Chang Bang Tang Squad

the chang family sans me.  the photographer sent me a preview of 10 photos from the first birthday party and when i saw this i was like, “uhhh i’m not in it…”  i showed my family and they laughed b/c they didn’t realize i wasn’t in it.  siiiigh.  see where this is going??  hahahaha  this is literally my parents and their golden son and their first cherished grand baby.  lollllll  story of my life… =T

anyway, my parents move to Hawaii where my brother was about 6.5 years ago and up until charlotte was born i was ok.  we skyped, talked to each other on the phone, texted and made it work.  i also spent a week or two in the summer visiting them and eating all my mama’s home cooking. <3

when i got pregnant, one of the first twinges of pain was that i wouldn’t have my parents next to me.  then after i gave birth, the one thing i needed/wanted were my parents.  it is SO WEIRD that i was a strong independent adult until this little babe came into this world and all over a sudden i needed my mommy and daddy.  lol  how ironic huh?

during my second trimester i got to go home and spend two weeks with the chang bang tang family and just soak up all the love and comforts that coming home feels like.  dreaming about and giggling over what baby c would be like with them settled and grounded me.  we discussed endlessly if she would look like me, be like me or have any of my traits.  we all prayed and hoped c would be strong, faithful, beautiful and successful in whatever she wanted to be.

after c was born, my chang bang tang squad huddled around her and made her the center of their world.  it was seriously the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen and totally melted my heart.  those moments reminded me how much i needed them, how much i loved them and how much i look forward to c growing up with them.  as the first chang grand baby she whines and has three adults catering to her needs, she points and everyone runs to grab her the toys, or she laughs and they all laugh with her.  goodness.  it’s seriously these moments i want to bottle up and remember forever.

i look forward to what the Lord has in store for us.  i am so grateful for my squad and love them so much.  these guys make me laugh, drive me nuts and are the most supportive, loving group around.  <3

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