Life Lately…

Life in the Blair Household is still total chaos.  BUT I think it’s chaos with a pattern and we’re slowly getting a grip on things… (sometimes anyway).  Here are some photos of our craziness the last few weeks!

Wittle ponytail. It took me ten tries to get this one.  Sigh. I need to get better rubber bands?

C is literally a climbing machine.  Doh.  All objects can now be used to climb. 

This scooter is something we picked up on a whim at Walmart for $19 for Christmas and it is C’s favorite toy right now. This pic below she insisted on holding a book while Mike scooted her around.  Hahaha silly c  

she screams now when things go on her head.  >.<  i trie 50 times a day to put a headband or bow on there.  sigh.

my mom made her tons of baby food when she was here and bought here these special honey melons that c DIED over.  i’ve never seen her eat something up so fast!

We went to a two year old birthday party at the park and c was pleased as punch being there.  I seriously need to make a bigger effort to take her out more. :T. Oops.

c sits on this scooter and waits till someone pushes her.  Sooo stinking cute!!  I love that she is starting to communicate with us (even if it is non-verbal).  

all smiles in the morning. =)  love it.

We are teaching her to say hello (on the phone) in Korean    She picks up all remotes and objects that could work as a phone.  I die over this cuteness!We bought this $10 tunnel from ikea and it was the best investment.  C LOVES it and thinks it is hilarious to roll around in it and drag it from place to place.  

c is entering a stage now where she loves to copy.  this is one of them.  she wants to wear glasses just like mama.  =P


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