Mommy Mondays: Diaper Rash Cream Review

for the past month, Charlotte and her body have gone through the ringer.  she has been congested, had mucus coming out of her eyes, contracted hand, foot mouth disease, had a double ear infection, was given antibiotics that she was allergic to, was given new antibiotics that her body only tolerated, was given benedryl around the clock for 5 days, had peeling hands and feet from the HFMD, had diarrhea from all the meds and refused to sleep at night from all the discomfort.  sigh.

this past month has been INSANE and of course C had the gnarliest diaper rash to go with it.  i think everything that was happening + the diarrhea + the HFMD made her delicate skin down there RAW.  like BLEEDING raw.  it was SOOO sad to watch her go through it, and for the first time i wished i could take pain away from her.  like i could some how transfer good skin to her down there and endure her pain myself.  each time she peed or pood she cried like someone was pinching her.  trying to wipe there?  forget about it.  it was a losing battle.

so in sheer desperation we tried EVERYTHING to help the rash.  here is what i learned about the products above so that you may not have to go through what we did!

  1. Desitin:  solid cream.  GREAT for normal redness down there or when it’s super hot outside (to prevent heat rash).  in the case of C’s insane diaper rash, this wasn’t the BEST.  it helped keep her skin from getting more irritated but it didn’t actually heal her skin.
  2. Aquaphor: great universal cream.  when it’s hot outside, i literally rub this ALL OVER c and in between her rolls/folds so that she doesn’t chafe or get a heat rash.  i also use this at night before c goes to bed since she is in the same diaper for 10+ hours.  even with overnight diapers it can’t be great to have skin touching pee for that long.  (not sure if that is fact/medical but just my opinion)
  3. Target’s Up and Up version of Aquaphor: a very watery version of aquaphor.  i won’t be buying this again.  it still works great at night on C’s delicate area or even on her skin if she has a red nose (from congestion) or on a little scratch on her face or skin.  but because it’s so watery…i don’t really think it does as much as Aquaphor would.
  4. Honest Healing Balm:  GREAT universal cream just like Aquaphor.  i use this very generously all over C just like Aquaphor.  love that it’s more organic and without harsh chemicals.
  5. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: MIRACLE WORKER.  i was pretty skeptical about this b/c so many people use Desitin but after we started using this, C’s diaper rash began to heal (in conjunction with #6).  this cream is not as thick as Desitin (which is why i was skeptical) but it worked wonders on C down there.
  6. Neosporin (or in our case, CVS’s generic version):  so this one, i have to say i made up and am not sure what drs would say… so major disclaimer.  lol  C was bleeding down there and her skin was R A W.  like as soon as i would take the diaper off blood droplets would form on her skin.  any diaper wipe would make her scream and cry out in pain~ SO STINKING SAD.  c is SO TOUGH that seeing her cry like this pained us even more.  anyway, i figured that if there was a lesion on any other part of her body i would put this on to help heal her skin.  so i did a mixture of things.  i would give c a bath before her nap, she would nap without her diaper on (on top of a towel) to let the skin breathe, i would put on this antibiotic ointment every time i changed her diaper (and before her naps on the towel), and then putt the butt paste on top of the ointment when she was wearing a diaper.  literally after the first 3 uses of neosporin, i noticed a HUGE difference in her skin.  HUGE.  even without letting C air it out all the time (b/c girlfriend peed/pooed all over our house), the ointment itself started to rapidly heal c’s skin.  a week after being super diligent about the ointment, her skin is almost healed.  PRAISE JESUS.
  7. Baby Powder (pic not shown): every baby site and book says no to baby powder.  the little particals can get into your baby’s lungs and it’s just not good.  we got one of these at our baby shower and it was still in the wrapping until this cray baby rash.  we used it here and there when especially desperate but i’m not sure it did anything.  like it obviously absored moisture but i’m not sure if it helped heal or protect anything.  probably won’t use this again until the summer months when i worry about c getting a heat rash~ or maybe i wont.  i don’t know…
  8. Boogie Wipes (pic not shown): ok, so these wipes are AWESOME.  i was VERY skeptical about them b/c i thought it was gimmick but they were a lifesaver.  c has basically had a runny nose since she went into daycare 7 months ago.  there was a 2 week period in hawaii when she wasn’t in daycare that she didn’t have it, but outside of that she ALWAYS has a runny nose.  great for pictures, life, clothes, our couch… >.<  anyway, when c’s sick her nose gets REALLY red and she cries whenever we wipe her nose with a baby wipe.  (Disclaimer: i’ve been told MANY times that you shouldn’t use baby wipes on a baby’s face so we try to only use water wipes.  BUT sometimes tissues and cloths don’t get the boogers like a baby wipe.  sorry mommy blogs out there.  sometimes you need a chemical wipe.  shrug.)  I got SUPER sick a few months back and ended up using the same wipes on my nose and realized… that shit BURNS.  no WONDER c cries every time we use it!  the water wipes do NOTHING for mucus boogers so I was back to saline spray, tissues and q tips to get c’s thick boogers out.  when i saw a commercial for boogie wipes, it reminded me how much the regular wipes can burn so i bought 1 order from amazon (3-pack) to start using on her face.  when C got this crazy diaper rash and the regular wipes were making her shriek in pain, i switched to using these boogie wipes and it was our saving grace.  no joke.  they didn’t burn, they didn’t make her cry in pain.  they were big and strong enough to wipe her, yet SO SO SO gentle.  i’m a total believer in this product now.


ok this is a very very long post but hopefully it helps you out when you don’t know what cream to buy or what to use on your little one!  xo

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