C is in the most amazing stage where she is exploring EVERYTHING, asking about EVERYTHING~~ we can’t get enough of it or her!

i hope you have a great holiday weekend with your loved ones!  here are some fun/funny/cool links of things i’m loving these days. =)

The Life of a Mom Explained Perfectly Though Game of Thrones GIFs

Beach Baby Essentials  (I plan on taking C to the Beach as much as possible this summer!)

An Article From King Jong Un’s Aunt

Loving the off shoulder look: Rebecca Minkhoff

LUSTING after these Chanel Espadrilles for Summer

Mirrored Sunglasses

Watermelon Love












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J.Crew Looks for Spring: Mommy and Me

i recently went to a jcrew store and died over how many cute pieces there were for spring!  in the past, i never walked to the kids section but i saw SO MANY cute, fun, bright prints and wanted it alllll for C.  here are some of my favorite pieces. <3

jcrew jcrewkids

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Chic Hawaiian Themed First Birthday


A few weeks ago we got our profesh pics back from Charlotte’s first birthday party!  Oh my, every detail from this day was sooo pretty and I couldn’t be happier.  Mike and I thought of this theme when we were in Hawaii for Christmas~ which was AWESOME timing since we were able to pick up some themed goodies, take pics of C in Aloha wear, AND carefully plan out a chic, feminine, Hawaiian themed party! =)

If you know me, then you know my colors are white/gold/pink.  I tried so hard to add in more colors but…I just LOVE how gorgeous these colors are together and how they allow the actual elements shine through.  Sometimes parties with too many loud colors overpower the theme or the occasion.


Guests were asked to vote on what object they thought Charlotte would pick!  In Korean Culture, a child chooses an item that foretells her future profession/interests! =)  Guests vote on what they think she’ll chose and then we hand our prizes for 1-2 winners who guessed right!

105-IMG_3029 108-IMG_2993 134-IMG_3093 138-IMG_3118 152-IMG_3162 166-IMG_3200 182-IMG_3241259-IMG_3483 184-IMG_3247

231-IMG_3363 201-IMG_3293

203-IMG_3296 215-IMG_3314 261-IMG_3488 293-IMG_3575 340-IMG_3731 351-IMG_3781 357-IMG_3801

head table


i just HAD to include this picture!  hehehe  Mean mama?  maybe… lol  but she is just so cute when she cries!  i love her little pout~ ^^217-IMG_3320 228-IMG_3371

239-IMG_3393 241-IMG_3373 242-IMG_3381 246-IMG_3416 250-IMG_3435 251-IMG_3440 253-IMG_3449 255-IMG_3454
269-IMG_3527 281-IMG_3553 288-IMG_3565 299-IMG_3597 305-IMG_3614 309-IMG_3623 314-IMG_3641

family shots!

318-IMG_3655 329-IMG_3687

C getting her first shot at a smash cake! =P  I was really nervous she would eat the frosting or cake, but she just played with it in her hands. ^^

333-IMG_3712 344-IMG_3743

my sweet funny baby~~~ between the people she didn’t know, all the outfit changes and missing her nap~ she was such a trooper at this party.

Charlotte's outfits and portraits

family pictures in our hanboks!

369-IMG_3860 375-IMG_3872



Location: Saladang Song in South Pasadena

Photographer: Kenny Song Photography

Garland: Hana by Hannah

Desserts: Sweetleemade

Dohl Towers: Shop Hello Jinny

Flowers:  Esther Jo (hit me up if you want her contact!  She is AHMAZING!)

Glitter Pineapple Cake Toppers: Beautiful Paper Crafts

Mirrored Pineapple Cake Topper (on head table): Creative Muster

Charlotte Lasercut Name: Letterstou

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Toddler OOTD

I started taking some photos of c before daycare to capture more of her and her personality.  And now it has become this fun ritual of what we do before getting into the elevator in the mornings.  C loves running around and looking down the balcony poles at the people and things around her.  I so love this playful stage she is in right now!

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Mommy Mondays: Mom Style

I recently threw out a huge chunk of my jewelry and wardrobe.  These are a few pieces of jewelry above.  I’m pretty sure if you looked at this pic you’d like, “yea girl…throw that out!”  LOL  BUT for me, these resemble my pre-baby prime where I was super into accessorizing, always wearing things in trend and just… spending a lot of time on myself.

The last 20 months I have not felt SO blah.  With morning sickness, a changing body, a new baby, a very active toddler… taking care of myself and dressing well is not even on my “things to do” list.  It’s a freaking miracle if I’ve showered, brushes my teeth and put stain free clothes on in the morning.  LOL

If you remember these two articles back here and here~ I was trying out different approaches to getting dressed in the morning and looking “together” without much effort.  I’m still following this guideline but… it’s so boring!  hahaha  I like wearing black pants or jeans everyday.  That is easy.  I think what I’m getting bored of is the fact that I wear no jewelry, my hair is always in a ponytail, I don’t even remember the last time I had my nails done, and I just feel so blah.

Any other mamas out there feel like me?  Lately I’ve been longing to get eyelash extensions, try out a new hair color, get a gel manicure and just… feel more like my pre-baby self.  I look back at pictures of myself and miss that girl!  I miss pulling looks together, trying harder, and feeling better.  None of my clothes fit the same or look the same on me.  My face, hair, skin… all different.  Even my SHOES are on permanent strike… sigh.

When I put on old accessories I feel like a poser or I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.  I tried wearing dangly earrings for a while after baby c but I look so weird…

Mike constantly encourages me to take more time for myself but I have such crazy mom guilt attached to doing that.  I feel guilty pampering myself when I feel like I should be spending time with Charlotte or doing something for the house.  Because I work and we have a long commute, I feel like I only get 1-2 hours with C a day and then two full weekend days.  Taking time away from her when I already see her so little seems so selfish… sigh.  I keep reading articles that you have to recharge yourself to help recharge your family~ but~ I’m not there yet.

My ONE summer goal this year is to start working out regularly and start dressing better to feel like my old self.  Or… maybe finally feel like a person in this new mom body/mom life that I’m living in.  Maybe a little summer sun, some days off here and there when C is in daycare, and a little work out will boost me out of my frump slump.

Random… but I’ve been trying to wear lipstick more to help me “feel” more alive and young.  hahaha is that a thing??  Anyway, this is a long rant.  Hopefully there are some mamas out there who feel me!  Please send me comments or advice if you went through this and what you did to get out of it.  xoxoxoxoxo

Happy Monday Ya’ll!



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JoJo Fletcher: The Bachelorette

oh maw gawd… are ya’ll going to watch this show?  i stopped watching this series of shows b/c it was too much.  the crying, the cattiness… last season’s bachelor got SO MUCH BUZZ that i got sucked right back in and well…now i am a superfan.  >.<  lol  my small group and i are doing a bachelorette draft with tons of fun rules/punishments/rewards.  =P  I’m so excited for this upcoming season!!

Anyway, here are our draft pics for today.  The red hearts are the people I like and the ones I hope make it far (or till the end)!  The pink hearts are my two bachelors for the draft.  I picked them b/c their answers were incredibly douche and I think Jojo might be charmed by it.  LOL

bachelorette 2

click here to see all the contestants!


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Charlotte’s Baptism

This post is like two months late but better late than never right??

On Easter Sunday, our little C was baptized!!!!  ^^  This was SUCH a special moment that when it was happening I started to tear up on stage.    I didn’t realize how important it would be to me to have her blessed and permanently part of God’s family.  Religion and Faith are a huge part of our lives and I love that she will grow up in the church~~

[not the most flattering pic of C below but it’s the only one with the three of us]





the pastor who baptized C was the same one who married markel and me AND the same one I met in high school AND the same one I have had in LA for the past 9 years.  So it’s so special that he did this for us. <3

IMG_6824 IMG_6849 IMG_6850

the blair fam bam who came to support this special day and also pray over us during the baptism.


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Mommy Mondays: Best Brand of Baby Food

i have been researching high and low on what baby food brands and snacks to give C.  And well…it is HARD.  So many websites say different things and at the end of it all, you’re just ask confused as when you started.

Based on my research, here is a very very dumbed down list of what the good/medium/bad brands are.

  1. Good Brands: Happy Baby/Happy Toddler, Plum, Earth’s Best, Peter Rabbit Organic.  (although, i like Happy Baby/Happy Toddler the Best)
  2. Ella’s Kitchen, Gerber Organic, anything Organic is medium ( i would personally put Plum in this medium category)
  3. Gerber, Generic Brands, and Brands you haven’t heard of… All are supposed to be in this category.

For me, what it came down to were the ingredients.  I spent a lot of time reading the list of ingredients and I found that I liked Happy Baby (or Happy Family Products) the best.  AND one huge thing is that I haven’t seen any recalls for their food and products recently.  Plum recently had a bunch of recalls/misleading product articles written about them~ and their product names and ingredients don’t always match.

Ironically, I have also bought a few gerber products for C as well and I still continue to buy them.  One huge problem I had with the baby food pouches were all the articles that came out about them being rotten or having mold inside.  Our family has been traveling so much recently that I bought a few pouches (cautiously) and always tasted them and looked at it before giving it to C.  Unfortunately, since the pouches are not clear, there’s just a weirdness about buying them.  Gerber baby food has clear containers and simple ingredient lists.  I love that.  When we’re traveling, sometimes I buy the clear gerber food containers with only simple (non-chemical), organic ingredients.  Be careful to always read the ingredients though, b/c some of the containers include lots of additives that I can’t pronounce… aka… not natural or organic.


Happy Baby recently came out with CLEAR pouches though!!!  SOOOOO happy about that.  Love the transparency and the effort this company is doing to keep mama’s like me happy. =D  From here on out when I travel, I will definitely only buy these pouches.  (BUT still taste them before C does each time to make sure it’s not rancid or weird)

So these pictures are of things I’ve bought for C and things I’ve tried.  C is pretty good about eating anything but I personally try to pick things with extra veggie servings since it’s not always easy to get it in normal foods/meals for her.  Since C is teething, these little wafers have been awesome~~ as well as the puffs.  (btw these puffs are like crack to C and Lucy)

I get the organic creamies from time to time but they have more sugar in them than the normal baby treats so I try to give it to C sparingly.  (she LOVES them)  Although… to be perfectly honest all of these treats have sugar in them.

Anyways… I hope this helps to any of you mamas out there who are confused and always looking for guidance just like me.  =) 


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Markel’s 30th Birthday

For Mike’s 30th we spent the day in San Diego!  We went to the Zoo and ended our fun with a delicious meal from Station Tavern and Burgers.  It was such a nice day to spend together as a family and introduce C to a whole new world!  We’ve been reading a ton of animal/zoo books to her and it was fun to see her reaction to seeing Lions, Giraffes, Penguins, etc  for the first time.  Seeing her reactions, pure joy, and just fascination in all big things moving… it was totally priceless.  I can’t wait to go back with her later in the summer when she’s a little older. ^^

Station Tavern and Burgers~~ everything was delicious.  We got Garlic Fries, Black Bean Burgers, and loaded Tator Tots.  derrric.  Oh and this pear cider below?  SOOO refreshing. =)

on C’s real birthday and her birthday party we didn’t give her cake.  but on Mike’s 30th… he gave her a tiny bit of his chocolate cake (sans frosting) and she died.  she kept pointing at the cake asking for more.  lol  looks like we have a little chocolate lover on our hands! 

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Mommy Mondays: Mother’s Day


This year I received my very first Mother’s Day Art!  =D  And I realize the daycare teachers made this for her but it was seriously the most touching thing for me to receive.  Mother’s Day this year falls on the same weekend that C turned one.  Which means…I have made it past what all moms have told me is the hardest time.  YAYYERRS.  This year was HARD, it was beyond tiring and yet…I wish I could do it three more times!  puhaha.

There has been this incredibly unique and special club that I became a part of one year ago.  A special group of women who I can turn to no matter where I am or what I am doing…even if I’ve never met the person!  It is so strange to know and feel the power and journey we have all been on.  When I hear a baby throwing a tantrum or crying out for something~ my heart skips a beat because I TOTALLY GET IT.  I know the tired eyes on that mom at the park, I know the embarrassment a mom feels when their babe does something outrageous and unexpected… I KNOW.

And what is SO CRAZY is that now whenever I see a kid that is hurt, hurting or has been hurt…an overwhelming sense of sadness comes over me and I cry for them and their families.  Isn’t that SO WEIRD?  One instance… I am OBSESSED with crime shows like Criminal Minds, Law & Order, L&O SVU, etc.  After having C…I just could NOT watch those shows anymore.  I took a long break from those shows, movies or articles because it makes me cry so much.  hahaha crazy right??

sigh.  anyway…

I feel so very lucky to be part of this group and I can’t wait to experience deeper and more wonderful stages of it as C gets older and we add new additions to our family.  This Mommy Monday post is mainly just to address how lucky we are as moms.  How lucky we are to watch these most AMAZING little ones grow up.  My heart literally melts when C comes running to me with her arms open wide and a huge smile on her face.  My heart melts when she calls out for me and I’m able to run to her.  My heart melts when C buries her face into my neck and wraps her arms around me.  And my heart melts when she brings over a book, settles her little tush in my lap and leans back~ ready for me to read a story to her.  She can’t talk but when I hear her little squeals, grunts and babbles… I die.  haha

um.. ok so pretty much i die over everything she does.  BUT my point is…I love this new stage of life I’m in and I feel so lucky to share it with millions of other mammas in the world. =D

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!!


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Weekend Fun for Mother’s Day and C’s Bday

This weekend was much anticipated and much needed.  I needed a break to spend some quality time w my people, de-stress from work, and really live in the moment.  

Each moment was filled with Mike, C and Lucy and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  🙂

We celebrated Mother’s Day, c’s first birthday and an early bday for Mike.  :). It was sooo relaxing I wish it didn’t have to come to an end… :(.  Here are some moments from this weekend!

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

This is my second Mother’s Day and I have to say, this is the first one I’m really enjoying and cherishing.  (first of many I suppose)  Charlotte was born on May 7th and last year I was just not in the head space to celebrate or recognize that I had joined this incredibly special group of women.  Over the past year I have truly been blessed with the most beautiful and perfect baby girl, the most supportive and loving husband, and a community of family and friends that have kept me sane and helped me navigate this brand new terrain.  I could not have reached this day without them and I am so very grateful!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day and are out celebrating your loved ones. xoxo

My mom and I love taking these three generation photos.  Lol

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C’s daycare birthday party

Um, so I know this sounds lame but I had so much fun planning and preparing for c’s daycare birthday.  Lol.  I wanted the gift bags to match her Hawaiian theme, I wanted her to have the cutest cake and snacks for her friends, I wanted her to have the hippest outfit…sigh.  I sadly spent way more time on a tiiiiiny celebration than I should have.  

I sang her happy birthday in Korean around the clock with a party hat (that I made for Lucy’s bday lol), cheered, clapped and tried to show her how special this moment was.  And as any one-year-old girl should do, she pushed me away, tore off the hat and waddled to the other side of the room so she could play with toys.  Sigh.  

This is so cheesy but I absolutely live to celebrate these moments. Charlotte will only ever have one first birthday and I want it to be ever so special.  <3

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Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self – Exploration

my oldest and dearest friend sent this journal to me and it was something i desparately needed without even knowing it.  i was telling her how i was stuck in this rut and in a bad space when it came to work, career, what i want to be when i grow up… sigh.  can i still say that at 31?

anyway, this book asks you tons of questions and helps you explore your thoughts, hidden dreams, stubborn hopes that you can’t let go of, and just sort of… lets you rediscover yourself.  i love it.  each page on the left has a question or exercise and the right side you write it all down.  i’ve been doing a few pages each night after c goes to bed and then i take a day to really think it over and let the exercises sink in.

i absolutely love it.  i don’t remember the last time i set aside time to explore myself, my dreams, my hopes, and what it is i want for my life.  i feel like i’m in college again and trying to choose a major!  lol  the most profound think that i keep thinking about is that the book points out that we could each be holding on to a dream or an idea that we are trying to force.  that really resonated with me b/c i most DEFINITELY feel that way.  i’m trying so hard to make ucla or a creative idea happen but neither really is.  i need to step back and take a second to see what is and is not working.

anyway, if you’re in a rut or stuck in a weird space like me, i would highly recommend trying this book out! i’m still going through my own self exploration but hopefully in a few months i’ll have something new and fun to share. =)

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Fess Parker in Santa Barbara

I’m at my very first work trip since Charlotte was born!!! Actually… My first work trip since I was at UCLA.  Hahaha uhh so in 9 years.

Anyway, I’m in Santa Barbara until Wednesday and my first night has been so relaxing!   Just unwinding and spending time with UCLA counselors has been awesome.  Can’t wait to see what the next few days are like!   Here are some fun photos from today.

Free cookies!! 🙂

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Mommy Monday’s: Best Saline Spray for your baby 

For the first 11 months of C’a life I used little remedies saline spray.  It seemed like the most gentle brand so I stuck with it.  But trying out the boogie brand wipes (post here) I decided to try out the boogie mist and well…it is pretty awesome.  I love the spout at the top that is easy to use and spray.

These are the only two brands I’ve tried since I’m really hesitant to experiment with things that go inside of C’s body.  If you have tried a better one please let me know! 🙂

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